Greetings Church of Sunnyside,

Awesome spring weather!!!  Ninety or close to it on Monday!?!  I will be enjoying every minute of it.  I have this weird thing about myself that needs to feel “hot” a few times every summer or I feel deprived.

First, let’s hear it for Jaclyn Russell for bringing into this world “William Luther Lee Russell,” born this last Monday.  Pastor Jonathan gets credit for being a good cheerleader.  I suspect there is some family history tied up in this name; I’m sure we will hear the story in due time.

This weekend will be another true Sunnyside “the church that never sleeps” time.

First, Sunnyside will celebrate its third Walla Walla University/Nurses Dorm/Young Adult Sabbath of the last school year.  The students have really put themselves into this opportunity extended to them by Sunnyside.  As a result of this, the great food feeds at the dorm sponsored by our Sunnyside members and other events, they have had a great spiritual year.  Their new officers are being elected and I have already met with the spiritual vice-president for next year and they are again talking about their growing relationship with Sunnyside.  This is a win for all of us!

This Sabbath our WWU guest speaker is a person of request by the students, Troy Fitzgerald.  He is the WWU University Church Young Adult Pastor.  Troy’s sermon, “Holey, Wholly, Holy,” can only stir my curiosity.  The nurses will be very much involved tomorrow in the service, and, since there has been wide circulation of the news of this event among conference young adults, we should see a good number of young adult guests tomorrow.  Come and make friends with tomorrow’s leaders!

Tomorrow at 3:30 pm, we will celebrate the life memories of Roy Gutsche.  We are expecting many people from the community to join us for this service.

While on the subject of memorial services, here are three more to be aware of; these are the details:

Homer Drury, (father of Charlie Drury), Moscow, Idaho, Friday, May 18.

Ken Hamilton, Sunnyside, 3:00 pm, Sabbath May 19.

Robert Dixon, Sunnyside, being planned for Sunday, June 3.  Watch for more details coming.


This Sunday afternoon, 3:00, Sunnyside will host the Oregon Sinfonietta with special guest, Melissa Terrall at the piano.

Encounters will be at 5:00, tomorrow with Ervin Gruia sharing the story of his journey with following his Lord.

Don’t forget elders meeting at 5:30 pm, on Wednesday followed by church board at 7:15.

Next Sabbath I (Pastor Scott) will be speaking on a subject for which you might have never heard a sermon.  It’s title is, “Heaven’s Twenty-Four Elders and You.”  At first blush you might be thinking that the sounds of this title like this is a harbinger of a bad omen.  Please wait!  I think you will find this fascinating.  This will be a Bible study sermon for which you will want to bring your Bible.  The subject of Revelation’s elders has been the topic of much debate over the centuries.  We will see why, and we will find that their unique ministry has everything to do with us.

Before I leave off, I wish to give you all a special thanks for Sunnyside being just seven dollars short of $130,000 towards ReNew Sunnyside, Phase I.

Courage in the Lord,

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert

Senior Pastor

Sunnyside Adventist Church


About Jonathan

I am a husband, a father, and a follower of Jesus. I get excited about cultivating faith in the lives of my kids and exploring ways that the church can make a positive impact on its community.
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