November 1 Communiqué

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Greetings Sunnyside Members and Friends:

Today is the last day of October and tomorrow ushers us into the beginnings of November and the start of many holiday festivities tied to our Christian faith: that being Thanksgiving and the birth of Christ.  These are always wonderful times and a lot of activities, worship services, and concerts are planned.  More details will be announced in the coming weeks.

But for now, we are celebrating God’s infinite, unfathomable love for each in His family.  Many who have been attending Ty Gibson’s series “Reframe,” have commented on how refreshing the presentations have been, while deepening our understanding into the mysteries of who God is and the real nature of the plan of salvation.

Ty has two more evenings as well as both worship services tomorrow which will have two different topics as can be seen in this newsletter.  Also, Barbara Grignon has told us that she will host a child care in the kindergarten room during first service for the kids of any parents who might wish to come to Ty’s early service.

Tomorrow is potluck Sabbath, followed by investiture services for our Adventurers and then Pathfinders, which will be followed later by Ty’s last presentation.

And, this will be followed by an elder’s prayer breakfast at 8:30 Sunday morning with pastor Jonathan leading our discussion of our book, Spiritual Leadership, and chapter three, “The Leader’s Preparation: How God Develops Leaders.”

And, keeping up with Sunnyside’s reputation of a church that does not sleep, Sunday at 4:00 pm, Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra will present their first performance of the 2014-15 concert season.

Have a wonderful day,

Pastor Scott and Staff

News & Notes

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Area Events

This Weekend

We are honored to host Ty Gibson,
in person, of Light Bearers October 29-
November 1, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, each evening. His topic will be “Reframe –Your picture of God is about to be radically changed!”                                                                                                                                                                                          Child Care Provided

Friday, Oct 31: Vital Love
abbath, Nov 1, 8:45 am: Intimate Love
Sabbath, Nov 1, 11:15 am: Transforming Love
Sabbath evening, Nov 1, 7:00 pm: Alluring Love 

What would God look like if we were to completely reframe His character in the light that shines in the life of Jesus Christ? That’s what this series is about. It may very well revolutionize your life.

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Ty Gibson  will be bringing us our Bible messages. At 8:45 his message is entitled “Intimate Love,” and at 11:15, it is entitled “Transforming Love.” 

Our monthly fellowship potluck is today immediately following the second service. You are invited to stay, enjoy great food, good friendships, and make new acquaintances. Attention Primary Sabbath School families! Plan to pick up your food and meet in the Youth room, so the primary Sabbath School families can eat together and get better acquainted.

The Adventurers are honored to invite you, our church family, to witness our beautiful ceremonies today, immediately after potluck 2:00 – 3:00. Please be our witnesses as we dedicate our lives to God and promise to abide by the Adventurer Pledge and Law, as we receive our scarves and as our parents promise to give us their love, help, and forgiveness during the Family Blessing (also open for non-Adventurer families).

Church Announcements

Christmas is two months away but practice for the annual Christmas pageant starts next week! We are looking for eager children and teens that want to praise God through music. Get your children involved by signing them up for the children’s Christmas choir or the youth music group. Contact Pollyanna Moody at for more information. Children’s choir rehearsals will be on Sabbath mornings starting November 8 at 9:30 am, in the Junior Room. Youth singers, age 12-18, will rehearse at 11:00 am, in the Youth Room. An additional rehearsal will be held on November 9, from 10:00 am –12:00 pm, in the Youth Room. Solo auditions will be on November 11, 6:15 pm.

It is that time of year again! Time to order your new devotional book for 2015. Check the table in the Narthex for a flyer on the available books, and sign up for the books you desire. Please remember, by ordering through the church, you will receive special pricing. These make great Christmas gifts. We will make sure they are here and ready for pick up by December 13. If you have any questions, contact Lorrie Wescott.

Week of Prayer at CherryWood, November 2-6 at 7:00 pm, will present the General Conference readings entitled “Christ’s Method Alone – serving others at Christ did.” All are welcome.

November 15, 6:00 pm, we will enjoy a buffet supper followed with a Church Business meeting. The agenda will be:
* Membership Business
* ReNew Phase 2.2

  • New floor covers, paint and windows in the main and north entry areas, new carpet in hallways.
  • New carpet, paint, and window coverings for all classrooms, mother’s room, choir room, etc.
  • Restrooms will be refurbished to “look like new.”

Work will begin and continue as financial resources are made available.

* Sunnyside Financial Report

You are invited to a wedding shower for Laura Dickerson and Gabe Pinto November 16, at 1:000 pm in the youth room. Laura and Gabe are registered at Amazon and Ikea. Contact Crystal Kielman at or at 509-386-7332 if you are interested in a group gift or would like more information.

The Adventurers’ Harvest Party is coming up soon: Sunday, November 16, 4 pm. It will start with an amazing puppet show (for all ages) by Penny’s Puppets, followed by a great Haystack dinner. The event is free, but donations will be accepted. All are invited!

Sunnyside Upcoming Events
November 2, 4:00 pm: Sunnyside Symphony Orchestra Concert
November 9, 3:00 pm: Oregon Sinfonietta Concert
November 15, 10:00 am -12:30 pm: Children’s Church
November 16, 4:00 pm: Adventurers Harvest Party

 Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Academy

Portland Adventist Elementary
PAES Wreath & Poinsettia Fundraiser
Please help support the Portland Adventist Elementary School annual wreath and poinsettia fundraiser! Fresh and Beautiful products delivered to PAES just in time for your holiday decorating. All proceeds will be used to help enhance the technology program in our Jr. High. Please call PAES at  503-665-4102, for more details. Orders are due by November 13, and product will be delivered on Tuesday, December 2. Thank you so much for your support. We wish you a safe and joyous holiday season.

Mission Matters

To Ethiopia from Sunnyside: Books, Computers, and Pathfinder Tents

Mission is big at Sunnyside–because Sunnyside is a “missional” church. Here’s a roundup of mission news:

ETHIOPIA: Ebola notwithstanding, Sunnyside’s 2015 mission to Ethiopia is moving forward even if we cannot – at the present time – enlist 50 people to go in person. Out of an abundance of caution, the spring-break mission trip to Oromia has been postponed indefinitely. But here’s what the Foreign Mission Facilitation Committee wants to do ASAP: Send a container packed full of

* Reference books for elementary and high-school libraries;
* Surplus laptop computers for the information technology laboratory at Ethiopian Adventist College;
* Uniforms and camping tents for multiple Pathfinder clubs in the Ethiopian Union’s newly-organized South East Field.
The committee has authorized $20,000 for the project. Sunnysiders can support this effort by contributing to our own international mission fund (Account No. 806).

At the committee’s Tuesday-evening meeting, Deffo Mebrat said that The Quiet Hour, a well known mission-oriented radio ministry, is sponsoring a mission to Ethiopia
January 13-25 – never mind fear of Ebola (Ethiopia is thousands of miles from nations in West Africa where Ebola is now an epidemic). Deffo will go. Want to go with him? Give him a call: (503) 489-5096.

INDIA: This past summer students and faculty from the Walla Walla University School of Nursing provided extensive immunization clinics for children in eastern India. Given that the school and Sunnyside are next-door neighbors, our pastoral staff has asked WWU officials to include an illustrated report of the students’ mission in both university-conducted worship services next Sabbath (November 8). Mallory Jobe and her colleagues have an exciting story to share.

Where do Ted and Linda Mackett plan to spend Christmas and New Year’s? In India’s Assam province with a Maranatha-sponsored medical mission. Their two teen grandchildren from Bend are going too. Ted (he chairs our Foreign Mission Facilitation Committee) will show the kids where he, the son of long-term missionaries to India, was born and raised. How about a few days in London on the way? And a side trip to the Taj Mahal? Of course!

ZIMBABWE: Rick and Ann Westermeyer arrived in Harare this week. Vasile “Diusi” Hutuleac joins them next week. They are spending a month working on the chapel at the orphanage Ann’s parents have established in Zimbabwe’s capital city.

BELIZE: Having received a new invitation to return to this beautiful little nation in Central America, Sunnyside quickly connected the youth ministries directors of our own Oregon Conference and Romania’s Moldova Conference. The upshot: Plans are now being developed for an international two-conference all-youth mission to run a children’s ministry program in the village of Tea Kettle.

ROMANIA: Sunnyside is not finished with Romania. Sunnyside may never be finished with Romania. We are people-bonded by a mutual love for the Lord. Our fourth major mission starts tomorrow

(November 2) when Dick Fenn and Vasile Gramada go to Iasi (in the east near the nation of Moldova) for a five-session seminar with university students; and Tigmandru (in the heart of Transylvania) for a nine-meeting evangelistic campaign. Add at least seven more services in Bacau, Solca, Gorun, Maritei, Patrauti, and Bucharest. They’ll be home November 20.

Keep Sunnyside’s mission projects in your thoughts and prayers. Here at Sunnyside, mission matters.

Area Events

November 8, 4:00 pm: David Shearer and Family present “Reflections of His Love” music concert.
Event Location: Lents Church

November 8, 5:00 pm: Doug Smith, Grammy Award-winning acoustic guitarist, will close the Sabbath with vespers and concert. He will play sacred hymns and them amaze us with more music after dark! This free concert event will include refreshments immediately following.
Event Location: Tabernacle Church 

November 8, 5:30 pm: Walla Walla University alumni, friends, and parents reunion. Join president John McVay for a complimentary alumni dinner. Hear a WWU update and visit with fellow alumni and friends. RSVP required no later than November 6 at 800-377-2586 or
Event Location: The Old Spaghetti Factory, Clackamas

July 17-30, 2015: 2015 Great Controversy tour with Dr. Gerard Damsteegt of the Seminary, Andrews University. See the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation come alive in Europe. Visit Rome, the Waldensian Valleys, Switzerland, Germany, and France. Experience Early Christianity, the Dark Ages, the Reformation, and the “deadline wound.” For more information email:, or call 269-815-8624.

Job Opportunity:
Portland Adventist Academy is looking for a Capital Campaign Manager to oversee day-to-day activities related to our current fundraising efforts. Please visit the school’s website at for a complete job description and information on how to apply.

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