Sunnyside Communiqué

Dear Sunnysiders,

Did you know that 75% of all Christians in America today accepted Christ before age 14? Three out of four of us chose to follow Christ sometime before age fourteen. That means that:

  • this is the most fertile, receptive target group for all spiritual endeavor
  • the most successful evangelistic rate is among children
  • the most significant investment the church can make is to pour resources and personnel into the lives of children.

The probability of someone accepting Christ  as their Savior changes from 32% for those between 5- 12 years old to just 4% for those 13-18 years old, and just 6% for those older than 19. If people do not embrace Jesus as their Savior before their teenage years the chances of them doing that become slimmer.

I am grateful to Dwight Nelson for highlighting this information in the morning devotional, God’s Dream for you, THE CHOSEN.

I am also grateful that Sunnyside allocates close to 50% of our budget to our children and young people. I am also excited for the way in which we were led to do evangelism this time and for the strong emphasis on the children. The team has worked so well together with all the History Mystery Bible characters to make this an exciting program each week for the children. The games and craft and been fun but with life lessons, thank you Erin and Jackee. I wish you could have heard the children singing last weekend with Debbie and Emilie, Matthew, Joanne and Ben.  Thank you Kathy!

This Sabbath Pastor Jonathan will continue with the series, “How to Teach Your Kids About…” and will complete the series on Sunday night. The good news is that some of the participants have asked to continue. The children are being invited to Adventurers and Pathfinders on Tuesday night while the parents meet.

On Sunday there will be a memorial service at 12:30 pm for Bea Ham. She was a much loved long-time member of Sunnyside.

Next weekend CBFM begins their presentations at 7 pm on Friday night and will continue on Sabbath and Sunday. Remember that church potluck is tucked in there too. Sunday also has the Adventurer Induction and Family Blessing service at 5 pm followed by a scrumptious Romanian dinner, fundraiser and silent auction. Please support our kids and our intrepid Adventurer leaders.

As always for His kids

Pastor Shirley

Pastor Shirley Allen
Associate Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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