July 16 Communiqué

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Greetings Church Family,

This is my first full week back on the job at Sunnyside after spending a few weeks in Michigan studying. While it was refreshing for my mind to take extended time to study and think, I missed seeing Sunnysiders from day to day. I was so glad to be here this week to see the work of countless volunteers as they transformed the church into a cave system through which visiting children would experience Jesus. Behind the scenes dozens of hours have gone into set design, supply sourcing, volunteer recruitment, and program preparation. Each night, dozens of volunteers have come to lead kids through music, stories, games and activities. Every child I have talked to has demonstrated energetic excitement as they recount the activities of the day. But the thing that moves me the most is that each child has been able to recount and recite every lesson from the week.  In all the flash and glamor of stalactites and lava tubes, the kids have heard the indelible message of Jesus who gives hope, courage, and direction. They are really learning what Jesus can mean to them in their lives.

As I step back and look at everything that has happened over this week, I see Sunnyside at its best. I see volunteers partnering together to communicate our shared faith to the next generation. This week, it looks a bit different than normal. But It’s a visual representation of God’s call on our lives each day: to transmit faith to our children and to those for whom it is not yet real.

When we gather for worship tomorrow, we will experience it in our CaveQuest Cavern. Volunteers will be clad in their jeans and Cave Crew t-shirts as a visual reminder that the work of sharing faith with our kids and our community is an ongoing work. The worship service will be the culmination of a week of conversation and activity that has lifted up Jesus, the Light of the world. Feel free to fit in and come dressed for the cavern. Or come however you’re comfortable. One thing I know: We will continue to lift Jesus, the Light of the world. And in doing so, we’ll continue to share our faith with the next generation.

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Jonathan


News & Notes

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Life at Sunnyside
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath, July 9, our worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Jonathan Russell will bring us our Bible message titled, Walk Towards the Light.

VBS clean up and tear down will begin Sunday at 10:00 am. We need as many volunteers as possible. Many hands make light work! Thank you for your support.

Church Announcements

Sabbath, July 23, is Sunnyside’s camp meeting Sabbath! Gladstone will be concluding its week of camp meeting. However, as usual, Sunnyside will open our doors for Sabbath worship services. Pastor Don Reynolds will be leading in our worship service and Pastor Dick Fenn will conduct a general Sabbath School study. Sabbath School is at 10:00 am and the worship service will begin at 11:15 am. (There will be only one worship service this week.) Feel free to join us and invite others who may want to enjoy an air-conditioned building in which to worship.

August 26-28, 2016: Impact Your Health Portland 2016 is a free medical, dental, and vision clinic weekend. Please volunteer for this event. We need physicians, nurses, EMTs, lifestyle counselors, physical & occupational therapists, social workers, mental health counselors, optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians, dentists, dental assistants, hygienists, translators, greeters, registration clerks, barbers/hair stylists, massage therapists, food coordinators, security, and prayer warriors. Contact Jenny, jenny@JinFamily.com, 408-805-5864, or Carl Parker at PeopleMinistries@gmail.com, 971-803-2337.

Family Resource Network – We have another specific need! Two families have arrived from the Congo, and need everything to set up their home. If you can donate anything, please contact Marie at 503-998-3754. Thank you for your continued support of the Family Resource Network. Many families have received the urgent help they needed because of your generosity. Mark your envelope “Family Resource Network” or account number 488.

Life at Sunnyside

Prayer with Rachel Stanton and family following her baptism.

Prayer with Rachel Stanton and family following her baptism.

Barbara Plubell telling children's story.

Barbara Plubell telling children’s story.

Jeanine Linder reading scripture.

Jeanine Linder reading scripture.

Polly Moody, Julie Wernham, and Debbie Stanton singing.

Polly Moody, Julie Wernham, and Debbie Stanton singing.

Pastor Jonathan Russell.

Pastor Jonathan Russell.

Kimberly Goodwin-Helton leading singing.

Kimberly Goodwin-Helton leading singing.

Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Academy

Summer is busy at PAA, especially with a new leader at the helm! We said goodbye to three staff members and welcomed Sheldon Parris as our new principal. The introduction of our new Principal is available here: http://paasda.org/news/getting-know-principal-parris/ . You can read all of our news stories on our news feed: www.paasda.org/news.

Portland Adventist Elementary

Area Events

2016 Gladstone Camp Meeting
July 19-23 ~ Called Together…Members in Ministry
Join us for camp meeting! There is a special blessing that God gives as we fellowship, worship, and work together, and this becomes even more significant as we move closer to the return of Christ.
Morning Devotionals: Review the early church just after Jesus retuned to heaven. Find the powerful parallels found in those chapters from the book of Acts that are still significant for us today.
9:00 am: Carl Cosaert will give you a whole new insight into mentoring, modeling, and ministry of Paul and Timothy.
Workshops: Many from which to choose!
Evenings: Mike Tucker unpacks the Bible stories of salvation.
Birth-Age 10: Experience adventures of living in God’s family.
Kids in grades 5-8: Listen to stories by Dick Duerksen as well as play, serve, and worship together!
Youth: 7 am: Devotions with Pastor Michael; fun afternoon activities; Evenings: with Paddy McCoy.
Collegiate/Young Adult:  “This Is My Story!” Every night hear powerful testimonies from young adults who have found real hope, strength, and life change in Jesus. Featured speaker: Manny Arteaga. View the entire camp meeting booklet by clicking on: http://orgccampmeeting.adventistnw.org/uploaded_assets/288364. Event Location: Adventist Campgrounds, Gladstone.

July 10, 5-7:45 pm: Vegan Potluck and the Power of Raw Foods:
Join Northwest VEG in welcoming  Kathy Peterman, RN as she shares her journey in raw food, detoxifying, juicing, and trying out various ways to lose weight. It’s a journey that got her to now do a raw cleanse three times as a way to enhance her health and focus on caring for her body, mind, and spirit. Come learn more about her journey and how it might be helpful to you. Recipe and samples of a raw smoothie will be provided. Please bring a plant-based (no animal products, including honey) main dish, salad, or dessert; a card listing its ingredients; and plates and utensils for your use. NW VEG potlucks are alcohol-free events. Questions? Email Jeanne at upcyclingcreations@gmail.com or call the Healing Hope Church office 503-253-8595.
Event Location: Healing Hope SDA Fellowship.

July 23, after Church: Camp Meeting Lunch.
Filipinos of Oregon and Washington! You are invited to camp meeting July 19-23 in Gladstone. Please plan to have lunch, potluck style, following the Sabbath morning service.
Event Location: Rivergate Adventist School.

August 20: Filipino Rally.
Filipinos of Oregon and Washington! Let us all come together for a Filipino Rally with worship, fellowship and food, Sabbath, August 20. Services will begin with Sabbath School at 9:45 am and continue into the afternoo

n until 4:30 pm. Lunch will be potluck style, so bring your favorite entrée and salad or dessert for 12. Bring your friends, appetites – spiritual and physical. For information call Ardina Wang  at 503-255-0075.
Event Location: Rivergate Adventist School

August 26-28: Northwest Christian Motorcycle Rally.
Come join motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the northwest for the 6th annual Northwest Christian Motorcycle Rally hosted by the Oregon Conference. Beginning Friday with registration at 10:00 am, the weekend features fellowship, worship, inspiring messages, and of course, group rides on Friday and Sabbath afternoon. For more information call (503) 850-3507.
Event Location: Gladstone Campgrounds.

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