Sunnyside Communiqué

Hello Sunnyside Family,

Tomorrow is the third and last of the three Sabbaths dedicated to the vision and mission that makes Sunnyside what it is.  Tomorrow is going to be special in a number of ways.  One is that as you come into the sanctuary you will see a mockup of an Old Testament sacrificial altar, the kind that Abraham, Joshua, and Elijah might have used.  Olivian and I did a little grunt work yesterday in getting the stones picked up and hauled onto the platform.  But here is where I want to digress for a moment.

Let me introduce to you the name of a young woman who likely will be attending our second service tomorrow.  On Tuesday morning I journeyed from home up 172nd in Happy Valley to what used to be Chavez Rock hoping that they might lend us rock for Sabbath’s altar display.  As I pulled up I could see that it looked like the place was being loaded up and being moved.  A young thirty-something man came up to me and engaged in conversation.  Jason Boggs is a landscaper from that area and had purchased the rock and was moving it over a few miles to his own location where all the rock would again be available for sale.  After inquiring what he could do to assist me, Jason was more than cordial in telling me to help myself to whatever I needed with no deposit or security for the stone.

On Thursday morning as I was waiting for Olivian to come by and assist in hauling the stone to Sunnyside I received a call from Jason’s wife, Sonja.  She was excited about what we were doing and wanted to know more.  I shared the story with her of what we were doing in the service tomorrow and how we would be using their rock when she asked if she could attend the service.  When Olivian and I arrived a few moments later, she came out to meet us and again was quite inquiring about this service and the fact that this was a “Saturday” service.  Her son has a ball game tomorrow morning. but she thought she could be here about 11:30.  So, if you see a young thirty-something, blond woman, somewhat tall with a slender build, please, be sure to greet her.  Put her on your prayer list, for who knows where God might lead this.

Now back to tomorrow’s service.  Our ReNew Sunnyside committees are very desirous that this important renovation be not about carpet, paint, and sound systems.  They are insisting that it be a time for each of us to recommit to the vision, mission, and passion that is Sunnyside.  And, that is what tomorrow’s service is about.  I believe the ending of the program will be both inspiring and memorable.  Please, don’t miss it.  The service is entitled, “Our Hope…God’s Righteous Love.”  This will be another busy weekend at Sunnyside.  Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus will rehearse in the sanctuary Sabbath afternoon and Sunnyside Symphony will rehearse Saturday night.  Encounters and the Romanian prayer meeting will be at 5:00 and 6:00 respectively.  Sunday morning there is a baby shower for the Huckabys and the Sunnyside Symphony will present their concert at 4:00.

See you tomorrow and with you in Christ,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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