Mar 2 Communiqué & Announcements

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Dear Sunnyside;

This Sabbath will be one of Sunnyside’s High Sabbaths of 2013.  We are hosting the biennial Oregon Conference Youth Choral Festival.  We are expecting upwards of 125 adolescents this Sabbath and they will share a host of music for our worship service.

These kids are the church of tomorrow.  As you watch and listen this Sabbath, please, pray silently for each of them.  Let your eyes focus on one of them and then another and say a prayer for that child.  So much is unknown about what the future holds for each of these kids.  One thing is for sure, they all are princes and princesses of the King of Kings, and they are entrusted to us.

I said kids.  Well, they are not kids.  They are in that no man’s land between being a kid and an adult. These are very formative years.  It is here that the church keeps or loses them.  That is why I ask for your prayers for them.  Their minds are awakening into adulthood.  They are starting to do some critical thinking and one of the issues they all face is, “where is Jesus Christ going to be in my life.”  This must start with them seeing Christ in us.  So, this Sabbath, welcome their families, welcome them.

We are expecting a large group for potluck.  Don’t avoid our spiritual obligation of being a host to the strangers within our gates.  We are Christ’s hands this Sabbath.  Let’s serve them well.  Remember to limit the number of dishes the hospitality crew will need to put in the oven if you can. See you joyfully this Sabbath!

Pastor Scott & Staff

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The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
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This Week’s Celebrations
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This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. This week Pastor Scott LeMert will bring us the sermon entitled “They Are a Possibility.”

The Floral Tribute is presented . . . By Michael and Jessica Curtis in celebration of their son’s 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, Justus! And, in gratefulness for their church family.

Welcome to the Oregon Conference Education Department Choir Festival directed by Calvin D. Knipschild. They bring approximately 125 students to assist in our worship services this morning. Thank you for being here and welcome to all the parents, grandparents, and families that have come along to support the young people.

The Oregon Conference has supported music education in many ways over the years. One of the avenues designed for student musical enrichment and performance in the Oregon Conference School system has been the Choral and Band Festivals. These alternate every other year and have performed in venues throughout the Oregon Conference.  Guest clinicians have directed these musical performances.

Our guest director, Calvin D. Knipschild, has received the Zapara Award for excellence in teaching and is a three-time recipient of the Kiwanis teacher of the year award. His high school choral groups have received numerous superior adjudication awards and have performed the National Anthem repeatedly at sporting events for the New York Yankees, the Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Ducks hockey teams, and the Los Angeles Avengers football team. Noted for his passionate and dynamic conducting style, he receives numerous requests to conduct choral clinics for high schools and church organizations across the United States. He has been a featured guest conductor at over 30 choral festivals.

Mr. Knipschild has been the only director of the renowned singing group Christian Edition, a men’s chorus, since it first began as a church fellowship group in 1981.

Immediately following the second service today we will enjoy a fellowship potluck. Plan to stay, enjoy good food, and great fellowship.

Our photographer will be taking photos in the Youth Room from 9 am to 1 pm. If you haven’t had your picture taken for our photo directory, today would be a good day to do so, or if you need a re-take, Ben will be happy to do that as well. Stop in and find the best time available for him to take your picture.

Safety Training Part 2 of 3 will take place today from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm in the Youth Room. This is a training that all leaders and volunteers are encouraged to attend.

A very big thanks to Sunnyside Pathfinders for the huge task of staging our Choir Festival rehearsal and performance. If you want to express your thanks, please consider a donation to their Oshkosh camporee next summer, Account No. 9870 Oshkosh trip.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  5:59 pm  •  Friday  6:08 pm

12:45 pm Fellowship Potluck
1:00 pm Earliteen Leaders meeting (Room 63)
1:30 pm Safety Training (Room 63)
3:30 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
6:00 pm  Final Events with Stephen Bohr (Room 63)

Sun, Mar 3
6:00 pm Living Last Supper Rehearsal (Room 20)

Mon, Mar 4
6 pm Net 7 – Mental Health Safety Training (Fellowship Hall)

Tue, Mar 5
Noon Bulletin Deadline
5:30 pm Baptismal Class (Workroom)
6:30 pm Adventurers
6:30 pm Pathfinders

Wed, Mar 6 10:00 am FaithLift – Job 8 (Room 20)
6:30 pm Children’s Ministries Admin (Room 20)
6:30 pm Steps to Christ reading – Chapter 10 “A Knowledge of God” (Prayer Room)
7:00 pm CherryWood Prayer Meeting – Arnold Petersen

Thr, Mar 7
6:00 pm Handbell Rehearsal (Room 82)
7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal (Room 82)

Fri, Mar 8 6:00 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
7:00 pm Romanian Prayer Meeting (Room 63)

Sab, Mar 9 Sermon: The Gathering – Pastor Scott

Church Announcements

Membership Transfer: Second Reading

Joining: Luzviminda Tulipat from Stone Tower Church
Lyra Tulipat from Stone Tower Church
Lizette Nguyen from Stone Tower Church

Leaving: Cecil & Alice Roy to Oracle SDA Church, Oracle, Arizona

On March 4 at 6 pm Net 7 is hosting a safety training, “Working with Persons in Mental Health Crisis.” Liesbeth Gerritsen, Portland Police, and June Vining Portland Trauma Intervention Program will teach us how to identify and approach persons in mental health crises and how to administer emotional first aid. All leaders and volunteers are encouraged to attend, as well as others that may be interested.  

Ladies, you are invited to a baby shower for mother-to-be Lauren Gregory, on Sunday, March 10 at 2:00 pm in the Fireside Room! If you wish to support the Sunnyside Crib purchase please bring cash or check in your desired amount. Please bring gifts appropriate for 6+ months of age. In lieu of cards, feel free to bring your favorite children’s book. Please RSVP to Crystal at If you cannot RSVP via email please RSVP to Rosie at the church office.

His Praise Men’s Chorus will be presenting a concert at 5:00 pm on Sabbath, March 16, here at Sunnyside. His Praise is a group of about 25 men drawn from the northwest Oregon/southwest Washington area from all walks of life, currently directed by Finis Johnson. They have one thing in common: they love to sing gospel music!

ROMANIA A School for Siret . . . and So Much More! * Task Force leaders have opted to compress the August mission from four weeks to three without cutting any of the planned programs: finishing and dedicating the Elisha Adventist Elementary School; SunnyCity Siret and Jesus Kids’ in the Kitchen for children; RoAm Youth ServCorps doing community service work culminating with a Sabbath youth festival; MedExpo Siret 2013 featuring continuing education programs for physicians and lectures for the public promoting Wellness for Romania; and a series of seminars on selected spiritual topics conducted in up to seven churches in the Siret area.

* The time is nigh for Sunnysiders thinking about going to Siret to be deciding to go. “Having a clear picture now  of our human resources is essential to the operational success of this exciting mission project,” says Task Force Chair Dick Fenn. Register for one or more of the four teams at the Elders/Mission office.

* Our mission to Romania is supported financially by direct contributions to the Sunnyside Foreign Missions Project Fund (Account No. 806). Goal: $50,000. We are just half-way there. Please give today.

Family Resource Network – Thank you for your support of our Family Resource Network. Your gifts help prevent homelessness and many other acute needs. Mark your contribution to Account No. 9387, Family Resource Network.

SunnyShare Cooperative  – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Worship Ideas App – Are you looking for family worship ideas? The Adventist Family Ministries has an iPhone app that offers ideas and resources. You can search by age range or topic and it provides a lesson as well as Bible verses and resources to go along with the lessons. Additionally, the app allows you to set reminders for morning and evening worship times.Download the app from the Apple App Store.

Prayer Requests

For physical healing and spiritual well-being of . . . Johnetta Fuller (Danette’s sister), Norval Gryte, and all who have financial, spiritual, and health needs. 

For comfort and peace . . . A memorial service will be conducted at Rockwood Church for Adeline Brooks at 2:00 pm this afternoon. She was a long-time employee of Adventist Medical Center.

This Week’s Celebrations

Birthdays: Today: Hermelinda Cruz-Martinez, Janet Hanson, Barbara Wall, Melvin West, Angelica Caministeanu  Sunday: Virlys Moller, Sandra Pellecer  Monday: Erin Wilhite  Tuesday: Jessica Curtis, Caroline Evanado, Dorothy LeMert, Brian Reynolds  Wednesday: Justin Evans  Thursday: Lara Giles, Sheri Hougen, Alyssa Payne Friday: Brian Heather, Emery Rakes

Coming Events at Sunnyside

March 16, 5 pm
His Praise concert

March 17, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

March 17, 6 pm
Family Night

March 23, 5:00 pm
Sunnyside’s Spring concert

March 29, 7 pm
Service of Darkness

March 30, 8:45 & 11:15 am
Easter Sabbath Services

March 30, 7 pm
Living Last Supper

March 31, 9 am
Easter Worship service followed with brunch

April 21, 6 pm
Family Night

May 5, 4 pm
Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra, Travis Hatton, director

May 11, 4 pm
Southern Adventist University Wind Symphony

May 12, 3 pm
Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, director/conductor

May 18, 7 pm
PASO Portland Adventist String Orchestra


Portland Adventist Academy
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PAA Students going to the Dominican Republic are “service learning” before the trip. Each is responsible for researching information about Dominican Republic to present to the mission team. It gives participants a better understanding of the history and culture of the country, the ICC orphanage, and its surroundings. PAA Spanish teacher and trip sponsor Rita Barrett says, “I’m very excited about this new way we prepare for our trips. I think we will have a much richer experience because of being better prepared.” Read more on this story, recent academic statistics and more in our latest e-Headlines.

Portland Adventist Academy is having a concert on March 3, 2013 at 7:30 pm, featuring PAA’s own guitarist, Tim Ellis and concert violinist, Aaron Meyers. Tickets are available for $10 through any PAA Senior, by email at or by calling 503.255.8372 ext. 230. Doors open at  7:00 pm.

Portland Adventist Elementary School
Newsletter or

Portland Adventist Elementary School would like to invite all prospective Kindergarten/1st grade students and parents for our annual round-up on Thursday, March 14. Registration starts at 5:15 pm.  We look forward to seeing you all there!!

Area Events

March 3-10: Adventist Book Center holds its Spring Book & Food Sale at Gladstone. There will be samples of vegetarian food March 3 & 10. Save $10.00-$25.00 off the case price on our food super specials. Bibles, Books, Cookbooks, and Music are also on sale.  Download our sale flyer at

March 6, 6 am: Big Lake Registration begins at Please consider sending your kids (or helping someone else’s kids attend) for a wonderful week of fun, learning, and connecting with God. Camp is staffed by some of the most enthusiastic young Adventists to be found; truly cream of the crop young people. Sign up early to get into the most popular classes and be sure to claim your $100 Adventist discount. for more information call the Portland office at 503-850-3583 or go to and watch the promotional videos.

March 8-30: Gladstone Park Conference Center. Evangelist Mark Fox will hold a series of evangelist meetings. Each night will feature inspired speaking, music, fellowship, and a children’s program. All are welcome.

March 14, 5:15 pm: Portland Adventist Elementary School. K/1st grade round-up. Registration begins at 5:30 pm.

March 15-17: Grove Christian Camp in Cottage Grove  hosts the 2013 Oregon Prayer Retreat. Presenters are Jim Moon, Rocky Mountain Conference Prayer Ministry Coordinator, and his team. For more information contact Donna Koehn at

Combined Budget (Local Church Expense)

Received February: $19,505 / Monthly Budget: $33,000 Received
YTD: $225,227 / YTD Budget: $264.000
ReNew Sunnyside − Goal: $450,000 / Received: $24,768

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