Sept. 28 Communiqué

Happy Friday Sunnyside!

First, big thanks to all of the “How to Teach Your Kids About…, series volunteers and prayer warriors.  Our first weekend came off with a definite blessing for all.  We had about the number we were expecting and most returned Sunday night with a few new faces.  The facilitators were pleased to meet new people from the community.  The kids program was terrific and so was Pastor Jonathan.  This is week number two, (both Saturday and Sunday) so please, continue your prayers.

Tomorrow is communion Sabbath and our musicians have prepared a most special service.  Thanks team!  The service itself will center on the theme, “We Didn’t Know It Was You.”  In it we will look back at the first Passover event in Exodus and carry forward to the prophecies that said that when the Messiah would come, he would be little recognized, and that is what we see in the story of Jesus.  “We didn’t know it was you,” was a theme that carried through the crucifixion and on into the story of the second coming of Jesus.

For all of us, there is a sense of unworthiness when we come to communion.  So much so, that some avoid taking the cup because of feeling like they would add sin to sin by taking of the cup and not being worthy.  However, I would appeal to you that you are the one who should reach out to the cup.  Do it with the prayer of unworthiness.  Do it with the appeal to the Lord to change a heart that holds back.  Do it knowing that God’s grace is not a reward for righteous living, but rather it is for strength when we can only wish but lack the strength to do so.  You well might find this to be the most meaningful communion you have ever participated in.

Another big thanks goes to all who continue to support the ReNew fund drive.  We are now at $205,467.  As Pastor Jonathan has announced, the cabinet work is only a week or so away from installation and the first of November will be installation week for the electronic equipment.  Ed Mathis is being buried under a mountain of boxes that arrive almost each day as equipment continues to arrive.

Church budget is looking better.  Thanks!  I just wish it were August.  Please, continue to keep our church expenses on your heart.


Pastor Scott 

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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