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Just over a week ago, I awoke with the early morning Florida sun streaming in my window.  It was a day that Lucy and Robby had been looking forward to for a long time. We filled a backpack with snacks and headed out for a day in Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  The kids looked forward to meeting Cinderella and seeing her really big castle.  It was a day full of fun!  Carousels, a boat ride, a train ride, and various character meetings added up to a “magical” time in the Magic Kingdom.  Robby even got kissed by Cinderella herself.  (That was his favorite part of the whole vacation.)  What I found interesting, however, was observing what made the Disney experience unique.  When Disney promotes the Magic Kingdom, they aim to draw visitors into a veritable fairytale that leaves the monotony of life behind and replaces it with the Disney magic of a dream-come-true experience.  The sets and costumes are colorful and stunning.  An epic soundtrack emanates from rocks, trees, and park benches, enveloping guests in their own fairytale.  But just as important is what is not seen:

  • Delivery trucks for restaurants or shops.
  • Law enforcement vehicles.
  • Sanitation workers that clean bathrooms or empty trashcans. (With 45,000 people there, you know the trash gets emptied, but you never see it.)
  • Sweat stains on costumes.

All of the mundane details are dealt with beneath the city so that there is never an opportunity for distraction.  As I began to notice that which was unseen, I became more and more impressed.  The things that solidify the fairytale at the Magic Kingdom are not the princesses or the shows or the food or the fireworks or anything that is seen.  Instead, it is the absence of the mundane. The most important workers in the Magic Kingdom are the ones that the guests never see.

It reminds me of the hundreds of volunteers that work hard behind the scenes, never receiving recognition or credit, that make Sunnyside what it is:

  • Those who clean up after evening events.
  • Those who spend hours each week in preparation to teach a class.
  • Those who organize and plan our worship services or our concerts.
  • Those who work in flowerbeds when nobody is looking, or spend hours during the week to make sure the plumbing, or the lights, or the video systems are ready for the weekend.
  • Those who do a hundred other things I’ve never noticed.

It’s effort that is never seen.  But it’s the work that makes it a pleasure to be here on Sabbath morning.

Thanks to each of you that give of your time and resources, toiling in anonymity to serve your church and your God.  You serve well.  And God is pleased.

Coming back to Sunnyside after a week away has been akin to jumping aboard a speeding train.  It seems we are a city that never sleeps.  This weekend is no different.

Sabbath morning, we welcome Donny Veverka from Walla Walla University’s main campus as our featured speaker.  He will be accompanied by many Walla Walla students as they lead us in worship for both services.

Saturday evening will be Sunnyside’s Spring Family Concert at 5 PM. This concert will be in the spirit of Strawberry Vespers and Sunnyside’s Christmas Eve concert.  Make plans to join us for a great event.

Sunday night is Family Night at 6 PM.  There are many interesting classes and activities in which to participate after supper so plan to join us for fun and fellowship.

In just a few weeks, Blessings for Belize will be taking to the skies.  Their intrepid leader, Dick Fenn, gives us a quick update:

  Our Blessing for Belize mission project, starting Saturday night, March 31, is now staffed by 42 persons. Church members and friends, please support B4B three ways:


Give (Mission Trips Fund 9296).

 This Sabbath and/or the next two Sabbaths, bring a new toothbrush (or two or three!) to be given to the kids who attend the Children’s Festivals in Belmopan, Belize. You’ll find a Toothbrushes for Belize Kids in the Narthex.

Thank you to each of you for making Sunnyside a wonderful place in which to experience the blessings of church life.

Don’t forget to set the clocks forward this weekend!

See each of you on Sabbath!

Pastor Jonathan

About Jonathan

I am a husband, a father, and a follower of Jesus. I get excited about cultivating faith in the lives of my kids and exploring ways that the church can make a positive impact on its community.
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