Dec. 21 Communiqué & Announcements

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Let the Merry Bells Keep Ringing!

Christmas is nigh upon us.  Friday evening Sunnyside will celebrate its 31st celebration of its annual “Family Musical.”  This annual event draws both Sunnysiders and many others for an evening of reveling and rejoicing in the many sounds of Christmas presented by a host of wide ranging musical talents and people.

Sabbath morning will start with a brunch at 8:30.  Please, bring breakfast casseroles, breads, fruits, and Christmas specialties.  Then at 11:10 Sunnyside will celebrate “The Song of Heaven.”  If there was a Sunnyside Sabbath program to invite family and friends, this just might be the one.  There will be one service only of this program.  When you come into the sanctuary please, move to the middle of the church pew for we are expecting a large attendance.

Please note that the office will be closed the week of Christmas and will come back to life on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.

Come sing with Sunnyside this weekend!

Pastor Scott & Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Adventist Education
Area Events
Church Budget

This Weekend

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Resource Network – A big thank you from all those that have been helped through the Family Resource Network this year. You have been very generous and though at times the balance was low, no one has been declined assistance due to lack of funds. As you plan your end-of-year giving, it would be great if you would consider Family Resource Network, account # 9387.

 The Advent Candle
Christmas is a special season to welcome Jesus into our hearts and homes. As we celebrate the First Advent, we anticipate the Second.

The Advent wreath, an evergreen circle with five candles, symbolizes our God who is “the same yesterday, today, and forever.” In the greenery we see the freshness of eternal life; and in the center candle, the always-shining Light of the world.

The outer candles, lit in succession on December 1, 8, 15, and 22, represent these Advent themes:

  • Jesus, the foundation of our Hope;
  • Jesus, the source of our Peace;
  • Jesus, the basis for our Joy;
  • Jesus, in whom is personified divine Love.

On Communion Sabbath (December 29), we come to the Lord’s table to remember the sacrifice of Christ whose broken body is the bread of heaven, whose shed blood is the elixir of life. Once again, the candle of Christ illumines our hearts and minds with Hope and Peace, Joy and Love, and the promise of an Advent that will mark Christmas forever.

The Week Ahead

 Sunset:  Today  4:31 pm  •  Friday  4:35 pm

3:30 pm  Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)

Mon, Dec 24 thru Tues, Jan 1
Office Closed – Happy Holidays!

Tue, Dec 25
Merry Christmas!

Wed, Dec 26
7:00 pm CherryWood Prayer Meeting – James Johnstone

Fri, Dec 28  

3:30 pm  Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
7:00 pm Romanian Prayer Meeting (Room 63)

Sab, Dec 29
Communion Sabbath
Sermon: Jesus, Friend of Sinners – Pastor Scott

Church Announcements

Poinsettias – If you would like a poinsettia to enjoy over Christmas, feel free to take one home with you today after the service.

Year-End Receipts – If you would like your contributions receipted in 2012, they must be postmarked by December 31, or you may drop them in the mail slot near the entrance door at the Children’s Wing of the church.

Steps to Christ readings – On January 2, led by Harold Burden, we will begin reading aloud together the book Steps to Christ. There are thirteen chapters and we will meet over thirteen weeks on Wednesday evenings for one hour for shared reading, discussion, and prayer. Meet at the Prayer Room at 6 pm, and we will move to an appropriate size room as needed. Questions? Call 503-257-4883.

Changes at Sunnyside Starting January 5, 2013
A long anticipated and important meeting took place recently in the Sunnyside office workroom. The pastoral staff, the executive elders, and various other invitees took a look at the question of the time and event flow of the services at Sunnyside on Sabbath morning. At front and center was the question of Mission Moments—a long tradition at Sunnyside which rested in between the Sabbath School program and the second worship service. It was an event that first service people rarely saw and most of our children and parents were unable to work into the morning schedule. (This problem had been discussed a few months back on the church board and forwarded to committee for resolution.)

After a two hour meeting, here are the details:

1. Mission Moments as we have known it will go away. It will be replaced with a five minute feature entitled “Church Life and Mission” and will be part of both worship services. The placement in the flow of the worship services will vary depending on the content and where it will best add to the Sunnyside worship experience.

2. “Church Life and Mission” will include many of the genres of programming of the former “Mission Moments,” only it will have a shorter time slot. It will include spot stories of the church life of Sunnyside such as baptisms, baby dedications, local member interest stories, stories about Sunnyside outreach programs, etc. Look for some of the formats to be interview style.

3. Pastor Scott will search for about six or more individuals who will become part of the planning team who will steer the planning and insure a balance of format content—church life and mission.

4. The change will take place January 5, 2013.

5. Early service will start at 8:45 and will aim to finish at 9:55 minus the postlude.

6. All Sabbath Schools are urged to start at 10:00 or as soon thereafter as they can convene with practicality. All Sabbath School classes are urged to adjourn at 11:00 allowing members ample time to be seated in the sanctuary by 11:20.

7.  The announcement time of each worship service will target to be about three to five minutes max in time length. We are finding that with the use of the screens we are able to cut down on the time needed for announcements. Expect to see announcement slides scrolling prior to the start of worship and, especially prior to second service, the intermission time will find the sanctuary filled with music.

8. It is hoped that the intermission time between Sabbath School and second service will be a time of refreshment and greeting friends and visitors.

9. The planning committee that discussed these changes felt that they would have minimal impact on the current Sabbath morning flow and the committee will from time to time over the next months, debrief on how the changes are going and make changes where and when needed.

P.S.  The new sound system is making progress. The cabinetry of the new operator’s booth is being readied and once it is brought into the sanctuary, things will progress very quickly.

Prayer Requests

For physical healing and spiritual well-being of:
Shelly AleShire, Alf Birch, Darren Allen, (Dave & Shirley’s son), Betty Reuble (Marcia Dunham’s mother), victims of Hurricane Sandy, and all who have financial, spiritual, or health needs.

For the family and friends of Irma Jones who recently passed away. A memorial service is being planned in January.

This Week’s Celebrations

Today: Gayle Gardner, Russell Vickroy  Sunday: Evelyn Blehm, Janis Dove, Richard Fenn  Monday: Maria Heissler, Caleb Siaw, Suzanne Wright, Cristian J. Butnaru  Tuesday: Danette Fuller  Wednesday: Gene Stiles  Thursday: Lillian Erich


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Area Events

 January 6, 4 pm: Stone Tower Church hosts informational sessions for The Neil Nedley Depression Recovery Program that starts January 13, 2013, the popular program designed to help recover from depression. Attendees will learn what the seminar offers and will have the opportunity to take a test to determine if you are depressed. Registration for the 8-week class is not required to attend the preview. The preview and the 8-week course are free. However, there will be a charge for the workbooks. More information is provided at Do not know about Dr. Nedley. Please visit his website.

Combined Budget (Local Church Expense)

Received December: $38,028 /  Monthly Budget: $33,000
Received YTD: $153.573 / YTD Budget: $198,000
ReNew Sunnyside − Goal: $250,000 / Received: $236,415

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