June 29 Communiqué

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Sunnyside Saints,

Greetings to a very hard working church!  And work you have done!  If you are feeling a little out of breath, you are not alone.  Last Sabbath was a marathon and a great one.  We have received so many comments, spoken, written, and sent from the web, stating appreciation for the Living Last Supper communion service.  A special thanks to Karl and Kimberly Helton, Matt Mandrones, and many others for their tireless work on this.

We then said our “goodnights” to Duane Krueger and in the evening were blessed by another very special Strawberry Vespers.  Again, the sanctuary was filled with worshipers.  Thanks again to the many who worked so hard on this.

Sunday saw us busy at SunnyCity and a great turnout.  We did not have as many as we have had in the park, but we had many more of them sign up and join our VBS program—some of whom you will meet tomorrow at Children’s Church.  And, a big thanks to all who have put in so many hours working for God’s children.

On another note, most of you by now have heard the news that Alex Buchanan was in a bicycling accident a week ago and suffered a severe neck trauma resulting in paralysis from the neck down.  His parents are with him at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee.  Please, keep them all in your prayers. News from Carl just came in, and here it is:

Alex Buchanan is a lifelong Sunnysider.  Alex had a traumatic cervical injury on Friday evening, 6/21.  Alex graduated from Southern Adventist University in May and was working at Southern for the summer before starting his master’s degree in social work.  He is still in the trauma ICU at Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga.  Carl & Rose flew out early last Sabbath and have been with him as much as the Trauma ICU allows.  They would like to express appreciation for the many prayers on Alex’s behalf and ask that you continue to keep Alex on your prayer list.  Alex is on a ventilator and currently does not have use of his limbs.   He will be in the Trauma ICU for a few more days while they continue to stabilize him.

See you all tomorrow as we celebrate the Lord’s kids.

Pastor Scott and Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Coming Events
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. This week will be the Vacation Bible School Family Church with Nick Gosney and Jonathan Stephan presenting our Bible message entitled Fit to Fight.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  9:01 pm  •  Friday  8:58 pm

3:30 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)

Tue, July 2
6:00 pm Safety Committee (Workroom)
6:30 pm The American Revolution (Junior Room 21)

Wed, July 3
10:00 am FaithLift – John 1 (Room 21)
5:00 pm Women’s Ministries Committee (Room 21)
7:30 pm Wednesday Night Prayer and Readings (Prayer Room) Last Day Events by Ellen White – Chapter 10 “The Little Time of Trouble”
7:00 pm CherryWood Prayer Meeting – Arnold Petersen

Thr, July 4
Office Closed – 4th of July

Fri, July 5
Office Closed
6:00 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)

Sab, July 6
Sermon:  When the Messenger Is The Message – Pastor Scott
12:45 pm Fellowship Potluck

Church Announcements

Grateful thanks to the Lord for the wonderful SunnyCity and VBS this week. Thank you to our amazing leaders, and the many, many volunteers who each played an important part in making it happen. May God be praised.

Lost and found items will be displayed on a table near the fellowship hall. Please take time to peruse the table for items you may have misplaced. If anyone has misplaced a metronome, contact Kathy Rosenquist at 503-860-3976.

Our prayers and sympathies are extended to Alex and the Buchanan family. He was injured in a bicycle accident a week ago and is in the hospital in Tennessee experiencing paralysis following the accident.

Next Sabbath, July 6, we will enjoy our Fellowship potluck. During the summer months we will not turn on the big ovens in kitchen. Please bring picnic foods or items that don’t  need to be warmed. The Hospitality team thank you for your assistance.

You are invited to join a group of women at FaithLift on Wednesday July 3 at 10:00 am in Room 21. Why? We are starting a brand new Bible study in the first chapter of the gospel of John. We invite you to study the Bible with us, share in the discussion as we learn together, pray and praise God as we share, and experience all the blessings of fellowship. There is room for you. We hope you will join us.

The Adventist Book Center’s Camp Meeting Sale will be July 16-28, 2013. Save $14.00-$30.00 off the case price on our food super specials. Lots of Bibles, books, cookbooks, and music are also on sale. Download the sale flyer at abcflyer.com.

The Safety Committee is asking that each of you be their eyes and ears for spotting dangerous conditions or safety issues here at the church. Things the committee is anxious to learn about are non-working door locks, a loose tile, an obstruction in a hall, etc. To make this process easy, a form has been created for reporting these things. The forms will be on a red clip board and located in the following locations: the church office, the deacons room, on the table in the children’s wing, and in the music room. We wish we could give a reward for each report, but we’ll just have to rely on that warm inner feeling we get when we do something to make our world a better place.

Family Resource Network – Thank you for your support of our Family Resource Network. Your gifts help prevent homelessness and many other acute needs. Mark your contribution to Account No. 9387, Family Resource Network. 

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Romania Mission Project: The first seven missionaries to Siret landed this week. The next seven leaves July 19; the final wave on July 28.

Pastor Joe Melashenko died on Friday, June 21, in Paradise, California at the age of 91. Memorial services take place in Paradise on Sunday, July 21 at 4:00 pm. To send a note of remembrance to be shared with the family email to lonjosephson@yahoo.com or joedym@gmail.com. View a biography http://www.iamaonline.com/Bio/Joe_Melashenko.htm.

Prayer Requests

Millie Allen, Gerald Bruce, Alex Buchanan,  Johnetta Fuller (Danette’s sister), Norval Gryte, Donald Meidinger (brother-in-law to Michael Rettig), Nancy Ruhl, and all who have financial, spiritual, and health needs.

This Week’s Celebrations

Christopher Farthing, Deborah Postlewait  Sunday: Michelle Ghaffari, Daleana Gilbride, Christopher Nelson, Jalane Sultessa  Monday: Duane Bietz  Tuesday: Blaise Gilbride  Wednesday: Michelle Trautwein  Friday: Eric Sperley

Coming Events

July 20, 11:00 am – Camp Meeting Sabbath at Sunnyside

July 25, 7:30 pm – Kiriku in concert (Handbells from Japan)

August 31, 6:00 pm – Bobbie McGhee and Friends Concert

September 8, 3:30 pm – Corn Feed and Picnic


Portland Adventist Academy
Read the news : : http://goo.gl/ZVBlk
Subscribe to PAA’s e-Headlines:  
Check out PAA’s student newspaper: http://paaresume.org

Portland Adventist Elementary School
Newsletter or http://goo.gl/kJ1W1

Area Events & Announcements

Room or apartment needed for student attending Mt. Hood Community College. Student is able to assist with house or yard work to help with rent. Please contact the office at 503-252-8080, for further details.

June 27, 28 & 30, 9 am – 5 pm: Gladstone Park Church hosts their annual rummage sale to benefit the completion of their new church Fellowship Hall and Rivergate Adventist Elementary Junior High building addition. or more information www.gladstonepark.org 503-655-2614.

June 30, 5:00 pm: Mt. Tabor Church will present Life’s Passages by Rudy Salazar (Oregon Conference Trust Department) and Bryant Holt (Pre-need Counselor Mt. Scott Funeral Home), a 2-part presentation. Would you or your family be prepared for the sudden death of an immediate family member? Do you have a will? Has your family made any plans with a funeral home? They will be providing free information and answering questions about wills, trusts, funeral arrangements, etc. You will receive practical, invaluable materials you will want to keep. Please come and invite friends and family members to come with you for this service to our community! For more information please call (503) 233-7606.

July 11-13 & 14-21: Oregon Gladstone Camp Meeting volunteers needed! Oregon Conference is requesting all who are willing and able to volunteer during Camp Meeting this year. We are seeking volunteers for both Hispanic Camp Meeting (July 11-13) and Gladstone Camp Meeting (July 14-21). We need volunteers for Hospitality, Safety, and Security, as well as licensed RNs and EMTs for 8-hour shifts. Whether you would like to work a shift daily or only have time for a single shift, your services would be greatly appreciated. To volunteer go to http://volunteer.oregonconference.orgor contact Lisa Rodriguez via email at Lisa.orc.mh@gmail.com or 503-850-3573.

September 11-14, 2013: Festival of the Laity free virtual conference via your computer. Get equipped for effective ministry with no registration, travel, or hotel expenses! The North American Division Adult Ministries Department is offering free online training for Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Prison Ministries leaders. Attend from the comfort of your home, church, or office—all you need is a computer with internet access. All of your church’s leaders can benefit these live broadcasts presented by globally respected facilitators. Visit www.festivalofthelaity.com to sign up.

The North American Division Music Committee for the 2015 General Conference Session (July 2-11 in San Antonio, Tex.) is now accepting applications from musicians/groups desiring to perform at the 2015 General Conference Session. Applications can be downloaded at the 2015 General Conference website at www.gcsession.org. Click the “Music Application Packet” tab and follow all directions.  Applications will be processed through December 31, 2013.

July 4

We send a special thank you to the Clarence Peterschick estate for a generous donation to our church.

Combined Budget (Local Church Expense)

Received June: $23,922 / Monthly Budget: $33,000
Received YTD: $326,390 / YTD Budget: $363,000
ReNew Sunnyside − Goal: $450,000 / Received: $49,806

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