Sunnyside Communiqué

Greetings Church!

Sounds like this weekend might actually feel like spring.  What a wonderful thought!  This weekend also comes with a full slate of Sunnyside events.  Let me start by listing them in order:

Friday night, 7:00 pm:  Sunnyside will present “Tenebrae: Service of Darkness.”  This worshipful time of music, silence, candlelight, and scriptural readings will bring us all into a spiritually deep contemplation of crucifixion eve and its connection of Savior and sinner/saint.  The program’s melancholy feel is most appropriate as it takes us back in time to come as close to being there as we might, two thousand years later.  Many of our young adults and nursing students are participating and joining us.

Sabbath morning: The worship services will center again on the theme of the crucifixion weekend but we are going to bring into it a distinctly “Adventist” feel as we tie the events of the cross with the call to “follow the Lamb wherever He goes.”  The program’s title, “They Sang a New Song” will focus us on the joy and commitment of those who choose to live under the banner of the cross.

Sabbath potluck: Join the family as we relax and enjoy each other’s company and the bountiful tables of Sunnyside.  Bring your favorite dish with a little extra for the “strangers within our midst.”

Sabbath Eve: Natalia Gramada will share her spiritual journey at 5:00 in Encounters, followed by the Romanian prayer meeting.  We are not doing the Last Supper this year.  After last year’s presentation, it was decided that it would be time to refresh the program.  Those working on this project just were not ready this year and chose to take a year off rather than do a program unworthy of the subject.  Last year we did not do Tenebrae, but it is back.  Hopefully next year, we will have both back.

Sunday morning: A special worship is planned for 9:00 entitled, “He is Risen…, He is Coming.”  This program is a Bible reading coming from one part the gospels and three parts from the book “Revelation.”  The “Adventist” feel will again be felt as we look to the promise of the Second Advent as the real completion of the events of the first advent.  A special brunch will follow.  It is totally provided; just bring yourself and a neighbor.

All of these programs will be something that you could be proud to bring a relative, non-attending member, neighbor or friend.  While some of us look forward to these events, others occasionally ask, “Should we be celebrating Easter?  Isn’t it a rather pagan holiday?”

Yes, like Christmas, time has attempted to weave pagan, and non-Christian elements into the holiday.  Your Sunnyside pastoral staff, musicians, and planners are mindful of this and have endeavored to keep this weekend biblical in every way.  We pray that you will appreciate our dedication to the true message.

Partial prayer list: Please, remember Roy Gutsche and Ken Hamilton in your prayers.  Roy experienced a heart attack earlier this last week, and while his condition was very guarded, he is showing some hopeful signs.  Ken Hamilton is also in guarded condition following complications from a very bad bout with the flu.

Sabbath, April 14: Sunnyside will have a special high Sabbath worship experience with the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus.  You will have seen the advertisements for their evening program in Vancouver.  This special program is not widely promoted so as to not take away members from our sister churches.  However, if you should happen to invite someone, you are already forgiven!

There will be many more items in your bulletin tomorrow.

With you in Christ,

Pastor Scott and staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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