Sunnyside Communiqué

Happy Summer Sunnyside!!!

And summer it will be this weekend.  Please, pray for at least some soft breezes on Sunday as we launch SunnyCity.  We are going to see the warmest days of the summer this weekend.  For all volunteers, remember to drink plenty of water on the site and wear appropriate clothing, including head gear.  We are planning for 1,000 kids and parents.  This will be the largest and most energetic SunnyCity yet.  We will be assisted this year by the Portland Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church and we will have four of our Adventist camp meeting certified security guards present this year.  The first is to help us with the many Hispanic attendees, and the second is for the safety of everyone, especially the kids.  Pray for God’s blessing on Sunday.

Tomorrow is potluck Sabbath.  I will be looking forward to seeing the continued hints of summer’s bounty on our tables.  Please remember that the kitchen crew has requested picnic style foods, or food that does not need to be reheated.  Thank-you Hospitality Committee for all of the work you do in making these potlucks so organized and thank-you to all who bring so much food for all of us and our visitors.

Tomorrow’s sermon title is, “Does God Carry a Big Stick?”  You might read 1 Chronicles chapter 13 as a preparation.  Over the years I have had a number of people talk to me about this passage, wondering if God was too harsh on Uzzah in this story.  And, even from there, how are we to interpret things happen to us in life?  This will be in some ways part one of my topic for August 18, “Maintaining Faith in a World of Doubt.”  The first sermon deals with the challenge of sometimes thinking that God is either too present, or at other times, that God is too passive.  The second sermon deals with the questions of simply maintaining a living, loving faith in God.  What does the Bible really tell us?

On the stewardship front, we are now at $192,000+ in funding ReNew Sunnyside.  That is the good news.  The bad news is that July was down in our church expense column.  Camp meeting always causes a dent in our local giving.  However, we have had quite good attendance this summer on the other weeks.  Thanks to all who have given to the church budget this month, and please, would you still consider if you have not had an opportunity.

Oh, and for all you Germans, and Russians, and Romanians, and other sauerkraut lovers, the kraut is in the crock!  Yes, all forty pounds of it!  It should be ready and prime for the church picnic on August 26.  Plan to bring a container to take some home with you.

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Scott and Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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