Oct. 12 Communiqué

Greetings to all true Oregonians who have been praying for rain!!!

You finally have your wish.  Has it not been a beautiful fall?  Dorothy and I took a drive around Sauvie Island on Monday.  What a great fall day; the temps were perfect, the sunshine awesome, the colors splendid, and the farm stands most inviting.

This weekend is week four for our “How to Teach Your Kids About….”  Saturday night the subject is “Giving Back” and Sunday evening is “Achieving Life Balance.”  Sounds like something we adults could benefit from as well.  Be sure to bring your family, even if you have had occasion to miss some of the first evenings.  Each night is enough of a stand alone in its own right; so, don’t feel like you might be too late to join the party.  Remember, there will be lots of yummy food at 5:30 each night.  Pastor Jonathan is doing better with his shoulder healing, but keep him in your prayers.

Tuesday night it felt like Christmas at the church.  Have you noticed the mountains of boxes that have been piling up?  They are all components of the new sound system upgrade.  Well, Tuesday evening we started opening them up and doing an inventory.  A factory rep joined us and we grouped the boxes and numbered them so as to make for a quick retrieval when we should need them.

This coming Monday is going to be “Start Monday.”  Ray Betz and company will be here fully engaged and it is full steam forward.  We hope to have it all up, running, and finished in a month.  We will build the command module center in the back of the sanctuary, pull the wires, and get everything set in place for the sound company to come and tie it all off and turn it on.  Then they will take all sound and video people, many of our musicians, and staff through a tutorial on what the system can do and how to make it happen that way.  Give the team a little operator grace while they get the new system down pat.  And, we are getting close to our goal for funding; we just all need to keep the nickels and dollars coming until the end.  The design committee would like to start on the next phase as soon as they can.  They would like to repaint the fellowship rooms.  Lord knows the walls are really showing their wear from thirty years of programs and potlucks.  We just need to get Phase I completed.

Have you ever heard of the Rosetta Stone?  The most visited exhibit in the British National Museum?  Well, as you might have noticed, the title of this week’s sermon comes from the same, “The Rosetta Stone.”  The stone was a key to unlocking ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, and hence, a lot of history written in stone that we had no idea what it said.  But for us the messages on it which were dictated by Ptolemy V are most telling.  What did he say and what does it have to do with the Bible and with you and me?

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Scott and Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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