Sunnyside Communiqué

Hello Sunnyside Saints!!!

God has promised, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.” Later David wrote, “You have established all the boundaries of the earth; you have made summer and winter.”

Well, summer is here and I am feeling blest! My inner battery needs a recharge each summer of sun and heat; this week I have received both. Yes, I am ready for it to cool down a little, but for an Oregonian, I must absorb as much of it as I can while it’s here.

Sunnyside will be alive this week with the sounds of music and of God’s word. Time and prayer went into tomorrow’s worship service centering on the sermon title: “The Pilgrim’s Dilemma: Too Little to Be Sure and Too Much to Deny.” We will look at how to maintain faith in a world of doubt, of trial and tribulation, of disappointment, and of personal failings.

Do plan to be in the sanctuary for Mission Moments and hear the story of one of our new members (membership is in transition), Lana Westermeyer, who is about to embark on a one year mission to the Falkland Islands. It is a wonderful thing to see our young adults stepping up to carry the banner of the Lord to the far corners of the earth. Thank you Lana!

And, speaking of young at heart, the young adults on Sunday are doing a raft trip down the Deschutes River. This should be a good time of the year as the water temperature should be as good as it gets.

Please, do plan to attend the annual Sunnyside corn feed and picnic a week from this  coming Sunday.

Then, the next weekend, September 1, will be the annual Adventist Softball Tournament with the corresponding special Sabbath worship service and evening vespers at Sunnyside with Bobby McGhee and friends.

September 22, is the date of the opening night for our fall outreach program. That is when things will really get busy around Sunnyside. This is a special program targeting young families in our community and it will be Saturday and Sunday evenings for six weeks. Watch for more details and how you can be involved.

The Finance Committee reported to the church board that there is both good news and bad news in our stewardship accounts. Tithe continues to be up again this year after a very good report for last year, and Sunnyside’s overall giving is up considerably. However, as we have funded many special projects and worthy endeavors, our church budget is lagging behind. July was truly a vacation month and it will take some extra giving to catch us up. Thank you for considering this matter.

Take courage in our Lord each day as you journey in His service!

Pastor Scott and Staff

About Jonathan

I am a husband, a father, and a follower of Jesus. I get excited about cultivating faith in the lives of my kids and exploring ways that the church can make a positive impact on its community.
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