November 2 Communiqué

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Hello Sunnyside Church Family:

Greetings to all and happy November!  With this Sabbath we begin a rather busy next couple of months at Sunnyside.  Much too busy for me to call your attention to everything—we’ll just take it a week at a time.

This Friday evening we start the first session of our fall CBFM program titled, “Conservatives and Liberals Living and Working Together for a Common Mission.”  In this newsletter you have all of the times and speakers listed.

Tomorrow Dr. Dave Thomas, Dean of the WWU School of Religion will be our guest speaker for both services.  Dave has spoken here before and has been highly appreciated. There will be a potluck dinner tomorrow followed at 2:00, the second session of CBFM led by Pastor Jonathan, who then will be followed by Dr. Alden Thompson.  But there is more: there is a Pathfinder Induction Service at 2:00, an Adventurer Induction Service and Family Blessing at 4:00, and the fall Week-of-Prayer reading at 6:30.

And, we should add that we will host the fall presentation of Oregon Sinfonietta Sunday at 2:00 pm as well.  That is just this weekend.  Next weekend we will hold a special Sabbath morning worship service for our Sunnyside members and all of the WWU staff, nurses, and parents and friends of the student nurses.  Our speaker will be Dr. John McVay, WWU President, who will be here for this special worship service and for the annual WWU Nurses Dedication Service in the afternoon.

Every weekend between now and until after the first of the year will find special Sabbath events coming to Sunnyside. We will tell you more later.

Oh yes, special alert! I am bringing my five gallons of sauerkraut – bring your containers, it turned out great. Hope you enjoy.

For now, see you Friday evening as we bring in the Sabbath.

With you in Christ,

Pastor Scott & Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Coming Events
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Dave Thomas, D.Min., will be presenting our Bible message entitled Now, Brethren, . . .

The floral tribute today is presented by Don and Trish Hall in celebration of their fourth wedding anniversary, November 1.

Welcome to the team from Walla Walla University’s Center for Bible, Faith, & Mission. The weekend seminar begins Friday evening at 7:00 with Dave Thomas, D.Min., presenting Liberalism and Conservatism: Opposite Reactions to the Same Phenomenon, and continues with his presentation of our worship services Sabbath morning. At 2:00 pm Pastor Jonathan Russell presents, Putting our Best Foot Forward; 3:00 pm Dr. Alden Thompson discusses Making A Plan and Making It Work; and at 4:00 there will be a panel discussion.

Our monthly fellowship potluck will be immediately following our second service today. All are welcome. This is a great time to visit with friends, make new acquaintances, and enjoy great food!

Adventurer and Pathfinder Induction services will be conducted this afternoon. Pathfinder Induction will be at 2:00, followed with the Adventurer Induction and Family Blessing Service at 4:00.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  5:56 pm  •  Friday  4:48 pm

12:45 pm Fellowship Potluck
1:45 pm Women’s Chorus Rehearsal (Room 82)
2:00 pm Pathfinder Induction (Sanctuary)
3:30 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
4:00 pm Adventurers Induction & Family Blessing (Sanctuary)
6:00 pm Final Events with Stephen Bohr DVD (Room 21)
6:30 pm Week of Prayer: Our Present Duty – Pastor Scott LeMert

Sun, Nov 3
2:00 am Daylight Saving Time Ends
3:00 pm The Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, conductor/director

Mon, Nov 4
5:30 pm WWU Students Bread Night – WWU School of Nursing Resident Hall
6:00 pm Hazelwood-NET (Room 60)

Tue, Nov 5
Noon Bulletin Deadline
6:00 pm Pathfinders (Basement)
6:30 pm Adventurers (Children’s Wing)
6:30 pm Introduction to Judaism – Wilfred Geschke (Room 63)

Wed, Nov 6
10:00 am FaithLift – John 14 (Room 21)
6:30 pm Music Committee (Room 21)
7:00 pm CherryWood Week of Prayer – Don Reynolds

Thr, Nov 7
6:00 pm Biblical Translations, Hebrew & Greek – Conrad Gren (Rooms 71/72)
6:00 pm Handbell Rehearsal (Room 82)
6:30 pm Special Needs Training (Room 63)
7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary)

Fri, Nov 8
6:00 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
7:00 pm ReConnect Vespers (WWU School of Nursing)
Sab, Nov 9
Sermon: Out of Poverty to Abundance – John McVay
11:15 pm  Children’s Church (Fellowship Hall)

Church Announcements

Partial Nominating Committee Report – Second Reading:
Safety Committee Chair: Norm Price

November 10, 6:00 pm, our Health Expo continues with Dr. Don Hall presenting Preventive Medical Care.

Once again, it is time to look through the devotional books for next year and place your order. There is a sample of each book and order sheets on the information desk. Place your order and the books can be delivered in time to be used as Christmas gifts. Remember, we do get special pricing by ordering in bulk through the church.

November 17, 4:30 pm, we will enjoy a Harvest Festival plus a silent auction. There will be a meal, a puppet show for children, and lots of fun shopping. Bring your friends and let’s help the Adventurers enjoy their fund raiser.

November 23 & 24, the Pathfinders and Adventurers will be putting together food baskets to be delivered the Sunday before Thanksgiving. If you know of a family that is in need, please call the church office with their name and address. We are  still in need of the following: gravy, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, mushroom soup, french fried onions, yams, cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, butter, milk, pumpkin pie, whipped cream, juice or sparkling cider.  Donations may be placed in a tithe envelope and marked Pathfinder Thanksgiving Baskets.

Sunday Breakfast at O’Bryant Park – Every Sunday we serve breakfast to approximately 500 homeless, hungry, and poor. To continue this program, we need your support with the following donations: 8” paper plates (Chinet), 8 oz paper cups, plastic forks (Solo 500 count), Costco napkins, coffee, chocolate and creamer, large size of syrup, catsup, oil, and pancake mix; and/or tax deductive $$ donation payable to Sunnyside Adventist Church, memo “Breakfast at O’Bryant Park.” For information contact Ardina Wang 503-255-0075.

November 28, 8 am, Thanksgiving morning, join us for the annual Turkey Trot at the Zoo. This is geared to the entire family – walkers, runners, and kids. It begins at the Forestry Center and ends in the zoo. For more information contact Arnold Petersen. To view details go to http://goo/gl/MYjxf.

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Resource Network – Thank you for your gifts used to help numerous individuals and families. Please remember those in need; mark your contribution to account #9387, Family Resource Network.

CherryWood Village will be having their Week of Prayer this week. We inadvertently ran a schedule for last week in the bulletin. So please take note that Week of Prayer for CherryWood will be this coming Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7:00.

We are pleased to be a ticket provider for Adventist Health’s A Celebration of Thanksgiving hosted at New Hope Community Church November 23 at 7:00 pm. The concert features the award-winning gospel artists Selah and Warner Pacific College Bridgetown vocalists. The concert is free, however tickets are required. You may pick up tickets at the church office. For other locations contact or call 503-251-6174.

Prayer Requests

Alex Buchanan, Michael Hamilton, Darren Himbaza, Nancy Ruhl, and all who have financial, spiritual, and health needs.

This Week’s Celebrations

Rick Westermeyer  Sunday: Marion Betz, Scott Bradley, Ivonne Flores, Crucita Hartmann-Braig, Krystian Larson  Monday: Heidi Hill  Tuesday: Sharon Gosney, Aaron Wang, Ann Westermeyer  Wednesday: Lani Brower, William Douglas, Fedalma Ruhl  Friday: Makenzie Loveridge, Wanda Schmidt

Coming Events

November 3, 3:00 pm: The Oregon Sinfonietta, Donald Appert, conductor and director.

November 9, 11:15 am: Children’s Church in the fellowship hall.

Children's Church

November 9, 4:00 pm: Walla Walla University Student Nurses Dedication in the Sanctuary.

November 23, 3:00 pm, Pastor Jonathan will be ordained. Plan to attend this once in a lifetime event. A reception in the fellowship hall will follow.


Portland Adventist Academy

Portland Adventist Academy has over 70 students who depend on our student scholarship PAASS. Our annual auction, November 3, 4:30 pm is an opportunity to support our PAASS students. We hold a silent auction before a delicious vegetarian dinner is served by PAA students. Following dinner Gale Crosby, auctioneer, will share inspiring stories about PAASS students. Items to bid on include fishing trips, vacations, services like massage, and many themed gift baskets. Tickets are $20 per person and you’ll receive a discount if you sponsor a table of eight. The event is held at PAA. Contact Heidi for details: / 503.255.8372 x230. Tickets can still be purchased the day of.

Host Families needed. The following students are coming to audit at PAA for a short time and we would love some of our Adventist families to take them in to ensure a positive experience while here. Contact Maria Bibb at if you are able to help.

October-January: Boy from Switzerland
January/February for two weeks: Boy or girl from China
January 21-March 21 (thirdrd Quarter): Boy from Japan

Portland Adventist Elementary

PAES annual wreath and poinsettia sale is going on now! We partner with a local supplier to offer fresh, high quality wreathes and poinsettias for holiday decorating and gifting. Please call 503-665-4102 for more information or go to our website for an order form. All orders due to PAES by November 5.

Area Events

November 8 & 10, 10 am-4 pm: Gladstone Park Church holds its 4th Annual Holiday Bazaar. We are looking for vendors! Free vegetarian lunch for all vendors on sale days. Deadline to sign up: October 30. For more information call Sue, 503-621-8921 or email

November 10, 10 am: Meadow Glade Church hosts Walla Walla University Alumni complimentary brunch. For more information contact

November 10, 5 pm: The Old Spaghetti Factory, Clackamas hosts Walla Walla University Alumni complimentary dinner. Limited seating RSVP 800-377-2586 or

November 15, 6 pm: Pleasant Valley Church hosts Jaime Jorge in concert.

The North American Division Music Committee for the 2015 General Conference Session (July 2-11 in San Antonio, Tex.) is now accepting applications from musicians/groups desiring to perform at the 2015 General Conference Session. Applications can be downloaded at the 2015 General Conference website at Click the “Music Application Packet” tab and follow all directions.  Applications will be processed through December 31, 2013.

Combined Budget (Local Church Expense)

Received October: $29,612/ Monthly Budget: $38,000
Received YTD: $111,021 / YTD Budget: $152,000
ReNew Sunnyside − Goal: $450,000 / Received: $80,272

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