Sunnyside Communiqué

January 27, 2012

Sunnyside Communique’

Greetings Saints,

Prepare for a busy couple of weekends.  Tonight starts the first round of our spring CBFM series, this one on the books of Daniel and Revelation.  We are so privileged to host Ranko and Zdravko Stefanovic, premier Adventist writer/commentators on these books.  What we will most appreciate about their presentations is the way they call our attention to the Christ-centered themes of the books as well as their prophetic/historical perspectives.  Do bring your Bibles.  Tonight starts at 7:00 pm.

Tomorrow’s worship service will center on Matthew 16, and the “Upon This Rock”, statement by Jesus.  This passage of New Testament scripture is the most studied, most debated, and most written about passage.  Wars have been fought over its interpretation, or perceived “heretical” interpretation.  We will look in-depth into the passage to attempt to sort out its meaning while briefly looking at the various proposed interpretations.  But as we shall see, it is not so much a case of interpretation as it is application.  In other words, what does the text have to do with me?  Why does it matter?  We will be joined by our mixed adult choir and Mel West will be on the organ with a number of special worship presentations.  You won’t want to miss how Mel and I have chosen to close the service in the hymn of response.

Tomorrow afternoon at 3:00 it will be the second round on our study in Daniel and Revelation.  At 5:15 pm, there will be a small ABC book sale in the lobby with a book signing.  Sunday morning at 10:00 will be the wrap-up session entitled, “Christ at the Center”.  Alden Thompson will be joining us and chairing the three sessions.  Call and bring a friend.

Next Sabbath, February 4, (hurray for February!!!!) we will host the Walla Walla University Orchestra for both the worship service and an afternoon (3:00 pm) concert.  There are approximately 60 students in the orchestra and, while we are privileged to host them, we also need to help accommodate their board and room needs.  Jim Newell and Erik Nielsen are coordinating this event and are still in need of some assistance.  Jim still needs additional housing for part of them—please, see him tomorrow if you would host some of the students next Friday night.  Jim and Erik would like to ask you help in the church potluck next week.  We are going to set-up the youth room with tables and chairs to accommodate the expected crowd.  Our hospitality team is running a little concerned about crowding in the kitchen and ovens.  Hence, they would like us to, yes bring extra food, but try to bring as many “table ready” dishes as you can so as to not overload the ovens.

Both weekends will have time for Encounters and the Romanian Prayer Meeting.

There will be many other announcements in the bulletin that you will need to check out.

Thank you all for making Sunnyside just that, Sunnyside,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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