January 21 Communiqué

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Dear Church Family,

Two days ago, I found myself walking the halls of the World War II museum in New Orleans. The museum is an impressive collection of artifacts. From the battlefield weapons, to the field surgeon’s first aid kit. From dress Navy whites to the foul-weather gear of a U-boat crew member. But more impressive than the artifacts was the way the story of the war was told.  Walking through the pacific theater, one could feel the uncertainty and complexity as the Americans island-hopped their way through the Pacific, fearing kamikaze pilots, and trying to maintain a supply line to care for the troops.
    In the European theater, the war was completely different yet just as difficult. One thing continued to resonate clearly in my mind: the sacrifice of the American people.  From front-line soldiers to merchant marines. From factory workers to stay-at-home civilians. Every American sacrificed against difficult odds to secure freedom and democracy in the world.
    We know the saying, “Freedom isn’t free.” Yet in coming face to face with hundreds of thousands of casualties, I was reminded in most shocking terms the cost of the gift of Freedom.  I find myself grateful to the “Greatest Generation” for the blood shed, the will exerted, to pass the gift of freedom to us.
    As I walked away from the museum, my thoughts were filled with solemn gratitude. But the focus of my gratitude shifted as i considered the cost of the gift of freedom given by our Savior. With His life, He insured our ability to live in freedom both today and for eternity. I am overwhelmed anew at the depth of love that Jesus demonstrated to us by giving His life to secure ours.
    Our world is as uncertain as ever. While we witnessed a peaceful transition of power in our US government this morning, it doesn’t insure smooth sailing. We all come from different political backgrounds. We have different ideas about “good politics.” Yet regardless of what we may think about this new President, we must be people of prayer for our nation and its future. Today, we can still say that we  stand on solid ground.  Not because of an elected official, but because we still serve a Savior and King who gave up everything to secure our freedom. Because we know the rest of the story.
    God’s blessings as you experience the Sabbath.  I hope to see you at Sunnyside for our worship together.


Pastor Jonathan Russell



Send your “shout-outs” to info@SunnysideAdventist.org so we can include them in next week’s Communiqué. This is a place you can recognize someone for doing good, or going beyond expectations.

Tom Kramer, Richards Zaversnuke, and Tom Stafford for shoveling snow and ice from our sidewalks and parking lot last week

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Life at Sunnyside
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Our worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. The Pathfinders will present our Bible message titled “A Pathfinder Campout.”

This afternoon at 4:00 pm is the first meeting of our “Our Adventist Heritage” seminars. We will examine the origin and development of the Seventh-day Adventist church with an eye towards strengthening our faith in Jesus, our Leader. Produced by Warren Rushold, David Schmidt, and Scott LeMert, there will be a variety of presenters and presentation styles. Check the Narthex table for a flyer.

Tomorrowits-a-girl, Sunday, January 15, 11:00 pm, there will be a baby shower for Erin and Ed Betz! They are registered at Target and  BabiesRUs. For more information contact Laura Pinto, 503-358-8942.

Life Together Groups are displayed in the Narthex today. Browse and sign up for a group(s) you would enjoy If there is an interest that you don’t see there, but feel should be there (!!!) perhaps the Lord is laying it on your heart to lead one yourself! If that is the case, feel free to contact Pastor Kara, and we can add you to the list.

Church Announcements

Sunday, January 29, 12:00 pm, there will be a baby shower / going away party for Jonathon and Allie Thorp. In lieu of baby gifts, we will have a money tree for them. For more information contact Brenda Siaw, 503-577-8883.

Sunnyside Church Business meeting will be on Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00 pm. Our agenda consists of: (1) Devotional (2) Past Business and Board Minutes (3) Membership Business (4) Finance Report and Budget Review (5) ReNew Report (6) Sunnyside 20/20. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend. Your input is vital to our church operations.

Children’s Church will be February 11, 10:00 am–12:30 pm, in the children’s wing. This service is designed for children ages 4-9. Our theme is “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, and I have remained faithful.”  2 Timothy 4:7. Plan now to bring your children, your grandchildren, and your neighbor’s children. We have a fun-filled, spiritual blessing in place for each child.

Romania for Christ 2017The Romanian Union plans for this project are under way. What is all about? Seminars, children ministries, evangelism, and much more. If all goes as planned,  this will be the biggest mission project ever in that part of the world. Between February 10-25, over 2,000 cities will receive God’s plan for salvation. For more information regarding how you can be a part of this effort, please contact Vasile Gramada or Arthur Tolan.

Family Resource Network thanks you for your generous support. Many families have been helped thanks to you. Mark your envelope account #488.

Life at Sunnyside
Arnold Petersen

Arnold Petersen




Raymond Baker

Raymond Baker










David Schmidt, Warren Rushold

David Schmidt, Warren Rushold








Sam Heiser

Sam Heiser








Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Academy
News:  www.paasda.org/news

Walla Walla University
How to Pay for College—Online Webinar
Walla Walla University will host a free online webinar for prospective students and their parents titled “How to Pay for College”  on Wednesday, January 11, at 4:00 pm and again at 7:00 pm This 40-minute presentation will be led by experts from WWU Student Financial Services team and the Marketing and Enrollment Services team. After the presentation, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions. Register at sfs.wallawalla.edu/webinars.

Area Events

January 25, 7-9 pm: Heart Help Presents: The Passenger – Women’s Group. Curriculum Authors: Drs. Ron & Nancy Rockey.
This is a 10-week group experience that focuses on your beginnings and how you develop your unique attachment style. You learn what the 4 styles of attachment are and how science has shown these factors dramatically impact your life today. You will discover your style of attachment and how that relates to those around you and ultimately how to have a secure attachment. The class is 100% confidential and limited to no more than eight women. For more info, contact Audrey: 503-957-0809.
Event Location: Healing Hope Church.

 June 24-July 1, 2017: Heritage Singers Cruise.
Heritage invites you to come along to Alaska for a week of fellowship, a lot of music, and good food in celebration of our 45th year of music and ministry. This will be the last cruise Heritage will do, so come and make history with us. Space is limited, so reserve your cabins early. All the information in this brochure link, and there is more information about the cruise on our website www.heritagesingers.com.

Living Hope International is looking for a 27 to 30-foot Class C recreational vehicle to replace our aging truck. Using an RV rather than a newer truck would save the cost and effort of installing a generator, water reservoir, and water heater, plus it would have plenty of room to store tables, stoves, and our other equipment.  If you have an RV you rarely use and would appreciate an end-of-year tax write-off, we would LOVE to hear from you. Help us to continue in our ministry to feed Sunday morning breakfast to the homeless and food-insecure in Portland.  lease call Maurice Kivitt at 503-708-8464 or contact him by email:  2mvett@gmail.com

Town House in Milwaukie available for rent. If interested, contact the church office, 503-252-8080.

Job Opportunity!
Project Patch is looking for a temporary Administrative Assistant. For more information e-mail wnichols@projectpatch.org.

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