Sunnyside Communiqué

Hello Church!

I hope you all were able to take in all or part of the Arlene Taylor seminar last weekend on how our brains function.  The lessons she taught have such far reaching implications for church life.  You have heard me quote my friend and yours, George Gainer as saying, “when church works, it’s a miracle!”  That has to do with how different we all are and how we vary in our perceptions of the same events.  We all have different sensory receptors that have their own unique combinations in our brains.  The great question for us is how we can bring our individuality into God’s presence and let Him create church community.  Indeed, it’s a miracle!

And, tonight is the first of four nights in which we will have a special program featuring Shawn Boonstra’s “Out of Thin Air,” with tonight’s message being, “The Big Question.”  Tomorrow night (Saturday) the topic will be, “The Hidden History of the Human Race.”  We will also feature a personal friend to many of us and the new pastor of the Willow Creek Church in Ridge Dell, Washington, Ed Nelson.  These meetings are designed to start right at 7:00 pm sharp and be done at 8:00.  Silvia Huckaby has planned this out and it is a great program and you will appreciate her detail and effective use of your time.  Oh, and do bring someone, they will thank you!  The series continues and finishes next weekend.

The weekend (October 28 29) with Dr. Doug Newton will need to be rescheduled to a later date in that he is unable to come as we had hoped.  We really prefer anyway to have a time when he can come and bring his amazing collection of fossils and artifacts.

This Sabbath will be part one of a two weekend series that Pastor Jonathan and I are doing relating to topics that sometimes have vexed Christians and Adventists.  The first, tomorrow by myself, is dealing with the question of what is Revelation talking about when it keeps referring to “the testimony of Jesus” and once calls it “the spirit of prophecy?”  The sermon title is, “The Testimony of Jesus: An Odyssey of Mercy.”  Jonathan next Sabbath a sermon entitled, “Disappointed No More,” and is dealing with questions surrounding the vindication of God’s people in the judgment.  It is not accident that Jonathan is doing this subject on Sabbath, October 22.  These would be great weekends to bring someone that you know of who might have soured questions on these topics.  These will be insightful sermons filled with hope.

And, don’t forget that Sunday night, 6:00 pm, is Family Night, and the InsideOut classes start as well.  Did someone say that Sunnyside is the church that never sleeps?  Come and join the fun and spiritual feasts.

See you in the Lord’s house,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert

Senior Pastor

Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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