April 15 Communiqué

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Greetings Church,

For two years, our congregation has been in a constant state of transition. At different times, we’ve said goodbye to beloved pastors and welcomed others into our community. As much as I know that God has been leading through these many months, I’m thankful that the time of transition is soon drawing to a close. It was a few months ago now that we announced Pastor Juan Fresse and his family as our new youth and children’s pastor.

Since the announcement, God has been at work in their lives providing for them. Thankfully, they’re able to finish the school year together in Arkansas as a family. Recently, they put their house on the market and, at last report, a sale is pending. At every turn, God has been caring for their transition. The next step will be for them to find housing in this area. Please pray for them as they continue following God in faith to the home that He has planned for them.

While the exact date isn’t set, it now appears that Pastor Juan will be on board with us here at Sunnyside in early June. This is great news for our children’s ministries team. It’s great news for our high school students and families. It’s great news for our entire church family as we continue about the work of inspiring our community with the gospel.

Please join me in continuing to lift up Pastor Juan, Elizabeth, and all of their children as they officially make their transition to the west coast in the next few weeks.

This weekend, I hope that you’ll make plans to join us at Sunnyside for worship. The events begin on Friday evening with a solemn look at the emotional and spiritual darkness that pressed in when the Light of the World was extinguished. Like a painting in which light and color are juxtaposed against the deep darkness of a background, so will our Sabbath service be the joyful light of celebration set against the darkness of Friday. I hope you’ll plan to join in both events as we celebrate the living Lord.

May God bless each of you on this Easter weekend.

Pastor Jonathan Russell



Send your “shout-outs” to info@SunnysideAdventist.org so we can include them in next week’s Communiqué. This is a place you can recognize someone for doing good, or going beyond expectations.

A shout out to Edson and Adoniah Simon for filling in as choristers at the last minute. Thank you! 

Adoniah & Edson Simon

 * * *

Thank you to our decorating team for the lovely Easter decorations. You have decorated our facility to bring the goodness of Easter to Sunnyside! Thank you to Tom and Pauline Davis and their family, Konnie Geschke, Karen Petersen, and Karen Davies.

 * * *

Have you seen the tile in the Narthex! What a lovely addition. Thank you to Marian and Lidia Nita for the beautiful workmanship!

Narthex tile with Marian Nita.

* * *

This Weekend
Church Announcements
Life at Sunnyside
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Friday, April 14, 7:00 pm, we will gather for vespers, “Reflecting on the Day God Died.”

Our worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Jonathan Russell will present our Bible message titled “(Almost) Unbelievable.”

This afternoon at 4:00 pm, there will be a memorial service for Anne Wagner Miner. She was the sister of Karen Petersen, Konnie Geschke, and Lynn Wagner.

Church Announcements

Please pray for comfort and peace for the families of . . .

Shannon Goodwin who passed away, March 8. There will be a memorial service here at Sunnyside Church Sabbath, April 29, 4:00 pm.

George Baehm, one of our former members, passed away April 8, 2017, in Tennessee.

Our refugees need assistance! If you are willing to help in any way contact Ray Betz at  503-756-3667. There will be a potluck April 22, for our refugees and anyone able to help. Please come and show your support and love April 22.

April 23, starting at 9:00 am, ending with lunch, there will be a “Work-Bee” here at Sunnyside Church. We are inviting everyone to come and join in this Spring cleaning inside and out. The more hands we have the less time it will take. If you want to work outside bring along gardening, tools, i.e., rake, shovel, etc. At 1:00 pm, lunch will be provided.

Sunnyside’s nominating committee is working on placing volunteers in many areas of service. If you are willing to serve in any area please let Pastor Jonathan or any of the committee members know: Carl Buchanan, Cheryl Ortner, Jan Clayton, Joanne Dixon, Wilfred Geschke, Olivian Gramada, Dean Browning, Jason Chase, Jenny Dalusong, or Barbara Plubell. Thank you.

Family Resource Network—Thank you for your continued support. We do, however, have a critical need that is described below. It is more than just monetary, but we do need your help. We also have a request for a sewing machine. If you have one you would like to donate, please contact Marie 503-998-3754.

Critical Need of Refugee Families
From the beginning of the resettlement process, there has been an intensive effort to help the refugees to learn English and find work opportunities. They have been attending language classes and receiving help in job procurement by the non-profit Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO). It is very important for the refugees to find work to support their families and pay their rent. Job opportunities are good at this time, but many of them that a person with limited English language skills can obtain, require the employee to work on Sabbath. I have been impressed by the stand these people have taken to be faithful to God’s command. Just recently one of our single mothers lost her job rather than to work on Sabbath.

Paul Makoko, a former immigrant from Africa, who is fluent in English, and is a volunteer with the Cultural Navigator Team (CNT) is willing to advise and accompany our refugees for job interviews and help orient them to new job skills.

If any of you know of any entry level jobs for male or female that do not require Sabbath work, please let us know, either by calling Paul Makoko 360-450-8677 mbpaul11@gmail.com or Richard Gingrich, 503-252 9384.



Life at Sunnyside

Knitting Club, Linda Porter, Dianne Glovatsky, Judy Denis, Pastor Kara

Landscaping Crew
Shirley Schoepflin, Scott LeMert, Judith Fouts

Tom Kramer

Adoniah Simon

Arnold Petersen

Ben Krueger-Blehm

Phyllis Woods, Pastor Jonathan, Conrad Gren

Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Academy
News:  www.paasda.org/news

Portland Adventist Elementary
Please join us for PAES’ annual Book Fair and Open House
Book Fair:
April 24-28
Mon-Fri. 8 am-4 pm.  (Noon on Friday)

Open House:
Thursday, April 27, 5-7:30
Veggie burger dinner: $5.00
Book Fair and classrooms will be open

Come eat and socialize with our school family.  Bring your friends and family. Check out our school, classrooms, and teachers for next year.

Area Events

Come be a part of the team!
Do you want to have a great time helping others and being part of a team that feels like family? If so, please consider volunteering during Camp Meeting this year. We’re looking for hard-working individuals who want to be involved serving God through service to others… and who want to have fun doing it.

We need volunteers for Hispanic Camp Meeting (July 13 – 15) and Gladstone Camp Meeting (July 18 – 22) in a variety of areas including hospitality, shuttle service, safety, and security.  We will also need licensed RNS & EMTs. Whether you can work one day or all week we’d love to have you on our team! To volunteer go tobhttp://volunteer.oregonconference.org or contact Lisa Rodriguez via email at lisa.rodriguez@oc.npuc.org or by phone at (503) 850-3350.

April 21-29, All About Jesus Seminar.
Join us for All About Jesus, presented by Lee and Marji Venden at Mt. Tabor Adventist Church! It will show you how a personal relationship with Jesus is the sum and substance of the Christian life. More than that, it will offer you tangible, practical, plain-English suggestions on how to develop or deepen a meaningful friendship with Him. Lee and Marji Venden currently work as a revivalist team for the Arizona Conference, offering seminars across the United States to assist individuals in their personal walk with Christ. Saturdays at 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 2:00 pm. Sunday and weekdays at 6:30 pm.
Event Location: Mt. Tabor Adventist Church.

May 5, 6: Ladies Road Trip and Spiritual Feast.
Pastor Kara has been asked to be the guest speaker for the Upper Columbia Women’s Conference this year. Some of us are thinking of doing a “Ladies Road Trip” to join her – if you are interested in joining us, register for the event at the link below and let the church office know 502-252-8080. We plan on driving up on Friday, May 5, and staying the night – you will need to organize your own accommodation there.

May 6, 10 am-4 pm: Ladies, treat yourselves to a wonderful Sabbath at the Upper Columbia Conference Women’s One-Day Retreat. Our time together will be one of food and fellowship with spiritual nutrition by keynote speaker Kara Johnsson along with a special feature by stained glass instructor Lorrie Kravig. Special music is provided by Alana Alves. Space is limited, so please invite your family and friends to register today. For more information, contact Tamara Terry, (509) 242-0478, tamarat@uccsda.org, or order tickets here. Theme: Unfailing Love.
Event Location: Upper Columbia Conference, Spokane, Washington.

May 5-7, 2017 Men’s Summit.
Men, mark your calendars and plan to attend the 2017 Oregon Men’s Summit. Join us for a weekend of spiritual food and fellowship by beautiful Dorena Lake. This year’s summit features Dick Duerksen and Pastor Marvin Wray. For more info call, 503-850-3559, or go to http://orgcfamily.netadvent.org/2017-men.
Event Location: Dorena Lake.

May 7, 3:00 pm: Women’s Tea Party.
Please join us in fellowship as we celebrate Alumni Weekend and fundraise for PAA faculty supplies and projects. An afternoon tea service will be served. Please RSVP to Sonia Shim at sshim@paasda.org or 503-806-8947.
Event Location: Portland Adventist Academy.

May 13, 5:00 pm: Special Mothers’ Day weekend event.
Attend the Oregon Adventist Men’s Chorus Annual Spring Concert. Free tickets are required, available at www.oamc.org or call 503-970-1693 if you do not have internet access. Register early as seating is limited.
Event Location: Adventist Community Church of Vancouver.

May 16, 6:00 pm: Chef Mark Anthony: Free Dinner and Message.
Live vegetarian performing arts cooking show! One night only – Don’t miss this exciting event. Chef Mark Anthony has done these events in every single state in the country. For free! He has been on ABC, NBC, ESPN, and appears regularly on 3ABN Worldwide television. Learn about plant-based health and nutrition with the following topics: Weight Loss – Lower Cholesterol – Increased Energy. Seating is limited – reserve your seat today for the May 16 event, 503-658-2248.
Event Location: Pleasant Valley Church.

June 24-July 1, 2017: Heritage Singers Cruise.
Heritage invites you to come along to Alaska for a week of fellowship, a lot of music, and good food in celebration of our 45th year of music and ministry. This will be the last cruise Heritage will do, so come and make history with us. Space is limited, so reserve your cabins early. All the information in this brochure link, and there is more information about the cruise on our website www.heritagesingers.com.

July 7-9: Oregon Adventist Singles Spiritual Retreat.
Join us for this retreat presenting Pastor Bob and Susie Ratcliff on the “Metamorphosis, God’s Transforming Power.” Activities include Row River Trail – biking, hiking/mountain biking trails, canoeing/kayaking/boating on Dorena Lake. Register online at https://orgcfamily.netadvent.org/singles. Cost is $135 per person and includes two nights lodging and five meals.
Event Location: Grove Christian Camp on Dorena Lake.

July 22: Singles at Camp Meeting.
There will be a singles potluck after the noon service at Camp Meeting and it will be held under the trees below the Snack Shack. Following the evening meeting, we will have our annual Ice Cream Social at Zull Hull.
Event Location: Oregon Camp Meeting, Gladstone.

August 25-27, Mini-Mission Trip to Bend.
Oregon Conference Women’s Ministries is co-sponsoring a Mini-Mission Trip with Bend Women’s Ministries. Three Sisters Adventist Christian School in Bend is in need of repairs, painting, landscaping, fencing, and cleaning. Sign up to participate in this exciting event! Husbands are welcome. Learn more at  https://orgcwomen.netadvent.org/upcoming-events or contact Women’s Ministries Leader – Kathy Case at kcase47@aol.com, 541-317-9003, or 541-610-5701. Sign up by March 27, 2017.
Event Location: Bend, Oregon

August 31-September 4, 2017: Single Adults Ministries Cruise.
The 2017 Adventist Single Adult Ministries Cruise to the Bahamas, sponsored by the North American Division, sets sail August 31 – September 4, 2017. Early bird rate for the event ends May 3, 2017, and group rates for cabins end Sunday, April 23, 2017. April 24, 2017, all cabins will be released and regular rates will apply. Our featured speaker will be Mike Tucker. Plan now to join single Adventists from across North America as we fellowship and worship together. To register go to AdventSource https://www.adventsource.org/as30/event.registration.details.aspx?event=427, or for cabins call Holly Kaiser at 402-477-2881.

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