Sept. 21 Communiqué

Happy September Sunnyside!

The fall equinox is here and time to load up on the colors of autumn.  Spring has its pinks and blues, but fall comes at us with fiery yellows and reds.  I would like to say it’s God’s way of warming us up in preparation for the white snows that come with the winter chills.

Tomorrow is Sabbath and Sunnyside welcomes Pastor Gary Parks and family.  Gary and Shelly have pastored in East Salem for at least a dozen years.  Their musically talented family will present the song “Eagles Song” for our worship experience, which then will lead into Gary’s sermon entitled, “Gone Fishin’.”

Oh, and you will not want to miss Mission Moments tomorrow: Brigadier General Conrad Gren is on leave and will share his story of time so far in Afghanistan.  (Okay, so I had a little fun with his rank.) Mission Moments will begin at 10:55 am this week

This weekend launches our “How to Teach Your Kids about….,” series.  It starts Saturday evening at 5:30 pm.  If you have not registered, please hurry and go to our website,

If you are part of the set up crew, remember that there will be food provided after church and then we will put our hands to work.  We have a growing number of families from the community who are signing up.  We would love to have you and your kids (and grandkids) if you can come.  This is going to be one of the best, and most memorable events Sunnyside has done.  Each night we will have about one hundred volunteers assisting to make this happen.  There will be a great program for the adults but a magnificent program for kids.  Don’t miss it!

This program will be Saturday and Sunday night for six weeks.  Please, give us your prayers.

We also regret to announce the passing of Beth Betz; memorial services will be announced later.

May this preparation day put a song in your heart!

Pastor Scott & Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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