Sunnyside Communiqué

Greetings Sunnyside church,

Are you as ready for spring as I am?  I am sooooo ready!  Nonetheless, the weather doesn’t look bad for this weekend.  Our Adventurer staff will be joining other colleagues this weekend at Big Lake Youth Camp for a training workshop put on by the conference.  Olivian tells me that they received forty-eight inches of snow in forty-eight hours.  As ready for spring as I am, that actually sound like fun.  Staff, enjoy!!!

Wednesday night at our business meeting/board meeting, we had quite a good turnout in spite of threatening weather.  We dealt with a long list of items, but the biggest was a set of requests from the facilities and ReNew committees.  Let me just say what was approved, and that was that we authorize the respective work committees to start the in-house, infrastructure work that is required to be done before we can do the equipment install of the new sound and audio-visual equipment.  This will take a lot of grunt work and many hours but it is work we can do.  Once this is completed, that actual install will take about a week or less.

We have raised to this point, about $112,000.  It was also voted that we challenge ourselves to raise the remaining money by mid-June and have another business meeting to assess our progress and see if we could sign contracts for the install which would probably go in around the second half of August.

While not voted, I am hearing talk about accepting this mid-June push and then taking a break.  We would do our VBS, SunnyCity, our fall outreach meetings, our evangelism banquet, and then consider starting up fundraising and finishing plans for phase II.  As I said, so far this part is just rumblings but it does seem like a good plan.

Tomorrow Pastor Jonathan speaks at our services with a presentation entitled, “More Than Enough.”  However, at that point we are just getting started.  At 3:00 p.m., we will host the memorial service for Leonard Ayers.  At five our encounters program is one that you clearly you will not want to miss.  Hedi Stieinmeier Jones, a native of Romania, will present part of the story from her book, “Under the Shadow of the Almighty;” this is a story about her family’s WWII experiences under Hitler’s plan to unite all Germanic peoples into one super nation in Europe, and that of course to the expense and disposal of many other nationalities.  This meeting is followed at six by the Romanian prayer meeting.

And then, unless you are part of the Nominating Committee, you get Sunday off.

Oh, one last thing; Sunnyside has received a request by a group of Ethiopians of the Oromo ethnic group to join our church.  You have seen many of them already over the last year, especially in our children’s divisions, but also at church.  Well, this Sabbath we will see many more of them.  They will for the time being, hold an adult SS class in the basement and at times a church service for those to whom English is still a little to challenging.  At other times they will join our main services.  If you see them, and you will, please, extend to them a warm welcome—both this Sabbath and in the weeks to come.  There is intended to take place more discussions with the Sunnyside Church board as we further consider their request.

There will be much more in your tomorrow’s bulletin.

Keep the faith!

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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