Sunnyside Communiqué

Dear Saints!!!

Have you had enough showers of blessings yet?  I did enjoy the sun while we had it.  I do pray that you all are safe and sound and not too worse for the wear.  We did have a few members without power for a couple of hours.  Someone said it is climate that you hope for; it is weather that you get.

Well, let’s take a look at Sunnyside this weekend!  And, there is a lot to talk about!  This is Pathfinder Sabbath and they have an awesome program planned.  We will again be proud of Sunnyside Pathfinders.  The Ministry of Music will be by the Advent Trombone Quartet and Pastor Jonathan’s sermon is, “Send Me.”  It is so good to see the next generation stepping up in front of this large congregation and feeling confident that they can minister for the Lord.  At the Wednesday evening elder’s meeting, the elders voiced their appreciation of how we have been using the younger set and urged that we keep doing it.

Sabbath evening will have encounters at 5:00, with Frank Gearhart, followed by the Romanian Prayer meeting, and at 6:00 we will kick off “Let Them Eat Cake–2012,”   Yes, I am really planning on bringing a special German chocolate sauerkraut cake.  Wait, wait, before you say “no way,” you have to try it.  You will be a believer.  Jim Newell, Andre Wang, and Bill Hohensee are preparing what should be a very entertaining evening as we raise funds for “ReNew Sunnyside.”  Come prepared for a cake auction.  And speaking of our renovation project, we are almost at $70,000 raised so far.  I am really encouraged to see so much financial support already coming forward.

Sunday (3:00 pm) is the winter concert of the Oregon Sinfonietta and Don Appert.  You will see the selection of compositions in the bulletin tomorrow (they really look attractive).

I’ll keep this short this week.  See you all tomorrow as we come together as a community of believers in Christ and present our worship both individually and collectively.

With you in Christ,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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