Sunnyside Communiqué

Greetings Saints of Sunnyside,

One of the joys of having small kids around is the ability to experience a sense of awe through them on a regular basis.  A month ago, our house echoed with shrieks of joy as Robby and Lucy scrambled up onto the couch to see the snow falling gently on the other side of the window pane.  Two weeks ago, we experienced together wide-eyed wonder as the daffodils on our doorstep burst into full bloom.  This week, we experienced the sheer excitement of traveling on the MAX train, eating popcorn, and cheering on our favorite Trailblazers.  Through a child’s eyes, even the ordinary is extraordinary.  The mundane is magnificent.  The everyday is awe-inspiring.

It’s too bad that as we grow older we lose that sense of wonder.  It’s a tragedy, really, that things as complexly beautiful as snowflakes are met with muttering.  Things as intrinsically cheery as spring daffodils are rushed by on our way to our next “to-do.”

But it’s even worse when the awe and wonder at the beauty and depth of the gospel are weighed down by decades of church life. When the gospel itself is obscured by programs, or people, or politics.

The good news about Jesus is awe-inspiring.  That is, if we allow ourselves to be awed.  As you experience worship this weekend, I hope that you will be drawn into the presence of God and remain in awe of who He is.

This is an exciting weekend for Sunnyside as we welcome Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus to lead in our worship service tomorrow.  I will be preaching for first service then we will worship together as the OAMC blesses us with their music for second service.  What a day to come for both services!  If you’re joining us online, we unfortunately are unable to live-stream the OAMC concert.  Instead, we will be live-streaming first service and re-broadcasting it on-demand throughout Sabbath. Join the webcast anytime after 11AM to join in our worship service.

Continue to pray for our Sunnyside missionaries as they continue to serve the people of Belize.  This week, a new crop of reinforcements has winged their way southward, while others have returned from their mission service.  If you see someone with an unseasonable tan, welcome them back and ask about their trip.

While you are praying, keep our Pathfinders in mind as they camp this weekend, learning about love of God through outdoor education.

It is such a blessing to serve in this church.  Thank you for all of the prayers and support that you offer to your pastoral team.  It means a lot to each of us.

May your Sabbath be rich with God’s blessings.

Pastor Jonathan

Pastor Jonathan Russell
Assistant Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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