Sunnyside Communiqué

Sunnyside family,

The forty-plus members of the Blessings 4 Belize team are back home.  Some of the team members were in Belize for over three weeks.  Some of our Sunnyside members came to Belize from serving on another Central America mission trip. The trip was a success in every way one could count.  The Lord’s blessings were everywhere.  The team accomplished many medical endeavors, the children’s program went very well, our building crew accomplished their goals, the health lectures were well-done and received accordingly, and the evening meetings netted twenty-one baptisms.

The people of Belize were wonderful to us and we left many friends who will never forget the name “Sunnyside.” This Sabbath and next, the Encounters vespers service will feature the pictures, and mementos, and stories of the trip.  We will share our many laughs, stories of the work, fun, and food, as well as the Lord’s blessings.  Please, come to Encounters and share in this moment.  So many of the Sunnyside members who did not go on this trip were part of the financial support that made this trip possible and your prayers were always appreciated.

It was with heavy hearts that we heard on return that Roy Gutsche and Ken Hamilton passed away.  They will be missed!  Look for word in the bulletin in the next couple of weeks for announcements in reference to their memorial services.

We missed our church family while we were gone.  I am hearing from many that while we were gone that the congregation was richly blessed by the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus and that Pastor Jonathan’s last week’s sermon was a rich blessing.  It is quite honestly an encouraging blessing to know that the Lord’s work is bigger than any one of us and blessings flow from God’s hand around the world.

This Sabbath we will be blessed by the Sunnyside Adult Choir and we will reflect on the topic, “From Tribulation to Triumph.”  Yes, the Bible does talk about the trials of the final conflict, and we will look at those, but for many of us, we need to get through the trials of today.  This will be the main focus of the sermon presentation; for many of us our prayer is, “Lord, just get me through today!”  I do hope you can all come and join in Sunnyside at worship.

Thank you all for your continued faithful financial support in your tithes, ReNew, church budget, and our many other ministries.  Summer will quickly be upon us and the teams are hard at work planning for VBS and SunnyCity.  There are three symphony concerts scheduled for consecutive weekends in May.  See your church bulletin for details.

Let the Sabbath blessings begin!

Pastor Scott 

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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