Refurbishing Sunnyside

Dear Church Family,

I expect that you have heard a thing or two about a proposed renovation of the Sunnyside Church.  As a church, God has blessed us with a beautiful facility that can be used for His glory in East Portland.  A tour around our church reveals that time has been good to us.  The carpet, the window coverings, the upholstery have all stood the test of time.  Yet after 30 years, it is apparent that it is time to give our beloved building the TLC that it needs.  It was about three years ago that the church board approved a four-phase plan to renovate and recondition the church.  In the transition period that has occurred since then, they were wise to hold the plan for a time at which the church was ready to move forward.  It seems that the time is now.

Since that renovation plan was presented, other needs have become apparent.  This is why earlier this year, an Audio Study Committee was commissioned to look at the technical needs of our worship spaces.  The April, 2011 Gleaner published this article (link) in which the author explains the importance of having well-functioning audio and projection systems for church worship.  The committee has done its work and brought a full proposal for technology upgrades in the sanctuary and fellowship hall to provide our ministry leaders with a full palette of tools with which to present the gospel in this digital age.

The challenge, then, has been to integrate all of our needs into a single, cohesive renovation/refurbishment plan.  This has been attempted by a super committee of the following committees: Facilities, Audio Study, Interior Design, Finance, with consultation from the pastoral staff.  As a result, the church board has been presented with a proposed four-phase refurbishing plan and budget.  The board recommended this plan for approval at a business meeting scheduled for November 30.

Please review the Sunnyside Refubishing Budget (link) that includes the overall project budget as well as a detailed description of the audio/video work that is being proposed for our sanctuary.  Then use the comment field below to make any observations or questions.  We expect to have an in-person information session sometime shortly before that November 30 meeting.  As soon as schedules can be worked out, we will make that time public.

Thanks for your interest and commitment to Sunnyside Church.


Pastor Jonathan

About Jonathan

I am a husband, a father, and a follower of Jesus. I get excited about cultivating faith in the lives of my kids and exploring ways that the church can make a positive impact on its community.
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