April 19 Communiqué

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Greetings to all!!!

We truly hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy some great weather last weekend.  Wasn’t it just great!!!  And, a special thanks to everyone who helped make the “Living Last Supper” such a success!!!  The thing that really thrills me is the number of community people we had that came and joined us.  Many of you have told me of the visits you had with them.  Please, bring them back this weekend if they are your contacts, and for those who came via a brochure invitation, pray that they return.

On occasion we hear someone ask why Sunnyside does “Easter,” since it has as many pagan elements to it?  Like Christmas, we try to filter out what is not part of the biblical story and remember and celebrate what is.  We feel this is a great time to bring to our remembrance the story that has been handed to us and at the same time, invite our neighbors to come, see, and hear.  One of our members reported to me that last Sabbath in the lobby after second service, that a community mother who brought three young “girl scout” teens to the service, just could not say enough positive about what they had experienced.  One of the girls knew nothing about the Bible or Jesus, and had never been inside a church.  The girl was emotionally overwhelmed with the scenes and said later, “Now I am getting what this is all about.”

We have a story to tell to the world, this weekend and every weekend!  This weekend can be a powerful witness for our Lord again.  Please, come, and pray for people to come.  Invite people.  These are events that so many people will appreciate, if we can just encourage them to come.  If you see a guest, do spend time getting to know them.  Get their name if you can.

We begin Friday evening at 7:00, with the Tenebrae, “Service of Darkness.”  Come seeking a blessing from the courts above!

Pastor  Scott & Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Scott LeMert will present our Bible message entitled “And I, If I Be Lifted Up.”  

This afternoon at 5:00, we will be blessed with an Easter musical entitled “No More Night” featuring the combined groups of His Praise Men’s Chorus, Belle Cantori, and Portland Adventist String Orchestra.

Easter Sunday, April 20, 9:30 am, come and enjoy our service entitled The Mary Monologues, Easter readings told by the four Marys.

Easter brunch will immediately follow the Sunday morning service. Invite your family, friends, and neighbors.

Click here to view the program.

Church Announcements

If you have an interest or know of someone that enjoys writing and marketing, the Nominating Committee would like to hear from you. They are currently searching for someone to fill our Public Relations position. Contact Dick Gingrich at 503-252-9384.

Graduation is coming quickly! If you know of someone graduating this year, please let the church office know. We would like to officially congratulate them through our bulletin and newsletter.

Vacation Bible School begins June 23. We are in the planning stages and are in need of several 15 oz. size cans that we can reuse for a craft. Also we need nylon stockings, preferably knee highs (no reinforced toes). If you can help us with this, please deliver them to the church office.

Adventurer Family Fun Day, June 1, at Oregon Conference Campgrounds is themed “Pioneers for Jesus.” Families with children between 4 and10 years of age are invited to participate. Stations include Pioneer Faith, Pioneer Village, Pioneer Home Life, Pioneer Work, and Pioneer Play. The cost is $5 per child and registration ends May 5. Registration forms are available at the Information table. We need some volunteers to help with sewing bonnets for girls, telling pioneer-era stories, or loaning some items. For further details contact Natalia Gramada 503-750-9151 or Evelyn Hull 503-560-9608. 

One of our Pathfinders is trying to earn extra money to go to Oshkosh by babysitting. If you have a need or know of someone that does, please contact the church office for more information at 503-252-8080. 

Auburn Adventist Academy Orchestra and Wind Ensemble will present a concert April 26, 4:00 pm. Following last year’s performance of Mendelssohn’s Reformation Symphony, the Orchestra will present works from Sibelius and Handel along with the Wind Ensemble playing pieces by Mozart and Whitacre. The ensembles have toured California, British Columbia and, most recently, Utah. The instrumental department at AAA strives to show Christ through music; changing lives one note at a time, while becoming more in tune with Christ.


Portland Adventist Academy e-Headlines!

Portland Adventist Elementary http://www.paes.com
PAES Book Fair and Open House Is Coming!The Scholastic Book Fair will start Monday, April 28, and continue through May 2. Hours are Mon-Wed. 8:30 am-4:00 pm, Thurs. 8:30 am-7:30 pm, and Friday 8:30 am-Noon.Thursday, May 1, is our annual Open House from 5:30-7:30 pm. Classrooms will be open to visit and a veggie burger dinner will be available for $5.00.Come bring the family and enjoy some fellowship, dinner and classroom displays.

Area Events

YOU are Needed! Oregon Conference is requesting all who are willing and able to volunteer during Camp Meeting this year. We are seeking volunteers for both Hispanic Camp Meeting (July 10-12) and Gladstone Camp Meeting (July 15-19). We need volunteers for hospitality, shuttle drivers, safety and security, as well as licensed RNs and EMTs for 8-hour shifts. Whether you would like to work a shift daily or only have time for a single shift, your services would be greatly appreciated. To volunteer go to http://volunteer.oregonconference.org or contact Lisa Rodriguez via email at lisa.rodriguez@oc.npuc.org or by phone at 503-850-3575.  

Camp Meting Children’s Division are in search of individuals that can provide a special feature for children (ages 4-5 and 7-10) about car racing or demonstrating of remote control cars. If you can help, please contact Sherri Uhrig 503-850-3537.

Job Opening: The Oregon Conference has a full-time opening for a bilingual administrative assistant in the Hispanic Ministries Department.  A job description and employment application are available online at www.oregonconference.org on the Employment page.  For questions, please call the HR department at 503.850.3510.

North American International Student Services, NAISS, is looking for native English-speaking host families. Host families will help Chinese youth overcome Mute English. The program begins in July and runs for approximately 30 days. For more information please visit our website www.naiss-us.com or call 541-228-0667.

April 19 & 20, 7:00 pm: Lents Church hosts Dr. Ron Clouzet. Saturday: “Why Jesus Is the First-born of the Dead,” and Sunday: “Why Christ Promised to Return.” For more details call 503-774-7290.

April 19, 7:00 pm: Hood View, Pleasant Valley Churches, and Forest Grove Churches. Join us for the first time screening of the feature film, “Jesus – The Desire of Ages.”

April 21, 6:00 pm: Newberg Church hosts celebrity chef Mark Anthony who will be presenting his “Free Dinner and a Message” cooking show. For more information contact Kay Heath 503-319-8525 or newbergsecretary@yahoo.com.

April 26, 3 pm: Hood View Church presents “Two Crowns,” a resurrection musical with  full choir, orchestra, and narration.

May 2-4: Grove Christian Camp hosts Oregon Men’s Retreat. Mike Tucker, speaker/director of Faith for Today, will speak on “Your Identity in Christ.” For more information or to register go to http://orgcfamily.netadvent.org/2014-men.

May 4, 9:00 am—6:00 pm Oregon Conference Holden Convention Center hosts “Camera 101 Certification Series.” Attend this new class series to become a certified church video camera operator! One class to be offered each quarter. Learn the basics of video camera operation, lighting, how to use the tools of the trade, such as a light meter, and more. Cost $15. No experience necessary. To register visit http://bit.ly/1mNBtuY.

May 16-18: Menucha Retreat Center, Corbett, Oregon will host the Rockwood Women’s Retreat featuring Kay Rizzo. Cost $140 per person. Vegetarian meals provided. To register call 503-661-4100 or 503-667-0230.

July 1-5, Jasper, Oregon: Light Bearers’ 30th Annual Convocation. This year’s theme is “Faith to Faith.” We will be focusing our attention on the beautiful message of righteousness by faith, exploring god’s transforming love for each of us as revealed in Christ. Powerful preaching. Interactive Bible study. Children’s meetings. A spiritual feast for the whole family. To register, visit www.lightbearers.org or call 541-988-3333.

Aug. 17-Sept 14, 2014: Interested in missions? Pleasant Valley Church has teamed up with Jabez Humanitarian Foundation to help build a church in Rabi, Fiji. We are looking for volunteers. We will also be sending a shipping container of supplies to Fiji in conjunction with the mission trip. A list of needed supplies is available if you would like to contribute. Call 503-658-2248 for details.

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