Sunnyside Communique

Dear friends at Sunnyside and of Sunnyside

There has been an excitement in the air this week at church. It’s the Christmas season and our church decorators have been adding their creative touch to our church to beautify our place of worship.  A big thank you to Konnie Geschke and her team for the many hours they spent decorating. In the children’s wing Judy Denis added her special touch to the children’s bulletin board.  We are truly blessed by each of you and all the volunteers who make Sunnyside a special place for each of us, young and old and everyone in between.

And now for just a word about tomorrow, the first of four Christmas at Sunnyside Sabbaths from Pastor Scott:

For those of you who would like a double Sabbath blessing, come to both first and second service since they will be completely different.  First service, “Of Angels, Gifts, and Kings,” will be traditional in feel.  In it we are going to look into the story of the Magi.  It is one that the church of the Middle Ages filled with a lot of baggage with little if any Bible or history to back it up.  However, the Bible does give us many clues as to who these men probably were.  The Old Testament presents a most intriguing story about the royal Magi fraternity—a story that few know about.  That is what we are going to look into at first service.  I think you will find it fascinating, but do bring your Bibles.  What were perhaps once boring details will come to life.

This weekend is a special weekend for children and families. The second service this Sabbath is the Christmas Presence. Our children were very excited last night as they practiced to bring you a special message about Christmas. We thank Kimberly Goodwin-Helton and Tracey Krueger for leading this wonderful service that gives our children an opportunity to shine for Jesus.

Christmas Around the World is a special program for our children and families. Children will have an opportunity to come and learn more about the birth of Christ and about our members who have roots in different countries around the world. We invite all of our families to come and enjoy this special time together at 4 pm on Sunday. Feel free to invite your neighbors and bring your grandchildren.

The Blessings for Belize mission team is back and they are so excited about their reconnaissance trip they can hardly contain themselves.

Pastor Scott would also like to share some thoughts about the Business Meeting:

I would first like to thank all who were in attendance on Wednesday night  (head count was 99, someone suggested afterwards that we should have gone out and looked for the lost “one”), and to all who were united with us in prayers.

It was a very good meeting with lots of good questions and when it was time to take the vote it looked like we had a fully unanimous vote for the overall proposal in concept, with the condition that none of the four phases would start until each had a separate, additional business meeting vote to commission that phase forward.  With the vote for complete proposal dully affirmed by the attendees, the body did vote to commence on Phase one as soon as financing was available.

The official fundraiser event will be January 21, 2012, at the “Let Them Eat Cake” annual event.  No, it is not expected that we are going to sell $238,000 in cakes that evening, but it will allow us to have a lot of fun in the process.  There are some who had turned in money even before the business meeting and we would appeal to the membership to consider a gift to this project yet in 2011, before the first of the year.  It was desired that we challenge ourselves to not take a long time to raise the funds if possible.

We do have some reserve funds that could be used in Phase one, however, the finance committee is recommending that we try to raise the entire amount for Phase one, and if possible, keep the reserves for a later phase.  The prime reason for the holding back of reserves is that the new heating/ventilation/air conditioning [HVAC} system is in Phase four and there is no guarantee that the old system will be so patient as to wait that long.

It was agreed in the meeting that once the church is close to having raised the funding for Phase one, that a business meeting will be called to vote a “spend” motion.  The reason is that this phase includes the new sound system and we will spend most of that amount in one month once we give the install order.  It will not be something that we can slowly spend as we go.  There will be some internal infrastructure work that we can do before the install, but those costs will be small in comparison to the order of the electronic components.

Psalm 33:22 reminds us of our theme for this Sabbath.

May your unfailing love be with us, LORD , even as we put our hope in you.

Hope Peace Joy Love

Pastor Shirley

Pastor Shirley Allen
Associate Pastor
Sunnyside Adventist Church

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