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Greetings Saints!!!

Happy Preparation Day!  And it’s Friday the Thirteenth, for whatever that’s worth.  I’ll personally just go with the Preparation Day idea and celebrate the Sabbath hours soon upon us.  My family in North Dakota always made Friday evening special.  Rarely were we gone away from home, but home was made special in that time slowed down.   Mom always had a great Friday eve supper; there was no TV, no radio, just us as a family.  I find that still after all of these years, Friday evening is still in my DNA.  It is something to look forward to all week.  If God had told us to mark time from mid-night to mid-night, as official time does (its actually Roman time), we would have missed Friday Eve.  I don’t think Saturday night would have ever filled in the same way.  I still like the idea of sundown.  Watching the sun, not the clock also puts me in touch with God’s creation rather than a manmade mechanical device.  What can we say; the Sabbath was made for man!

This weekend Sunnyside will be on three campuses.  As I type this newsletter, I am looking out my window at the Pathfinders loading up for a campout (inside the lodges) at Big Lake.  I see lots of snow gear and happy, excited faces.  A big thanks is deserved to all of our Pathfinder staff who put in so many hours (and so often means from their own pocket) investing in our young people.  Next Sabbath is Pathfinder Sabbath with Pastor Jonathan leading out.

Also, this Sabbath, Alex Bryan, the senior pastor from the Walla Walla University Church will be speaking at the WWU nurses dorm for a special worship program for the students and special friends.  They will be at Sunnyside for Sabbath School and head over right thereafter.  We would like to ask that we leave the program as reserved for our collegiate/young adults.

Sunnyside itself will be special as usual with our choir leading out worship in music and I will be presenting a sermon entitled, “Standing with Fallen Angels.”    We have all heard of the book, “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie.  Well, there is little new in the book for Christians who pattern their lives after Christ.  We all have a sphere of influence around us, and it can be for the good and the bad, depending on how we see ourselves and how we value others.  Colossians 4:5, conveys us, “Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity.”  (Hopefully that includes insiders as well.)  I believe that Sunnyside does well already in this realm, but good churches can become even greater for God’s glory as we stop and ask the question, “Lord, is it I?”

Tomorrow’s bulletin will contain information on the memorial services for Norman Klam, Patricia Davis, Mary Kramer, James Preston, and Myrna Dempsey.  Not all of these persons were members of Sunnyside but were known to many of us.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the families of these people now resting in Christ.

Remember the Elders meeting (5:15 pm) and Church Board meeting (7:15 pm) Wednesday night this week.

Encounters resumes this Sabbath at 5:00 pm, and I will be presenting an in-depth Bible study, so please, bring your favorite translation and a note pad.

See you at Sunnyside and have a happy Sabbath!

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Churc

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