July 13 Communiqué

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Greetings church family,

 My wife shared with me an experience that occurred to her this week and I decided to let her share it with our whole church family. Here is her experience in her own words:

 “It was a typical Tuesday and a run to Costco was necessary. Since my oldest is spending the summer with the Youth Rush program, it was myself with only four kids in tow. You don’t have to know me long to discover that I like things to happen quickly – walking through Costco is no exception. I led them into the refrigerated section, rushing to get through the cold when suddenly a woman zoomed by on a motorized cart, speaking quite harshly. I didn’t catch it all, but her words were directed at my children and she said something about finding your parents so they can teach you to be more responsible. Well, that’s not what any parent wants to hear! As best I could figure out, they must have startled her as they were walking (maybe a slight run?) so quickly past her and she hadn’t seen them coming – they were probably just trying to keep up with their speeding mother!

 At that point, I had a choice to make. I could let the harsh words of a stranger ruin my day, make me yell at my kids, and just generally feel like a failure. What perspective would I take? After a quick discussion about “didn’t mean to” not being enough, but rather we need to be aware of those around us and be intentional about being respectful to everyone, we moved on with our day.

 Just a few minutes later we were standing in line to pay and the cashier started commenting on how well behaved and respectful my children were being. A couple of them stifled a laugh – I knew they were silently wishing the woman from earlier could hear this.

 It is amazing how perspective changes things. Same kids. Same mom. Same day. Same store. One person chose to look at us and see rudeness and disrespect. Another looked at us and saw politeness and good behavior. I can’t help but wonder what else had happened in the life of the first woman to cause her to find fast-moving children so offensive. But that is where my perspective needs to come in. Will I judge her the same way she judged me and my children? Let her ruin my day? Or will I choose to see her as a child of God, loved unconditionally by Him? Tuesday I chose the latter. What will tomorrow bring?”

 As I heard of this experience, it reminded me that we should not be so concerned and worried about what others think or do. We should simply choose to live our lives the way God has called us to. I pray that you will choose to not worry or let others affect your days in negative ways.

 Blessings to you and yours,

Pastor Juan Fresse


Send your “shout-outs” to info@SunnysideAdventist.org so we can include them in next week’s Communiqué. This is a place you can recognize someone for doing well, or going beyond expectations.

Shout out to the Vacation Bible School crew for doing such a quick and thorough job of taking down and putting away all of the Vacation Bible School decorations. Thank you!

Church Announcements
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

This Sabbath our worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Mark Witas will be presenting the Bible message for our worship services titled “Worry Wart.”

Guest Potluck – If you are new to Sunnyside or visiting from out of town, we would like to invite you to get to know our church better over lunch. The Moller and Sanctuary Sabbath School Classes will be hosting today’s lunch in the Willamette room following our second service.


Please pray for the family and friends of:
Eileen Robinson who passed away July 5. Eileen was the mother of Cynthia Glass. A memorial service is not being planned.

It’s July! Time for Oregon Conference Camp Meeting at Gladstone and our own Camp Meeting Sabbath on July 20, 2019. Sunnyside Church will be open for worship with Richard L. Fenn presenting our Bible Message and Ralph Martin leading our General Sabbath School. Sabbath School will begin at 10:00 am and our Worship Service will be at 11:00 am. All are welcome – we’ll have the air conditioning on!

Gladstone Camp Meeting 2019 starts this coming Tuesday, July 16. Come for the worship, the fellowship, and even for the fun! This year’s camp meeting runs
July 16-20, and will have presentations, projects, events, and activities for all ages. Find all the details on our website at www.OregonAdventist.org.

This year at Gladstone Camp Meeting Sunnyside Pathfinders will be in charge of providing Pronto Pups at the Snack Shack. Stop by and support our Pathfinders when you need some food! Also, this year they will be providing packs of 10 frozen Pronto Pups you can take home and enjoy all year long!

Church Office: Sunnyside Church office has special hours during Camp Meeting week. Please check the hours listed in the bulletin on Sunnyside Week at a Glance for the times the office will be open.

Congratulations to our new church officers and committee members. This is the month many have either completed a term of service or you have taken a new position. Thank you so much for your contributions. If you are leaving a position and have a key, now would be a good time to return your key to the church office so we can issue it to someone else that is taking a new position.

A special thank you to all who have provided flowers for our services. Our flower calendar is posted in the hallway. There are still a lot of blank dates available. Please choose a date to share flowers with our Sunnyside family for our worship services and place your name on it. As the date gets closer, we will contact you to see what you would like to place in the bulletin about the flowers.

Family Resource Network – Thank you for your continued support that has helped so many people in their time of need. Place your funds in an envelope marked Family Resource Network, account number 488

We, as a church are partnering with the nearby Cherry Park School in giving support to their 500 students, from preschool through the 5th grade. A large number of these children live below the poverty level.

Thank you!

The principal, Kate Barker, thanks all of you for the recent donations and has let us know they have enough travel-sized containers of shampoo, lotion, soap, etc., but they could use some full sizes of each. They still need underwear and socks and when school starts in September there will be a big need for sweat pants and sweatshirts (especially zip up) and especially sizes 8 and 10.

If we continue donating supplies throughout the summer, the needs will be filled by fall. Thank you for all of your wonderful participation. Baskets will be available in the lobby to place your donations in.

Adventist Education

Portland Adventist Elementary School

http://www.paes.com: Check out our new website! And our Facebook page at:
https://www.facebook.com/PAESPanthers/ or use the QR code.

Portland Adventist Elementary School is looking for Substitute teachers for the 2019/2020 school year. Please contact the school at 503-665-4102 for more info or come by between the hours of 9-3 Monday-Thurs. for application.

Portland Adventist Academy

Area Events and Announcements

Camp Meeting at Gladstone…

Parents: Please pre-register your children for Camp Meeting. We have an electronic KidCheck set up and we need your help to register your children early so everything runs a little more smoothly. Please take the time now to set up your account and register at http://bit.ly/KidCheck2019.

Filipinos of the Oregon Conference…You are invited to Gladstone Camp Meeting, July 16-20, at Gladstone Park Conference Center! Please plan to have lunch, potluck style, with us following the Sabbath morning service, on July 20. We have reserved an area on the campground, at the corner of Main and Plaza, across from the Locations building. Bring your own chairs. If it rains, we will meet at the Rivergate Adventist School, 1505 Rivergate School Road, next to Gladstone Park Adventist Church.

Veterans we want to honor you this year at Gladstone Camp Meeting by holding a special reception July 20th from 3 pm to 4 pm at the Board Room in the Conference Office. To register for this special event please email us a jpg. file picture of yourself in uniform with your name, branch, dates of service, and email. Send to:  terrie.griebel@oc.npuc.org

 American Red Cross Blood Drive
Thursday and Friday, July 18 and 19, 2019, 10:30 am 4:30 pm. Online registration for the Gladstone Camp Meeting blood drive is currently open. Sign up now for your preferred time slot!  It’s quick and easy, just go to www.redcrossblood.org enter sponsor code: SDAConference and follow the instructions, or follow the link on the Oregon Conference website Camp Meeting page. For help, please call 1-800-RED CROSS or email Jeanie.Greisser@redcross.org. Eligibility Questions? Call 1-866-236-3276. A sign-up table will also be available on Tues. and Weds, July 17-18th from 9:30 am – 7:00 pm in the Plaza at Camp Meeting.

 Gladstone FUN RUN 2019
Friday, July 19, 2019, 7:30 am Start Time
Enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the grounds and meet some new friends during the 5K (3.1 mile) Fun Run/Walk! All ages are welcome to participate in this annual Gladstone event. Avoid the lines Friday morning by pre-registering online by 12:00 pm Thursday, July 18, at http://bit.ly/ORFunRun2019. Signed waivers are required for all participants. A limited number of t-shirts available for purchase so sign-up and claim yours!

PAA Giveaways at Camp Meeting, July 16-20, 2019,
Gladstone Camp Meeting | 19800 Oatfield Road, Gladstone Oregon. Portland Adventist Academy is giving away a $1,000 tuition voucher plus lots of other great prizes during Gladstone camp meeting, July 16-20. Drawings happen each evening at 6:00 pm at the PAA booth under the education tent. The winners must be present at the time of the drawing. The PAA booth will be staffed throughout the week. Please take the opportunity to connect with the school chaplain, alumni director, administrators, and teachers. (Learn more here: https://paasda.org/news/the-annual-camp-meetings-give-away-schedule-fun-prizes-ice-cream-and-1000/

July 2-6:  2019: Light Bearers Convocation.
Genesis is a book of beginnings—the beginning of the world as God made it to be, the beginning of all human misery, the beginning of God’s plan to set things right, the beginning of God’s covenant plan, to be enacted in history through a covenant people to bring forth a covenant Savior. Genesis takes us back to the beginning so we can understand the present and the future from the vantage point of the beginning. Please join us in Jasper, Oregon for the 2019 Light Bearers Convocation as we explore the book of Genesis. For more information, go to www.lightbearers.org.
Event Location: Jasper, Oregon.

August 3, 7:00 pm: An Evening of Hymns & Praise.
Join us for An Evening of Hymns and Praise featuring Fernanda Rinza with special guest John Danilich and John Carter on August 3 at the Gladstone Park Adventist Church at 7:00 pm. This free concert is brought to you by Ultimate Mission, a Christian life empowerment group.
Event Location: Gladstone Park Church.

September 6-7: Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention.
Single adults 18 years and older join us for the annual convention titled “This is US” featuring Pastor James and Rise Rafferty. Special Breakout Session with Gary and Shelly Parks. Registration fee is $65 and includes two meals on Sabbath. Contact terrie.greibel@oc.npuc.org for more information. Follow our Facebook page to register: https://www.facebook.com/singlesoregon/notifications/
Or Oregon Conference Singles Website https://www.oregonadventist.org/ministries/relational#other-ministries
For more information contact Angelica Dull (360) 600-9212 or angela.whitbeck@gmail.com.

September 22-26: Deaf Christian Women’s Retreat.
In 2002, a group of deaf women decided to start a Women’s Retreat for deaf women in the Pacific Northwest. The deaf women are members of a completely different people group with their own rich language and culture. There is an average of 20 women attending the Deaf Women’s Retreat, and the deaf women who attend come from as far as the east coast. They enjoy gathering together – it’s like a family reunion. This year they are hoping to rent a bus to take the women to the coast for the day; however, they do not yet have the funds for this to happen. Also, this year, for the first time, they will be selling shirts with their logo on them to help raise funds for future events. They are hoping and praying they will be able to earn enough money so they can pay the expense for the weekend, and bring in a speaker from another state. If you would like to help sponsor the retreat, you can send a check made payable to “Tabernacle Adventist Church” and mark it for “Deaf Christian Women’s Ministries,” 26 SW Condor Way, Portland, OR 97239.
Event Location: Camp Tilikum, 15321 NE North Valley Rd, Newberg.


Help someone by volunteering: PACS (Portland Adventist Community Services) has volunteer opportunities available. Apply online at pacsonline.org or call 503-252-8500 and ask for Kellie for more information.


 Starting in August 2019, International Children’s Care–Church Outreach & Donor Relations Associate is needed, located in Vancouver, Washington. Passionate about God and children, able to travel, good public speaker, and fundraiser, can move to SW Washington. ICC is prayerfully expanding its reach to minister to more children around the world. Contact William Hurtado at 800-422-7729 or email wah@forhiskids.org. Learn more at https://www.forhiskids.org/.

PACS Thrift Store Is Hiring
Part-time, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Wed -Fri, Thrift Store Donation Receiving Supervisor – receive donations, pricing, and various other duties. For more information contact and/or send resume to Tim Zollbrecht, Thrift Store Manager, tim.zollbrecht@pacsonline.org.

We are ready to hire our staff! We are looking for:
*Dental Front Office 3-4 days per week, 28-32 hours/wk, $15-$18/hr DOE. Some dental front office experience is preferred.
*Dental Hygienist 4 days per week, 28-32 hours/wk, $32-$40/hr DOE. New grads welcome.
For more information, contact Carol James, Dental Clinic Coordinator, at carol.james@pacsonline.org or 503/758-1892 (call or text).





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