November 16 Communiqué

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Greetings Church Family,

 Yesterday was a difficult day for our city. Traffic was in gridlock, which isn’t all that uncommon.  What was unusual was the 500-vehicle procession from Oregon City to the Memorial Coliseum as a city said goodbye to a fallen police officer.  Police officers arrived from around the Pacific Northwest and beyond to pay respects to one who paid the ultimate price for protecting his community.  It was a sight to behold, a moment to remember.  For most of us, life goes on.  But for the family of Robert Libke, life will never be the same.

 Last Sabbath, I sat in a hospital waiting room with a family that was preparing to say goodbye to a wife, a mom, a sister.  The difficulty of those moments is almost unspeakable.  Many of us have experienced these painful moments.  Too often, it seems that death is just too close.  

 It reminds us that life is but a fragile and finite gift from our Creator.  It challenges us to live each moment to honor the ones we love and the One who first loved us.  It inspires us to make a mark on the world that will remain when we have gone to our rest.  

 But most of all, these painful moments serve to remind us that we’re not home yet.  Of course, we live to fill this life with as much joy and meaning and purpose as we can as we pursue God’s purpose for our life.  But this isn’t all there is.  We were made in God’s image to live forever with him.  The pain of separation and heartache was not intended for the human heart.  So we take solace that this isn’t the end of the story.

 I’m thankful for the belief we share that goodbye is not goodbye.  I’m thankful for the hope we embrace that these moments of pain will give way to the experience of joy when we are reunited with our loved ones in the presence of our Redeemer.  Never forget!  A day is coming when the pain of loss will be just a distant memory.   For scripture promises that a trumpet will sound and we will be reunited with those we have lost.  That’s good news.

 As we welcome the Sabbath together, I pray that you will experience spiritual refreshment and a renewed hope of Jesus’ return.

 This Sabbath in our worship services, we will experience the ministry of our Women’s Chorus with their guests from Clark County, Belle Cantori.  The music will be rich and memorable.  I will be sharing “Great Expectations” in which we explore God’s goodness as He pours out His blessings on those who trust Him.  I expect that you won’t want to miss the fellowship and worship of Sabbath morning.

 See you there!

 Pastor Jonathan

News & Notes

This Weekend
The Week Ahead
Church Announcements
Prayer Requests
This Week’s Celebrations
Coming Events
Adventist Education
Area Events

This Weekend

Sabbath worship services are at 8:45 and 11:15 am. Pastor Jonathan Russell will be presenting our Bible message entitled Great Expectations.

Gonzalo and Esther Racasa in celebration of their golden wedding anniversary. Congratulations Gonzalo and Esther on 50 years of togetherness!

Welcome to Belle Cantori, directed by Martha Natiuk. This is a group of women from Clark County that has come to join Sunnyside’s Women’s Chorus, directed by Rosemayne Thompson. These groups will be providing us ministry in music for the worship service today.

Tonight, November 16, 6:00 pm, our Health Expo continues with Dr. Don Hall presenting Preventive Medical Care.

Tomorrow, Sunday, November 17, 4:30 pm, Sunnyside Adventurers will host our Harvest Festival and silent auction. There will be a meal, a puppet show for children, and lots of fun shopping. Bring your friends and let’s help the Adventurers enjoy their fund-raising project.

The Week Ahead

Sunset:  Today  4:39 pm  •  Friday  4:34 pm

3:00 pm Handbell Quartet Rehearsal (Room 82)
3:30 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
5:00 pm Encounters With God – Vasile Hutuleac (Room 63)
6:00 pm Final Events with Stephen Bohr DVD (Room 21)
6:00 pm Health Expo: Preventive Medical Care (Room 61)
6:00 pm Video Production Social/Training (Room 63)

Sun, Nov 17
11:00 am Cardmaking (Room 60)
3:30 pm Harvest Festival (Fellowship Hall)

Mon, Nov 18
5:30 pm WWU Students Bread Night (WWU School of Nursing Resident Hall)
7:00 pm Audio Study Committee (Room 61)
7:00 pm Portland Adventist Academy Senior Recognition

Tue, Nov 19
Noon Bulletin Deadline
6:00 pm Pathfinders (Basement)
6:30 pm Adventurers (Children’s Wing)
6:30 pm Introduction to Judaism – Wilfred Geschke (Room 63)
6:30 pm Finance Committee (Workroom)
7:00 pm Foreign Mission Committee (Rooms 73/74)

Wed, Nov 20
10:00 am FaithLift – John 16 (Room 21)
5:30 pm Elders Meeting (Room 60)
6:30 pm Children’s Ministries Council (Room 21)
6:30 pm Prayer & Readings (Prayer Room) Last Day Events by Ellen White – Chapter 20 “The Inheritance of the Saints”
7:15 pm Church Board meeting (Room 62)

Thr, Nov 21
6:00 pm Biblical Translations, Hebrew & Greek – Conrad Gren (Rooms 71/72)
6:00 pm Handbell Rehearsal (Room 82)
7:00 pm Choir Rehearsal (Sanctuary)

Fri, Nov 22
5:00 pm Young Adult Choir Supper and Rehearsal (Room 61)
6:00 pm Oromo Choir Rehearsal (Basement)
6:30 pm Women’s Chorus Rehearsal (Sanctuary)

Sab, Nov 23
Sermon: Countdown to Thanksgiving – Pastor Shirley
3:00 pm Pastor Jonathan’s ordination

Church Announcements

Once again, it is time to look through the devotional books for next year and place your order. There is a sample of each book and order sheets on the information desk. Place your order and the books can be delivered in time to be used as Christmas gifts. Remember, we do get special pricing by ordering in bulk through the church.

The Sunnyside Pathfinders are selling Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) made and donated by two of our amazing moms. They are $6 a dozen and will be available on Tuesday evenings during Pathfinders. They are the best eggrolls ever!

Sunday Breakfast at O’Bryant Park – Every Sunday we serve breakfast to approximately 500 homeless, hungry, and poor. To continue this program, we need your support with the following donations: 8” paper plates (Chinet), 8 oz paper cups, plastic forks (Solo 500 count), Costco napkins, coffee, chocolate and creamer, large size of syrup, catsup, oil, and pancake mix; and/or tax deductive $$ donation payable to Sunnyside Adventist Church, memo “Breakfast at O’Bryant Park.” For information contact Ardina Wang 503-255-0075.

November 28, 8 am, Thanksgiving morning, join us for the annual Turkey Trot at the Zoo. This is geared to the entire family – walkers, runners, and kids. It begins at the Forestry Center and ends in the zoo. For more information contact Arnold Petersen. To view details go to http://goo/gl/MYjxf.

SunnyShare Cooperative – There is a table located in the hallway near the Fellowship Hall for food, extra produce, and goods from Sunnyside homes and gardens to share.

Family Resource Network – Thanks to you who give regularly and you who give occasionally to the Family Resource Network. Your gifts have enabled us recently to help some of our family through some very difficult times. The need continues and than k you for what you can give. you for your gifts used to help numerous individuals and families this year. Please remember those in need; mark your contribution to account #9387, Family Resource Network.

Adventist Health is sponsoring A Celebration of Thanksgiving hosted at New Hope Community Church November 23 at 7:00 pm. The concert features the award-winning gospel artists Selah and Warner Pacific College Bridgetown vocalists. The concert is free, however tickets are required. For tickets, contact, or call 503-251-6174.

Christmas is coming! This means the Family Sabbath Christmas program is on it’s way. Be a part of something special! This year, we have many opportunities for our ENTIRE church family to participate: acting, music, painting, props, stage management, and “wrangling.” All ages encouraged and welcome!  Join us as we share “Greetings from the Heart” on December 14. Contact Kimberly Helton 503-667-1327, or call the church office, 503-252-8080.


Prayer Requests

Alex Buchanan, Donald Gren (Conrad’s brother), Michael Hamilton, Darren Himbaza, Nancy Ruhl, the people in the Philippines, and all who have financial, spiritual, and health needs.

For comfort and peace for Jim and Vivian Robertson on the death of Jim’s mother, Phyllis Robertson, November 13. There will be a memorial service for her December 4, 1:30 pm, at Hearthstone Murrayhill in Beaverton.

This Week’s Celebrations

Karina Lim, Cynthia Meade, Richard Smith  Sunday: Merina Gilbride, Laura McCoy, David Reynolds, Sonya Thompson  Monday: Amy Bellinghausen-Stewart, John Korb, Stanley Ochs, Gina Wescott  Tuesday: Brian Clayville, Gwen Gingrich  Wednesday: Daniel Bissell, Karen Davies, Caitlin Easter, Audry Lingo, Kayla Swope, Emma Caministeanu  Thursday: Robert Dixon, Heidi Domke, Sonia Giles, Penny Rippey  Friday: Raymond Burns, Jina Lehman, Kevin Sauser

Coming Events


Life on the Sunnyside banquet will be December 1, at 5:30 pm, here at the church in the fellowship hall. This is a once-a-year banquet to raise funds to support our local outreach programs.

A Church Business meeting has been called for November 24, 2013, 6:00 pm. The agenda will include discussions and decisions regarding Phase II of ReNew Sunnyside with the objective of breaking Phase II into smaller sections. Come, view the suggested color palette, and help make the decisions.


Portland Adventist Academy

Thank you so much for your prayers and support for our PAASS Auction. We brought in over $32,000 this year! We are excited and happy that this will benefit more students with financial help that want to be a part of the Portland Adventist Academy family.

Portland Adventist Elementary

PAES annual wreath and poinsettia sale is going on now! We partner with a local supplier to offer fresh, high quality wreathes and poinsettias for holiday decorating and gifting. Please call 503-665-4102 for more information or go to our website for an order form. All orders due to PAES by November 5.

Area Events

Follow the Star musical program is coming to the Holden Center the first two weekends in December. Openings for musicians are now available to provide a 30-minute, Christmas music mini-concert while attendees wait to take the outdoor tour. Dates are December 6,7,8 and 13,14, 15. Call or text Craig Gorton at 360-571-7101.

December 21, 4 pm: The Village Retirement Center  hosts Healing Hope church choir presenting “Adore Him Christmas Cantata.”

December 24, 7 pm: Columbia Life Center will host the Healing Hope church choir presenting “Adore Him Christmas Cantata.”

Combined Budget (Local Church Expense)

Received November: $17,929/ Monthly Budget: $38,000
Received YTD: $128,950 / YTD Budget: $190,000
ReNew Sunnyside − Goal: $450,000 / Received: $84,392

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