Sunnyside Communiqué

Dear Sunnyside,

It is Thursday as I write this and what a beautiful day!  God is good!  I am still enjoying the fall colors every time I look out a window, go for a walk, or out for a drive.  This fall has been one of the best.

Sabbath’s service centers on the sermon title, “Love, Bless, Pray.”  I thought I knew enough about “love;” it seems like our world has worn out the word in its quest for something to feel good about.  I thought I knew plenty about “prayer.”  I am well versed in all of the little one-liners about prayer.  But the subject “bless,” I found arresting.  I did not have a biblical grasp on what that meant.  Yes, God blessed the Sabbath day, and there are the beatitudes, and all of the Psalms which say that God blesses us.  But when it comes to my being a blessing, I found I was short on knowing what it meant.  You too?  See you Sabbath!  Come and also enjoy the Sunnyside Adult Choir!

Did we wear you out last Sabbath?  Well, this week is a little more back to normal (that is for a church that never sleeps).  Friday and Sabbath evenings will continue the fall week-of-prayer readings, discussion and prayer time.   Four p.m. on Sabbath afternoon Sunnyside will host the Walla Walla nurses’ dedication service.  We are all invited to join these students and their families.  The five o’clock Encounters program will feature retired pastor and longtime Portland area resident, Paul Johnson.  Paul and his wife Corleen, have served the Oregon Conference for most of their ministry and he will share with us at five.  Paul always brings a blessing.

Don’t miss family night on Sunday night.  One of the breakout groups will be a Q & A on the upcoming proposal for the Sunnyside renovation project.  It will be just around the tables and a relaxing moment to look over what is being proposed.  Bring your questions.

Wednesday night we host Legacy Five.  Doors open for the concert is at 6:30, and remember it is a ticketed event.  Call 800-965-9324 for reservations.

Because of Legacy Five, we have moved the night for elder’s meeting and church board meeting from Wednesday night to Thursday night, 5:30 and 7:15 respectively.

We are a little more than a week away from our evangelism banquet on November 20, Sunday night.  As has been announced, we have a $15,000 matching grant towards our next year’s outreach programs.  We will need everyone’s financial support as well as sincere interest support.  Presentations will be made on each of the many projects this find supports; we would like you to know what is coming in 2012.  Please, don’t hold back coming if you feel like you have no big offering to bring.  God only asks each of us to do what He has placed in our hands and on our heart.  Together we can do this.  Oh, and it will be one great meal that you will love!

See you this weekend, and maranatha!

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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