May 24 Communiqué

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Dear Sunnyside family,

By the time you read this it will be Sabbath. It’s the middle of the week. I am sitting in my office at Sunnyside thinking back over last weekend and looking forward to this coming one and just appreciating the beauty and the joys of this day. Today just happens to be Dr. Arnold Petersen’s birthday. Thank you for being the head elder at Sunnyside and for putting so much into leading our church family. Also welcome back to Pastor Scott and Dorothy. They were away celebrating their wedding anniversary for a few days. Pastor Jonathan, class Pastor for PAES Grade 8 class is away with the class from Wednesday through Friday. If he looks a little weary on Sabbath you know why. The Pathfinders are celebrating their last meeting with a party tonight.

This last weekend we had the opportunity to gather for a number of important occasions. It included a memorial service to remember a life well-lived (Jean Mohr), an inspirational concert (PASSO), a birthday party for a 90 year old (Rebekah Evanado), a baby shower (Jessica Curtis) , a Pathfinder Fair (three cheers for our Pathfinders) a family night (Dr Hall), and a celebration of a 30 year ministry (Project PATCH). Many Sunnysiders had a hand in each of these meaningful, well organized activities and we thank you for that.

On any given Sabbath as I talk to various members and visitors in Sunnyside I discover that behind the smiles there are real joys and quite often some struggles and sadness. We are reminded that we part of a broken world.

We need to take heart and remember in tough times some of the verses in Psalm 31. …  In you, O Lord, I seek refuge… Be a rock of refuge for me, a strong fortress to save me… You are indeed my rock and fortress…But I trust in you, Oh Lord; I say you are my God.

I’ll share more on Sabbath during the sermon “From Brokenness to Beauty”.

Until then keep courage.

Pastor Shirley

News & Notes

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Shirley Allen will be bringing us our Bible message entitled “From Brokenness to Beauty.”

Church Announcements

Graduation Hat
Congratulations 2014 Graduates

Eastern Oregon College
Vanessa (Scholz) Crawley, Elementary Education

Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Amy Bellinghausen Stewart, MD Internal Medicine
Erik Gren, PhD in Biology

Portland State University
Cole Duvall, BS in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Lincoln High School
Matthew Duong

Mountain View High School, Vancouver, Washington
Kyle Hatton

Portland Adventist Academy
Andrew Boskind, Nick Gosney, William Johnson, Saralina Lorenson

Portland Adventist Elementary
Alex Tapu, Adoniah Simon

Rivergate Adventist Elementary
Gabriela Hutuleac

Graduation Hat

Food Boxes for Tigmandru: It’s our two-Sabbath response to an invitation from Romania’s South Transylvania Conference to help an impoverished community of new believers. Given Sunnyside’s bond with the church in Romania, we couldn’t refuse. So last Sabbath and the one before, we thought to gather sufficient green to sponsor 50 boxes. The outcome: 80! It’s pretty clear that Sunnysiders–children as well as adults–are ever ready to send Sunnyside love wherever Sunnyside love is needed! Viorica Gramada goes to Romania next week to join a team of people devoted to ministering to the Roma people of Tigmandru. They’ll purchase items (flour, meal, salt, oil, dry milk, etc.), pack the boxes, insert a message of faith, hope, and love from us to the people, and then conduct a community presentation early next month. But wait! There’s more! Come fall, our gifts will help support the sharing of spiritual food when an evangelistic effort is conducted for the people of Tigmandru. We can fully expect that those 80 food boxes will nourish a new church.

Portland Adventist Academy announces a Special Constituency Meeting to discuss updates on the Capital Campaign and New School Development Plans, on Wednesday,
June 4, 2014, 7:00 pm. All PAA delegates from Sunnyside are encouraged to attend.

Vacation Bible School begins June 23. We are in the planning stages and are in need of several 15 oz. size cans that we can reuse for a craft. Also we need nylon stockings, preferably knee highs (no reinforced toes). If you can help us with this, please deliver them to the church office. 

One of our Pathfinders is trying to earn extra money to go to Oshkosh by babysitting. If you have a need or know of someone that does, please contact the church office for more information at 503-252-8080.

For Children of All Ages:  New additions are: Pioneer Stories of the Second Advent Message by Arthur Spalding; Swift Arrow by Josephine Cunnington Edwards; and Guide’s Greatest Funny Stories.  Be sure to also check out the wide range of DVDs we have on nature and Bible stories.

For Youth and Adults:  Recently added are books: One Miracle after Another by Greg Budd; Convicted by Melanie Scherencel Bockman; and Are You More Spiritual Than a 5th Grader? by Karl & Claire Haffner. We also now have audio books featuring Christ’s Object Lessons by Ellen G. White.  Don’t overlook our DVD holdings: Soon a second copy of Keepers of the Flame by Dr. Allan Lindsay will be available.  In addition, review our multiple inspirational stories (DVD sections of the library).

 Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Academy e-Headlines!

Portland Adventist Elementary
Kindergarten Visitation Day!Tuesday, May 27, 2014, from 1-3 pm at Portland Adventist Elementary School. Register your child for this event with the PAES office at 503-665-4102. Plan to drop off your child to experience two hours ofKindergarten Fun!

Area Events & Announcements

YOU are Needed! Oregon Conference is requesting all who are willing and able to volunteer during Camp Meeting this year. We are seeking volunteers for both Hispanic Camp Meeting (July 10-12) and Gladstone Camp Meeting (July 15-19). We need volunteers for hospitality, shuttle drivers, safety and security, as well as licensed RNs and EMTs for 8-hour shifts. Whether you would like to work a shift daily or only have time for a single shift, your services would be greatly appreciated. To volunteer go to or contact Lisa Rodriguez via email at or by phone at 503-850-3575.  

North American International Student Services, NAISS, is looking for native English-speaking host families. Host families will help Chinese youth overcome Mute English (where people can read and understand English as a second language but cannot speak it well). The program begins in July and runs for approximately 30 days. For more information please visit our website or call 541-228-0667.

May 28, 9:30 am: Loma Linda University Health’s first national TV show, “Life on the Line.” For more information visit
Event Location: OPB Plus – please check your channel listing for OPB Plus.

June 7, 7:00 pmJames Appel, MD, will be presenting his experiences in the Republic of Chad.
Event Location: Rockwood Church.

June 13-15: Better Life Camp Meeting featuring Kenneth Cox. Registration is now open. For more information or to register go to: or call 541-474-3095.
Event Location: Milo Academy.

July 1-5: Light Bearers’ 30th Annual Convocation. This year’s theme is “Faith to Faith.” We will be focusing our attention on the beautiful message of righteousness by faith, exploring god’s transforming love for each of us as revealed in Christ. Powerful preaching. Interactive Bible study. Children’s meetings. A spiritual feast for the whole family. To register, visit or call 541-988-3333.
Event Location:  Jasper, Oregon

PACS is hiring for two positions:
1) Mobile Pantry Coordinator to lead the operations of the PACS COW Mobile Pantry.
2) Goods Processing Supervisor to handle thrift donations and supervise volunteers.
Applicants should be friendly, able-bodied, and active members of the Adventist Church. Call 503.252.8500 to request an application.


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