Sunnyside Communiqué

Greetings Sunnyside Saints!

If you have not heard, Sunnyside Pathfinders have brought home the first place Oregon Conference Bible Achievement Bowl Award, a bowl which was held last Sabbath at the Pleasant Hill Adventist Church in the Eugene area.  This Sabbath they will represent Oregon at the North Pacific Union to be held in Washington, and if successful there, they will be on to the North American Division finals at Andrews University on April 20-21.  The Sunnyside team consists of Lydia Krueger-Blehm, Chloe Hull, Adonis Larson, Krystian Larson, Kyrin Larson, Alex Larson, and Jackson Larson.  Congratulations Team Sunnyside!!!

The next two Sabbaths will be youth/young adult focused at Sunnyside as this Sabbath we welcome back Stephen Lundquist, former Sunnyside youth pastor and now Bible teacher at PAA.  He will be accompanied by a PAA drama team.  Sabbath a week away will feature the students from Walla Walla University and the main speaker will be Donny Veverka, WWU Village Properties Director and works and gives considerable time and leadership in developing the spiritual lives of WWU students.

Don’t forget: This is potluck Sabbath at Sunnyside.  Come and join in on the feast and if you care to join, there will be a Bessings 4 Belize planning meeting in the youth room at 2:15 pm, or when the potluck seems to be winding down.  Later, Kathy Pruitt will lead our Encounters with God followed by the Romanian Prayer Meeting.

And now a BIG thank-you to all who have had ReNew Sunnyside in your prayers and checkbooks!  We have now passed the $100,000 dollar amount and moving higher.  The fundraising committee is targeting September 1, of this year as completion time for the fundraising for Phase I, of which we are closing in on the 50% mark.  And in conjunction with this, the Facilities Committee is asking that at our March 21 church board meeting that it also be a business meeting to consider the request of the committee to be able to start the service work required in the church in preparation for the install once the fundraising is complete.  The reason for this is that this is work we can do ourselves and will save considerable money.  It will also take some time.  It will entail pulling a lot of wire, designing and building a sound control module in the back of the sanctuary, and just plain getting ready for the real equipment to arrive, hopefully this fall.  The cost outlay for our work will be quite modest.  And then, once we are in-house ready, and have the Phase I funds raised, it will only take about one week to have the company we have contracted to actually do the install with their team.  As per our last business meeting vote, no work can be started or monies be spent on this project without a business meeting approval.

There will be a lot of other activities this month and you will find them listed either online or in your tomorrow’s bulletin.

And one more thing: My family wishes to thank you for your prayers in behalf of my mother.  She is still in a holding pattern, no better and no worse, but is in overall very poor health at the moment.  I will be going to Mesa, Arizona, on Tuesday of this coming week.

With you in Christ,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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