Hello Saints!

We are post camp meeting.  Sometimes I feel like summer starts after camp meeting.  The problem with that type of thinking is that it makes for a rather short summer.  Nonetheless, for all who were at camp meeting, it was a great series of meetings, and I thought that Sabbath was especially good, with Saturday night almost stellar.  I understand that Camp Meeting at Sunnyside went very good as well and I want to thank all of those who stayed by and kept the fires warm.

Pastor Jonathan and family have spent the week up at Sunset Camp in Washington as the devotional speaker and camp pastor.  When he came to me some months ago to seek counsel as to whether or not to go, I encouraged him to accept the invitation.  I have been there and found it was a wonderful summer break for the entire family.

By the way, did you like Jonathan’s last sermon illustration?  If you liked it, give him all the credit for it was entirely his idea.  If you didn’t like it, give me the credit for I gave him permission.  I was not able to be there but from everything I hear, it was quite dramatic and memory lasting.  No, I really don’t plan to try to top that this week.

Have you seen the start of the work to the new sound/video control booth?  It is well underway.  And, thanks to all who have been putting in evenings to getting this project started.  We are now just a few dollars short of $190,000!!!  That is really encouraging and another big thanks to all who have been able and willing to assist in this fund drive.

Have you seen the coming events at Sunnyside?  Take a look:

August 5, 12:30-5:30 pm – SunnyCity at Ventura Park

August 8, 7 pm – The Green Smoothie Girl

August 26, 3:30 pm – Corn Feed, Picnic & Car Show

September 1, 6 pm – Bobbie McGhee & Friends Concert

September 8 – Sabbath School Graduation

September 15, 5 pm – Evening With the Stars

(Children’s Ministries Appreciation Dinner)

September 22 – Sunnyside Evangelism Begins

How to teach your kids about … Life

KGCN Kids’ & God’s Communication Network3

And, don’t forget that this Sabbath afternoon is another neighborhood walk which is right after a group lunch for that purpose, immediately following the second service.  The weather is supposed to be quite comfortable so come out and join the door-hanger group for SunnyCity brigade.

Tomorrow’s service will have a lot of extra musical specials.  First, welcome Robert Schmidt, son of Jan Clayton, to our Sunnyside organ.  Thanks Robert!  And, the special musical presentation that was part of the camp meeting worship service at Gladstone last week involving Erik Nielsen, Carmen Cafferky, and Mel West?  Well if you missed it, we are doing it again tomorrow.  The sermon title, “Handle With Care,” will come from Acts 15, as we apply the lessons from this first church counsel to the mission of Sunnyside.  This is a sermon intended to encourage the saints (and sinners).

See you tomorrow,

Pastor Scott 

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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