Nov. 1 Communiqué

Hello November Sunnysiders!

It is November 1!  Not sure I like the sound of that.  I am a better September/October person.  Nonetheless, there are lots of exciting plans for Sunnyside coming up.

First, this weekend is very full at the church.  We start Friday night with our first CBFM program and this one is entitled: “Spirituality—Doing It Right.”  The subtheme of this is really an in-depth look at spiritual formations.  This old term (Adventists have always been about spiritual formations) has in recent years taken on new meanings, some of which are rather foreign to us.  We are going to be looking at what there is about the current popular euphoria that we can embrace and that which we should shun.    Here is the schedule for the weekend:

Friday, November 2, 7 pm
“A Gentle Discussion about Spiritual Formation” – Dr. Dave Thomas

Sabbath Worship Services, November 3, 8:50 & 11:20 am
“Terra Firma” – Dr. Dave Thomas

Sabbath, November 3, 3 pm
“Understanding the Functioning of Spirituality” – Dr. Dave Thomas
“The Quest to Know God: A Flyover Historical View” – Dr. Darold Bigger

Sunday, November 4, 10 am
“Identifying Appropriate and Effecive Spiritual Exercises” – Dr. Darold Bigger

Drs. Dave Thomas and Darold Bigger have proven themselves in times past as presenting insightful and stimulating messages and this one is sure to repeat.  This will be a very important series for parents and teachers.

Remember Sabbath’s potluck which will be followed by a Pathfinder induction service at 2:00.  The Adventurers will have their induction service Sunday at 5:00 pm.  And, you can add to your schedule of things to do at Sunnyside the Oregon Sinfonietta concert at 3:00 on Sunday.

But we are not done yet!  Monday through Thursday evenings at 6:30, we will do the fall Week-of-prayer readings, doing two each evening.  No children’s programs are planned.

Remember that November 10, is Veterans’ Sabbath.

Photos!  From 9:30-1:30, Sunnyside pictorial pictures will be taken in the Youth Room.  We are getting very close to publishing a new directory and we don’t want to miss you, especially if you are new to Sunnyside.  Drop in on Sabbath to the Youth Room and have your picture taken.

One last item and a very important one: Sunday, November 18, at 5:30 pm, is the Sunnyside Outreach Ministries Banquet.  Last year at this banquet we raised the money to fund all of our outreach ministries for 2012.  Pathfinders, Adventurers, SunnyCity, VBS, Walla Walla Nurses outreach, Sunnyside Young Adult Ministry, and public evangelistic meetings were all funded at this banquet and through your dedicated gifts.  Look this Sabbath for more details on how to register for the upcoming banquet.

We have all seen the pictures of Hurricane Sandy and the destruction left behind. If you would like to see our church’s response to this disaster go to: If you wish to make a donation, you can do so by marking your contribution “ACS Disaster Response,” or go to their website. For more information, there are copies of the fact sheet on the counter in the lobby.

Let us each take courage in the Lord!

Pastor Scott and Staff

Pastor Scott LeMert
Senior Pastor
Sunnyside Seventh-day Adventist Church

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