Sunnyside Communiqué

Greetings Sunnyside Members,

First, let me say thank you to all of you who have had my family in your prayers over this last couple of weeks.  I returned to Portland on Monday having spent a week with my mother in Mesa, Arizona.  She is now stable and has returned home with a live-in caregiver attending her needs.  She still is dealing with heart, lung, liver, and kidney issues as a result of the mixed-connective tissue disease that she has.  Little by little this will take her down but we rejoice that she has had eight years beyond the original seven years given to her by her doctors.  Thanks again!

I was not here for last week’s special collegiate weekend with our student nurses and Walla Walla University.  I have heard from many of you and the over-whelming verdict is that it was a well-done program and Donny Veverka’s message was most appreciated.  I had one last meeting with the staff and nursing leaders before I left town and was impressed by the amount of care and work that they had put into this.

This Sabbath’s sermon is entitled, “Issues with Authority.”  We will look at the struggle humanity has in handling authority, both from the perspective in how authority’s power is so often abused and also the so common antagonistic opposition to authority in our society.  This will be set against how Jesus viewed authority and how and why He was so often queried as to where He got His authority.  As we will see, this is very much part of the great controversy.  We will look at how heaven will finally deal with the question of, “Who is worthy to receive authority?”  We will be joined by Sunnyside’s String Quartet and Mel West on the organ.  I think you will be blessed by the sermon; I know you will be blessed by the music.

Sabbath afternoon at five we will be treated with more great music in worship with the combined His Praise Men’s Chorus and the Salem Adventist Men’s Chorus.  See tomorrow’s bulletin for details on Sunday’s  Sunnyside Women’s Ministries Spring Bunch which will be at ten.  Then come in the afternoon on Sunday for the Oregon Sinfonietta, with quest violinist, Jason Liu.

Don’t forget that Wednesday evening is Elder’s meeting at 5:30, and church board/business meeting at 7:15.  The business meeting will consider at matter from Facilities Committee in reference to their desire to get started doing our in-house infrastructure work preparing for the eventual installation of the new sound/visual system, as well as bringing our membership requests up-to-date.

Thanks to all for your continued sacrifice to Sunnyside ReNew; we are now almost up to $109,000.

See you this weekend!

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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