August 31 Communiqué

Happy September Sunnyside!

You have to love this time of the year.  The air so stimulating; the fresh produce so tasty; the skies so blue; and add to this the sounds and sights of kids going back to school and the hurrahs of the last holiday of the summer season.  There is no month like September!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who came and helped make last Sunday’s annual Sunnyside summer picnic a real success.  The food and fellowship was great but what was really special was the number of guests from the community.  Dozens of them!  Many were here as a result of our outreach programs such as SunnyCity and our Adventurer/Pathfinder programs.  The bouncing gyms were a real attraction and well used.  Wonderful idea and thanks to all who worked on making it possible!

This weekend conveys a great combination of events including a special Sunnyside ReUnion Sabbath, a Bobby McGhee and Friends vespers, and a mega Adventist softball tournament.  Our Sabbath morning worship music will feature Kraig Scott from WWU at the organ and guest musician Joe Brooks formerly of WWU.  Come and meet former pastor Chuck Williams and others. Stay and enjoy our monthly fellowship potluck.

The sermon is entitled, “Renaissance.”  Sunnyside ReUnion events are a time for rebirth and reclaiming the best of whom we are as an Adventist people and that is what the sermon will focus upon.  If there was ever a time to bring a friend, a former Adventist, an unconnected member, or just yourself, this weekend is one to consider.  As you come and walk the halls or look around you, please, be on the lookout for that person who is here on their own with no one specifically noting their presence.  It is easy on a big Sabbath to get lost in the crowd.  Let’s not let it happen!

Just a quick update on the install for the new sound system upgrade:  it is coming but will not make it until into October.  No real problems, just logistics in getting it all together and cabinets built and in place.  We are at 80% in reference to the funding requirements and need everyone’s support to put us over the top.  Thanks to all who have already contributed to the nearly $200,000 already raised for the project!

See you this weekend!

Pastor Scott and Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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