Sunnyside Communiqué

Good morning Sunnyside Family,

I hope you have enjoyed the taste of Indian summer we have enjoyed the last week—minus a day or two of clouds.  The Sunnyside spiritual hearth is warm and waiting this weekend with lots of events for our calendars.  Here are just some of them:

Friday night: We continue with the Shawn Boonstra “Out of Thin Air” series, this one entitled, “Secrets in the Stone.”  In this presentation we will look at our planets past—what does the Earth tell us about itself?

Sabbath: Pastor Jonathan is speaking and it is October 22.  Put the two together and we are going to get a sermon entitled, “Disappointed No More!”  Sabbath evening Encounters will be led by Ardina Wang, soon to be followed by our wrap-up of “Out of Thin Air,” and the presentation goes by the same title as does the series.  There will also be a Romanian prayer meeting, in English and Romanian with a DVD from Pastor Steven Bohr.

Sunday: Come and celebrate the 10-year Celebration Concert of Sunnyside Symphony at 4:00 pm.

Two additional items to please put on your calendars are the following:

November 20: Saturday night, our Community Outreach Dinner Fundraiser.  At this meeting you will hear about the plans for Sunnyside outreach programs for 2012, and there are really some exciting plans being laid.  There will be details in Sabbath’s bulletin.

November 30: Wednesday night, 7:00 pm, a Sunnyside church business meeting.  In recent weeks there have been meetings of the Design Committee, Facilities Committee, Sound Study Committee, and the executive board of elders for the purpose of putting together a renovation plan for the church facility.  The plan was presented last night at the church board meeting where it was voted to recommend the plan to a business meeting.  The renovation plan is complete and we are ready to seriously consider getting started.  Please, plan to attend and give us your thoughts on the current plan and advise as to how you would like to see Sunnyside proceed.

Let me close with a big thanks to everyone who makes our church what it is.  Hundreds, yes, thousands of hours of volunteer labor are given by our members each week to keep our church programs running and enjoyable.  Thank-you!

See you this week.

With you in Christ,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert

Senior Pastor

Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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