Comment Policy

Welcome to the new home of Sunnyside’s weekly Communiqué, and other worthy news items.  We’ve moved for one reason major reason: to make it easier for readers to interact with the devotional and informational content in the newsletter.

In any healthy community, there are ground rules that guide the discussion and insure that everyone’s voice will be heard in a positive way.  We’re trying to keep it simple, so here’s what we have so far:

  • In spite of its dashing looks, this page is not a soapbox.  Please keep your comments on point.
  • Many views, one body. If you feel the need to disagree with someone, don’t be disagreeable.  Want to talk about issues?  Great!  Planning to talk about or attack people?  Not so great!  We are all a part of the same body: the body of Christ.
  • We’re a family church.  You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed if little eyes read your comment.
  • This site is vegetarian.  So no spam.
  • The moderator holds the keys. Not the keys to the kingdom, just the keys to the conversation.  We reserve the right to edit/delete any comments that fall outside of our comment guidelines.  If you don’t see your comment appear after a day or two, try commenting again or contact the moderator.

Thanks for being a meaningful part of the Sunnyside community.  Happy Commenting!

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