Sunnyside Communiqué

Dear Sunnyside Church Family;

Dorothy and I have returned home from our trip to Mesa, Arizona, for my mother’s memorial service.  Before I say more about the trip and its purpose, we want to give our deepest thanks to all of Sunnyside and others for your prayers, cards, flowers, well-wishes, and caring friendship.  The support of others in this time of torn loss is so meaningful.

Mom’s passing was not unexpected.  She had deteriorating health for a year-and-a-half.   The last three months were especially hard as the disease (mixed-connective disease, which is a type of lupus) seemed to daily increase its pace of taking her down.  It destroyed her physically and in the last months, it destroyed her mentally as a type of brain vasculitis really brought her down.  She soon did not know who we were.  When dad passed away, it was unannounced, so his actual death was the hard part.  With mom, it was not the actual death that was so hard, it was the dying part.

The good news was that the gathering of the family was special.  It was the first time in years that all of the folks’ grandchildren were together at the same time.  There were moments of tears and many bursts of laughter.  Mom’s service was on Sabbath afternoon, however, in the morning the entire family gathered at the grave site for a private time together.  Dad, being a WWII veteran, was buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, and with mom’s vault being laid on top of his, the brass memorial plate for his site had to be removed.  We were told that it would take two to three months for the new one to come with both of their names on it.  To our complete amazement, it was there on Sabbath as we gathered.  That was only nine days later.  Thank you VA!!!  It is hard to express our appreciation for their unrequested promptness.  The gathering was so special as we each laid a personal flower around the brass plate, and then, one at a time, added flowers for other family members who could not be there or had already passed away.

Well, now back to Sunnyside!  As I returned to the office yesterday, I found that the staff still wanted me to have a little more recovery time, so, they planned the day without my name listed in the program.  That was so kind!  But the plus is that they have really put together a wonderful, meaningful, Father’s Day Sabbath.  The Sunnyside Chamber Orchestra will join us for second service with other special vocals for first.  Our head elder, Arnold Peterson is speaking and presenting a sermon entitled, “A Father’s Love.”

Can you help with the VBS Walk tomorrow inviting the neighborhood kids to come to Sunnyside VBS, June 25-30?  If so, join us for lunch right after church and then out onto the neighborhood sidewalks.

Join us for Encounters at 5:00 with Pastor and personal friend, Chuck Burkeen as he shares his experience of “encountering God” as a young adult.  It is truly a story of “His mysterious ways.”

Don’t forget the elder’s meeting Wednesday at 5:30, and the church board/business meeting at 7:15.

See the bulletin tomorrow with many more announcements, including the upcoming, June 23, Strawberry Vespers.

We should also mention that we have lost two more of our Sunnyside members to the last enemy called death.  They are Marilyn Null, June 12 (service to be at Sunnyside July 1, 4:00 pm), and Louis Erich, June 11 (service to be at Sunnyside June 30 at 4 pm).

The Lord’s return will come none too soon!

May God richly bless each and all!!!

Pastor Scott 

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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