August 24 Communiqué

Happy August Sunnysiders!!!

No complaints from me about summer.  I love it, even if it ruined my sauerkraut!  Yeh, you read it right.  It got too hot in the shed with all of the heat we had last week.  I cannot have it in the house and keep my wife at home, so to the shed it had to go.  Now some of you are wondering, “How do you know when sauerkraut is bad?”  Oh, you can tell!  Really tell!!!  Anyway, I hope to have some of the other brand “X” there for the picnic.  In September we will try again and perhaps for a family night the kraut feast will take place.  Must be why they have “Oktoberfest” and not “Augustfest.”

On a brighter note congratulations to Alex Tapu on his baptism last Sunday afternoon at Oxbow Park.  Pastor Jonathan has studied with Alex for at least a year and we rejoice to see and know that Alex has taken his stand for Christ.

This last week I read the following words posted in a church newsletter on the web and I want to share it with our readers:

“The number one reason churches plateau and decline is that they’ve lost their outward focus.  Church can easily become about what the existing congregation wants, instead of thinking about and serving people beyond the church walls. To combat this, church members must remember what originally made their church great. Was it the music, the programs, the schedule, the dramas, the preaching, or the kids’ ministry that made their church great?  Those things were inspiring, excellent, and fun, but they are not what made the church great.  The thing that made them truly remarkable was the mission.”

Sunnyside is about mission and I added the above paragraph to encourage us to never forget, “it’s about mission” lest we ever are tempted to reverse the order of importance of Sunnyside’s many functions.  All are important, but they ultimately exist to support telling others about the story in the Bible about God’s love.

ReNew Sunnyside Phase I is coming along with components of the new sound system arriving weekly.  The floor control booth is being readied as we speak and will soon be ready to bring to the church.  The construction crew would like to put out a call to people who can assist in the installation process.  They will need people who can assist in wood finishing, electrical work, and a lot of just plain “gopher” and “grunt” work.  Call Ray Betz at 503-760-2157, if you can help.

Sabbath’s worship service is being planned around the theme, “Washed, Forgiven, Clean!”  This would be a very good week to invite someone you might know who might think they have passed forever from God’s grace or committed the unpardonable sin.

Don’t forget the Corn Feed—Sunnyside Picnic on Sunday.  We will start coming together at 3:30, and the weatherman has promised good weather.  Lots of activities planned for the kids including the inflatable obstacle course.

Next Sabbath is our annual “Reunion” Sunnyside Sabbath with the annual gathering of 36 Adventist softball teams coming to the area for the Sunday, September 2, softball tournament.  We will have a special worship service Sabbath morning with a number of special guest musicians.  Remember the Sabbath potluck and the fact that we are likely to have “company” join us.  This is a special Sabbath to invite those on your list who might seldom come to church.  Please, look for whomever you can invite for this Sabbath!

See you Sabbath!

Pastor Scott

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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