Jan 11 Communiqué & Announcements

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Greetings, Sunnyside Family!

Let there be spring!  I know it is only the middle of January, but can’t a guy wish?  The spring bulbs are all popping up around the church.  Wonderful sight!

As Pastor Jonathan explained last Sabbath, January and February will find the Sunnyside worship services focusing on various aspects of creating a sense of community and mission within a church family.  We will look at defining mission, developing teams and leadership, and how this all comes home to having a joyful sense of worship and duty.

This Sabbath the service is entitled, “Leaders in the Hands of the Master,” and next week will be, “The Church in the Hands of the Master.”   But this Sabbath will also be extra special because we have guest organist Kimo Smith from La Sierra University playing for our worship services and presenting a feature concert on the organ at 4:00 pm.  Invite a friend! Encounters With God will meet today at 5:30 pm with Pastor David Freedman presenting.

Do look over the coming events column; there are many important events coming our way including the fun “Let Them Eat Cake” social and mission fund raiser on January 19, at 6:30.  The business meeting on the 20th is also very important in that we will be voting on Phase II of ReNew Sunnyside.

Thank each of you for being you!  Sunnyside is what it is because of each of us!

Give thanks to Lord for He is good!

Pastor Scott & Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Coming Events
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

We welcome Dr. Kimo Smith today as he joins us in worship.
This afternoon at 4 pm we are honored to host Dr. Smith in organ concert. He is currently the Associate Professor of Music and Director of Keyboard Studies at La Sierra University.

Please note: Encounters With God is canceled this week.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  4:50 pm  •  Friday  4:58 pm

3:30 pm
Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
4:00 pm
Dr. Kimo Smith organ concert
6:30 pm
Final Events with Stephen Bohr – (Room 63)

Sun, Jan 13         
11:00 pm
Clarence Peterschick Memorial

Tue, Jan 15       
Bulletin Deadline
5:30 pm
Baptismal Class (Workroom)
6:30 pm
Steps to Christ reading – Chapter 3 “Repentance” (Prayer Room)
6:30 pm
6:30 pm
6:30 pm
Finance Committee (Workroom)
7:00 pm
The Fall of Paganism–Origins of Medieval Christianity (Room 63)

Wed, Jan 16
10:00 am
FaithLift – Job 1 (Room 20)
5:30: pm
Elders Meeting (Room 60)
7:00 pm
CherryWood Prayer Meeting – Jim Johnstone

Thr, Jan 17
6 :00 pm
Handbell Rehearsal (Room 82)
6:00 pm
Family Resource Network (Workroom)
7:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal (Room 82)

Fri, Jan 18
6:00 pm
Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
7:00 pm
Romanian Prayer Meeting (Room 63)

Sab, Jan 19
Sermon: The Church in the Hands of the Master – Pastor Scott

Church Announcements

Alf and Estelle Birch would like to extend “deep gratitude to all of you that are sending up prayers, sending us cards and letters, and for the many phone calls. This has been very meaningful to both of us during Alf’s sickness. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and thank you for continuing to keep us both in your prayers.”

Steps to Christ shared readings continue on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in the Prayer Room. This week we will be reading Chapter Three, “Repentance” combined with discussion and prayer. All are welcome.

Selection Committee for 2013. Begin thinking about whom you would like to elect to the Selection Committee (the committee that serves to select the Nominating Committee). On January 19, we will request your nomination choice for eleven members who shall serve for one year.

Elders meeting will be at its regular time on Wednesday, January 16, at 5:30 pm. A light supper will be provided. This will be a special meeting. We encourage all Elders to attend. For details please refer to your e-mail.

Sunnyside Church Business meeting will be Sunday, January 20 at 6:30 pm. Our agenda consists of: 1.) Fiscal Year Financial Review, 2.) 2013 Evangelism Plan presented by Elders, 3.) Development of Land; Land Use plus well proposal, 4.) Membership Review, 5.) ReNew Sunnyside: Review Phase 1 + Phase II, 6.) Romania Mission Project Report. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Your input is vital to our church operations.

Attention Photographers: Sunnyside is starting a new program taking photos of many of the activities of the church and showing them on the large screens during intermission between Sabbath School and second Worship Service.  If you enjoy taking pictures we invite you to join this team of photographers by calling the church office: 503-252-8080 or email info@sunnyside-sda.org. No experience or special skills necessary.

The Flower Calendar is posted in the hallway. Please take time to choose your favorite Sabbath(s) this year to share a bouquet with your church family and place your name on that date.

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Resource Network – Thanks to all of you for remembering the physical needs of our church family and community during this winter season. Your gifts will help prevent homelessness and many other acute needs during this new year. Note your contribution to Family Resource Network, Account # 9387.

Cake guy!January 19, 6:30 pm, we will enjoy our annual Let Them Eat Cake. Men, you are tasked with baking a creative cake, the more creative the better (all on your own), then each will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The proceeds will support our Romania Mission project. This is a very fun event. Mark your calendar, you will not want to miss it!


InsideOut Classes: If anyone is interested in presenting or hosting a class during this Winter/Spring season, please contact Arnold Petersen at alpobgyn@gmail.com.

New Women’s Health Series…
Speaking of Women’s Health
Starts January 27, Lunch at 12:30 pm
Tips for a healthier you!

Feel inspired. Presenter: Cathy Stores, physical therapist for Adventist Health Specialty Rehab. For further info speak to Kathy Pruitt or Dianne Glovatsky. Sponsored by Sunnyside Women’s Ministries.  Register here: http://goo.gl/T3CoL

February 7, 7 pm, Sunnyside hosts Oregon Conference Town Hall Meetings. Who should come? All newly elected Constituency Session delegates, lay-advisory members, and any member who is interested in growing God’s work in our territory.

Topics of discussion will include: 1.) Finding ways to keep a forward motion happening in our Conference, 2.) Understanding the concept of all members in ministry – what does that mean to over 60% of our membership? 3.) Focusing on the future of our youth and educational institutions – how do we support them? 4.) Discovering ways for sharing the Good News as quickly and powerfully as we can. 5.) Soliciting agenda items that could be discussed at our next Constituency Session that would keep our conference focused on the mission we have been given.

On March 30 Sunnyside is doing an Easter Cantata titled “The Living Last Supper.” In it, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” is recreated with living actors. Each disciple takes a turn stepping out of the painting and telling about what it was like to walk with Jesus. Carl Buchanan is looking for 13 actors for this program. No acting experience required, but he would especially like to hear from you if you have acted in a similar role. The first actors meeting will be Friday, January 18, at 6:30 pm in room 20. Please connect with Carl if you would consider helping with this program.sunlovercb@yahoo.com 503-740-6876.

Coming Events at Sunnyside

January 20, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

January 25-28
Walla Walla University Center for Bible Faith and Mission

February 17, 4 pm
Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra, Travis Hatton, conductor

March 16, 5 pm
His Praise concert

March 17, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

March 23, 3:30 pm
Sunnyside’s Spring concert

March 29, 7 pm
Service of Darkness

March 30, 7 pm
Living Last Supper

May 5, 4 pm
Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra, Travis Hatton, director

May 11, 4 pm
Southern Adventist University Wind Symphony

May 12, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

May 18, 7 pm
PASO Portland Adventist String Orchestra

Prayer Requests

For physical healing and spiritual well-being of . . .
All who have financial, spiritual, or health needs.

For comfort and peace . . .

for the family and friends of Clarence Peterschick who passed away December 22, 2012. A memorial service will be conducted here at Sunnyside Sunday, January 13, at 11 am.

for the family and friends of Irma Jones, a long-time member of Sunnyside who passed away recently. There will be a memorial service conducted in her honor at The Village Church January 19 at 4:00 pm.

Last week we reported, in error, that Roberta Herd had passed away — our apologies! The correct announcement is here:

Mary Carter passed away at the age of 91 in College Place, Washington. She was preceded in death by her husband, Joe Carter, and her brother, Dr. David Copeland.

Mary Carter’s sister, Roberta Herd, is very much alive and well, living in College Place, Washington!

This Week’s Celebrations


Today: Gerald Bruce, Matthew Casper, Caleb Siaw, Eileen Stuart  Sunday: Ashley Heick, Karl Helton, Donna Hull, Ryan Tapu  Monday: Jean Hall  Tuesday:  Dee Giebelhouse  Wednesday: Pauline Davis, Michal Overland, Kort Petersen, Robert Stuart  Thursday: Marilyn Drake, Mark Hull, Shirley Schoepflin  Friday: Aaron Busi, Jodi Foust


Portland Adventist Academy

PAA’s new e-Headlines: http://eepurl.com/ttVbj
Subscribe to PAA’s e-Headlines:  http://goo.gl/4ynYg
Check out PAA’s student newspaper:  http://paaresume.org/

The tragic event at Clackamas Town Center mall inspired Portland Adventist Academy students to organize a hopeful “flash mob” and to give love to a hurting community. Find out more herehttp://eepurl.com/ttVbj

Portland Adventist Elementary School

December Newsletter  or http://goo.gl/kJ1W1

Area Events

 January 9-19, 2013: Wherever you are –  Participate in the 10 Days of Prayer initiative (formerly called Operation Global Rain), Hope Channel and the GC Ministerial Association will partner to produce a nightly live broadcast of Let’s Pray. Sign up now at www.TenDaysofPrayer.org.

January 11, 7 pm: Stone Tower Church Vespers:  Louis Torres speaking on Orion at Stone Tower Church, Friday, January 11 at 7 pm.  The Bible is filled with simple questions not calling much attention to their framing.  But when given careful examination, they reveal wonders that defy our understanding, and baffle our intelligence. The presentation Orion is sure to enlarge your appreciation as to how big God really is, and how small we are.  It will help you understand why King David wrote, “What is man that Thou art mindful of him?  Louis Torres, a pastor, evangelist, international lecturer, musician, author, and administrator, for over four decades has used his God-given talents to share Christ throughout the world.  As a trainer, he has trained hundreds to become effective soul winners, pastors, Bible workers, and Evangelists. (e.g. David Asscherick, John Bradshaw, Hiram Rester, etc.)

January 12, 4 pm: Lents Church is hosting Mary Grace in piano concert.

January 23, 6 pm: Adventist Health is sponsoring a Knee Pain LivingWell Expo and Seminar. Space is limited. Register soon to reserve your spot at 503-256-4000.

Get your North American Division 2013 Prayer Calendar now –on your home computer! Download the new NAD 2013 Prayer Calendar to enable you and your members to pray collectively with the rest of the North American Division for revival and transformation for specific conferences each week, and specific areas of the church each day of the week. Just visit http://bit.ly/ZoGijU.

Needed: In-home care for a 92-year old Christian lady at CherryWood Assisted Living for a few hours daily. For more information call: 360-771-9955.

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