Sept. 7 Communiqué

Hello September Sunnysiders!

First on my agenda is to give a big thanks to all who helped make last weekend such a wonderful success!  The church was simply full for both the second service and the Sabbath evening program.  There were so many visitors.  There were people from out of town, locals who set this special Sabbath on their calendar including former members and some who are just starting to return.  The warmth and fellowship you showed to everyone was special.  Many came to me and commented on the “spirit” in the church.  You are Sunnyside; it has to do with you, the members, much more than merely the pastors.

Tomorrow we are going to give Pastor Shirley a break.  She just returned from Africa and her biorhythms have not adjusted to Pacific Daylight Time.  She and I are switching Sabbaths, meaning that I will take this week and she next.  This was not hard for me in that I have been working on this sermon for some time and it was already starting to “mature” in my soul.  It will come from the story Luke’s Prodigal Son.  This is one of the most profound of Jesus parables and, while most parables have basically one poignant lesson, this one has several.  So, to prepare for tomorrow’s, “The Waiting Father”, read Luke 15, the whole chapter, and let the Lord speak to you as you relive this story.

Have you been one of Sunnyside’s children’s leadership volunteers this last year?  We need you to join us at 5:00 pm on Sunday for a special Volunteers Appreciation Dinner.  When one looks at what Sunnyside has done this last year for our youngest family members, it takes your breath; and the year is not done.  It is time to say thanks.  (I was told by reliable sources that we had thirty-three kids in the kindergarten division Sabbath.)

The real event for us all is to put on our prayer list and calendars starts September 22.  It is the six week series (Saturday and Sunday nights) entitled, “How to Teach Your Kids about…..Life.”  If you have young family members, friends and neighbors with kids, workmates with kids, this program is too wonderful to miss.  Look for more at church telling about it.

As for now, just keep us all in your prayers and let the Lord of all heaven into your hearts.

Pastor Scott & Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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