Jan 18 Communiqué & Announcements

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The Father’s Delight

Greetings Sunnysiders!

I was in the middle of a long stretch of meetings this last week when I popped home for a few minutes to have lunch with the family.  As I walked in the front door, I was greeted by the sheer joy of 8-month-old William’s exuberant, toothless 100 watt smile.  I can’t even find words to express my delight in that moment.  There is absolutely nothing like those moments in life when your kids are simply overjoyed at your presence.

I can’t help but think that God waits in the same anticipation of those moments when we are overjoyed in His presence.  “Behold what manner of love,” John writes, “the Father has bestowed upon us, that we may be called children of God.”  I can only imagine the delight in the heart of our Heavenly Father when we flash that smile of recognition and revel in His presence in our lives.  As we enter into the Sabbath day together, I wonder:  how’s your joy?  Are you joyfully anticipating the presence of the Father?  As we worship Him together this weekend, my prayer is that you will take joy in the presence of our God.  And in so doing, bring delight to the heart of the Father.

Pastor Jonathan

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Coming Events
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Selection Committee For 2013. Today you will be given a ballot during the announcement period before each worship service (8:45 am and 11:20 am). On that ballot you may nominate one member of Sunnyside Church to serve on the Committee to Select the Nominating Committee (Selection Committee) this year. Your ballot will be collected at the end of the announcement period. The Selection Committee will then be elected on January 26, 2013.

Cake will fortify you for the 8 and 1/2-week slog
until we “march” into spring. Guaranteed.
But only if you and yours participate this evening in
“Let Them Eat Cake!”
Fireside Room at 6:30.
Supper. Program. And then the grand auction of the finest cake creations
this side of Paris (OK, Pendleton).
Proceeds will support Sunnyside’s 2013 mission project:
A School for Siret . . . and So Much More!

Sunnyside Church Business meeting will be tomorrow, Sunday, January 20, at 6:30 pm. A meal will be provided at 6 pm. All members and families are invited. Our Business meeting agenda consists of: 1.) Fiscal Year Financial Review, 2.) 2013 Evangelism Plan presented by Elders, 3.) Development of Land; Land Use plus well proposal, 4.) Membership Review, 5.) ReNew Sunnyside: Review Phase 1 + Phase II, 6.) Romania Mission Project Report. Please plan to attend. Your input is vital to our church operations.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  5:00 pm  •  Friday  5:08pm

3:30 pm
Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
5:00 pm
Encounters With God – Charmaine Roloff
6:30 pm
Let Them Eat Cake! preceded by a meal
6:00 pm
Final Events with Stephen Bohr – (Room 63)

Sun, Jan 20
3:00 pm
Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor
6:00 pm
Meal provided preceding the business meeting
6:30 pm
Church Business Meeting

Mon, Jan 21
Office Closed – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tue, Jan 22
Noon Bulletin Deadline
5:30 pm
Baptismal Class (Workroom)
6:30 pm
6:30 pm
6:30 pm
The Fall of Paganism–Origins of Medieval Christianity (Room 63)

Wed, Jan 23
10:00 am
FaithLift – Job 2 (Room 20)
6:30 pm
Steps to Christ reading – Chapter 4 “Confession” (Prayer Room)
7:00 pm
CherryWood Prayer Meeting – Ted Mackett

Thr, Jan 24
6:00 pm
Handbell Rehearsal (Room 82)
7:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal (Room 82)

Fri, Jan 25
6:00 pm
Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
7:00 pm
Romanian Prayer Meeting (Room 63)
7:00 pm
CBFM Seminar – Sabbath Roots: In Adventism, In Scripture

Sab, Jan 26
Sermon: Jesus: Lord of the Sabbath – Pastor Scott
3:00 pm
CBFM Seminar – The Sabbath: A Rainbow of Perspectives

Sun, Jan 27
10 am
CBFM Seminar – Sabbath and Eschatology

Church Announcements

Steps to Christ shared readings continue on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm in the Prayer Room. This week we will be reading Chapter Four, “Confession” combined with discussion and prayer. All are welcome.

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Resource Network – Thanks to all of you for remembering the physical needs of our church family and community during this holiday season. Your gifts will help prevent homelessness and many other acute needs during this new year. Note your contribution to Family Resource Network, Account # 9387.

 InsideOut Classes – If anyone is interested in presenting or hosting a class during this Winter/Spring season, please contact Arnold Petersen at alpobgyn@gmail.com.

 January 25-27, CBFM Center for Bible, Faith, and Mission from the Walla Walla University School of Theology presents a weekend seminar here at Sunnyside.  Drs. Ferdinand Regalado and Alden Thompson will be presenting “A Sabbath for a New Generation: From Voices Old and New.”  Friday, 7-8:30 pm; Sabbath 3-5 pm; and Sunday, 10-Noon.

 On March 30 Sunnyside is doing an Easter Cantata titled “The Living Last Supper.” In it, Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “The Last Supper” is recreated with living actors. Each disciple takes a turn stepping out of the painting and telling about what it was like to walk with Jesus. Carl Buchanan is looking for 13 actors for this program. No acting experience required, but he would especially like to hear from you if you have acted in a similar role. The first actors meeting will be Friday, January 18, at 6:30 pm in room 20. Please connect with Carl if you would consider helping with this program. sunlovercb@yahoo.com 503-740-6876.

 The 2012 Tithe And Offering Receipts are now ready for pick up. In the Tape Library area (where the roll up doors are in the hallway) you will find some boxes with alphabetical tabs in them. Please look through the envelopes and retrieve those with your name on it. Thank you.

New Women’s Health Series…
Speaking of Women’s Health
Starts January 27, Lunch at 12:30 pm at Sunnyside Church
Tips for a healthier you!
Feel inspired. Presenter: Cathy Stores, physical therapist for Adventist Health Specialty Rehab. For further info speak to Kathy Pruitt or Dianne Glovatsky. Sponsored by Sunnyside Women’s Ministries.

February 7, 7 pm: Sunnyside hosts Oregon Conference Town Hall Meetings. Who should come? All newly elected Constituency Session delegates, lay-advisory members, and any member who is interested in growing God’s work in our territory.

Topics of discussion will include: 1.) Finding ways to keep a forward motion happening in our Conference, 2.) Understanding the concept of all members in ministry – what does that mean to over 60% of our membership? 3.) Focusing on the future of our youth and educational institutions – how do we support them? 4.) Discovering ways for sharing the Good News as quickly and powerfully as we can. 5.) Soliciting agenda items that could be discussed at our next Constituency Session that would keep our conference focused on the mission we have been given.

Coming Events at Sunnyside

January 20, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

January 25-28
Walla Walla University
Center for Bible Faith and Mission

February 16, 11:15 am
Children’s Church

February 17, 4 pm
Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra, Travis Hatton, conductor

March 16, 5 pm
His Praise concert

March 17, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

March 23, 3:30 pm
Sunnyside’s Spring concert

March 29, 7 pm
Service of Darkness

March 30, 7 pm
Living Last Supper

May 5, 4 pm
Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra, Travis Hatton, director

May 11, 4 pm
Southern Adventist University Wind Symphony

May 12, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

May 18, 7 pm
PASO Portland Adventist String Orchestra

Prayer Requests

For physical healing and spiritual well-being of . . .
All who have financial, spiritual, or health needs.

For comfort and peace . . .
The family and friends of Alf Birch who passed away January 11, 2013. A memorial service will be conducted at Meadow Glade Church, February 16, 3 pm.

This Week’s Celebrations


Today: Judith Fouts, William Rippey  Sunday: David Emori, Nathaniel Gren, Teressa Heick, Linda Olson, Julie Prosser, Deborah Stanton  Monday: Claudia Blair, Andreea Hutuleac, Wynn Knowling, Angela Loveridge Tuesday: Ivonne Allen, Marcia Dunham, Laura Gren, Joshua Miller, Debori Ursu Wednesday: Christopher Bullock, Anna-Jean Means, Fae Stromquist, Annette Wallace  Thursday: Diane Birch, Bethany Hanchett, Karl Schmidt  Friday: Jacob Heick, Heather Schosnig, Holly Schosnig


Portland Adventist Academy

PAA’s new e-Headlines: http://eepurl.com/ttVbj
Subscribe to PAA’s e-Headlines:  http://goo.gl/4ynYg
Check out PAA’s student newspaper:  http://paaresume.org/

The tragic event at Clackamas Town Center mall inspired Portland Adventist Academy students to organize a hopeful “flash mob” and to give love to a hurting community. Find out more herehttp://eepurl.com/ttVbj

Portland Adventist Elementary School

December Newsletter  or http://goo.gl/kJ1W1

Area Events

January 23, 6 pm: Adventist Health is sponsoring a Knee Pain LivingWell Expo and Seminar. Space is limited. Register soon to reserve your spot at 503-256-4000.

February 5, 9 am–2 pm: Portland Adventist Academy is hosting their annual Academy Day. This is a day for potential Portland Adventist Academy students to spend a day and find out more about PAA. Enjoy chapel, interactive campus and classroom tours. Every 8th grade student will get a free lunch and t-shirt. There will be chances to win prizes, a month of free tuition or a free registration fee.
February 5, 6 pm: Parents: Tour our campus and meet with Principal Gale Crosby and other staff in the library. Find out more about PAA and be entered into a drawing for a free registration and month of tuition. For more information call PAA at: 503-255-8372.

Get your North American Division 2013 Prayer Calendar now –on your home computer! Download the new NAD 2013 Prayer Calendar to enable you and your members to pray collectively with the rest of the North American Division for revival and transformation for specific conferences each week, and specific areas of the church each day of the week. Just visit http://bit.ly/ZoGijU.

Needed: In-home care for a 92-year old Christian lady at CherryWood Assisted Living for a few hours daily. For more information call: 360-771-9955.

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