Sunnyside Communiqué

Hello Church!

We are just hours away from the beginning of a busy weekend and week ahead for Sunnyside.  First, let’s talk about this weekend—you get tonight off.  Well, at least most of you.  If you are a Pathfinder or leader thereof, starting tonight and going all weekend is the Mount Hood District Jamboree.  Summer for all of you has begun.

Sabbath afternoon at 5:00 will have Andreea Hutuleac doing Encounters telling about her experience during spring break in Fiji.  At 6:00 Sunnyside will host its 31st Strawberry Vespers and this will include the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus along with many other musicians.  And, don’t forget the strawberry shortcake feed to follow.

And to tell us about this week’s Sunnyside VBS, here is a note from Pastor Shirley:

The countdown began a year ago and here we are, Vacation Bible School begins on Monday night. It is all about Daniel’s Courage in Captivity. The lessons the children and families will learn are:

When things change, God is with you.
When you need help, God is with you.
When you are afraid, God is with you.
When you are lonely God is with you.
When you are thankful God is with you.
A huge thank you to all the volunteers:
Our intrepid leader, Cris Marin.
The assistant leaders Barbara Grignon and Natalia Gramada who work with the tribe leaders.
Brenda Siaw who is in charge of the Market Place and Karen Davies and all the shopkeepers.
The wardrobe team has been hard at it and the costumes are vibrant and imaginative.
Ivonne Flores and her father Gabriel and we can’t wait to see the decor.
Lorrie Wescott is leading the catering group.
A huge thank you to those who will provide sandwiches for the volunteers and snacks for the children. (There are signup sheets on the information table for items still needed.
Thank you to everyone who has provided items for the games.  You can join us after Strawberry vespers to clear the fellowship hall or help with the decorating on Sunday at 10:00 a.m.  This will be a week to remember but we need God’s blessing and your prayers as the Holy Spirit prepares the hearts of the children and the families. I can’t wait to see how that happens.

Did you hear that we voted on Wednesday night to move ahead with the new sound/video system installation?  For the many of you who have dreamed of this day, it is going to happen soon.  Acting on the recommendation of the Finance Committee, the attendees at the business meeting felt that we were within striking distance in our fund raising to sign the contract.  This will save money on a price increase pending July 1, and also give us a clear shot at having the system installed and working by our fall and winter meetings and events.  We wish to express our thanks to the many who have contributed to the project, nonetheless, we have a little ways to go and we need to strive to finish the remaining fundraising.

Tomorrow is time for Sunnyside’s quarterly celebration of the great gift to us through Jesus Christ.  Our planning team has put a lot of thought and prayer into this service and we are feeling inspired by what we are seeing.  This is a time for spiritual reflection and not too much can be said about the idea that communion is for the undeserving.  It is a recharge and a time to remind ourselves that without Him, we have no strength, or even desire, for the things of the kingdom.  See you tomorrow!

Pastor Scott and Team

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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