Sunnyside Communiqué

Dear Sunnysiders,

Around this time of the year we just can’t wait for spring to emerge. The daffodils are blooming on Daffodil Street and trying hard to keep their heads lifted despite the rain. We trust that you have been able to keep your head up and eyes focused on Jesus as you have faced whatever challenges you may have had this week.

Tomorrow we will focus on Jesus and the last meal he shared with His disciples at the communion service. We are each invited to share at the table in the symbols and follow Jesus’ example. I pray that each will be meaningful to you.

I am looking forward to hearing Phyllis Woods sharing some of her story at Encounters at 5pm on Sabbath.

Some news about Belize:

  • We are all encouraged by the fact that last Sabbath there was an appeal for $5,000 to help fund projects in Belize. Our Lord inspired Sunnyside to contribute $6,000. Thank you, Sunnyside for sharing generously.
  • Belize authorities have approved our physicians and nurses for full service in-country.
  • A Portland Adventist Academy student-faculty mission in Belize this week finished the parking lot retaining wall at La Loma Luz Adventist Hospital and prepped the Georgeville Church for painting by the B4B team.
  • A major component of the mission to Belize is children’s ministry. The team will present three fabulous Sabbath-afternoon children’s festivals and special features for Pastors Scott and Dick’s 12-night evangelistic series in Belmopan. I encourage you to pray for those who will be serving in Belize.

Some news about Fiji:

Andreea Hutuleac is on the Portland Adventist Academy mission trip to Fiji. By the time you get this Communique she would probably have had the opportunity to share a sermon with one of the churches there. If you want to see a little more of how the community has appreciated our young people and teachers from PAA go to:

Easter is a week away. You are invited to our services:

  • Friday night is Tenebrae, the Service of Darkness. It is a very contemplative, meaningful service on the last hours of Jesus’ life with Bible readings and hymns
  • Pastor Scott will be preaching, “They Sang a New Song” for the two Sabbath services
  • Sunday the theme of the service is, “He is Risen, He is Coming”. There will be a brunch that follows.

Grace mercy peace to each of you.

Pastor Shirley

Pastor Shirley Allen
Associate Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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